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Gotham Steel

Latest review: I purchased a frying pan and was having a family breakfast excited to use my new frying pan. What a disaster. The eggs stuck ended up with scrambled eggs

Arcosteel Stonehenge Frypan

Latest review: We are in the process of a warranty claim with another ‘more expensive brand’ and opted for a Stonehenge 30cm pan to get by with. Very impressed with not only construction and cooking surface but by f

Essteele Australis

Latest review: We were given a set of essteele copper bottom saucepans as a wedding gift in 1970. Over time (at least 40 years) a handle and some lid knobs broke I recently contacted Essteele in the hope of

Solidteknics Aus-Ion Cookware

Latest review: Was so excited to get this pan and followed all the instructions for seasoning to the letter using the oven and stove top many times. Persevered with cooking and everything was sticking. Usually cook

Tefal Ingenio Preference Stainless Steel Induction Set

Latest review: I knew Tegal to be an excellent brand with a good reputation, and I would like to endorse this. The pots and pans are the best I’ve ever used! They heat quickly, (induction), and are super easy to c

Bessemer Cookware

Latest review: So disappointed. Grew up with Bessemer, bought a few pieces as mine from 12 years ago needed updating. The coating is so thin and fragile, definitely do not last as long as they did, have only had

Essteele Per Vita

Latest review: Bought the 5 piece set including 3 saucepans, nonstick frypan and steamer about 6 months ago. Can’t say enough good things about these! Bought them for their heavy base and looks, sexiest cookware o

Scanpan Stainless Steel

Latest review: I bought this thinking it was a quality product, but I no longer use it in sheer frustration. I've only cooked on med-low heat, as the instructions say. No matter what I cook, it massively sticks to

Chasseur Cookware

Latest review: I love my dutch oven , start all my casseroles on the stove top, then straight in the oven for a slow cook. One pan wonder. I have never had any trouble with, washes up a treat, and if there happens

Jamie Oliver Premium Stainless Steel

Latest review: I got this set of pans as a frequent flyer reward and they are fantastic. I get an even cook every time and they are incredibly easy to clean. I accidentally fell asleep and burnt a roast to a

Crofton (Aldi) Non Stick

Latest review: This is the best frypan I have ever bought in 50years of marriage, but would like a smaller size one too, for when you only want to fry a small amount of food.....Also the Teflon coating is toxic

Anolon Cookware

Latest review: Got this set years ago and within 6 months the large covered sauté pan bubbled along with one of the other frypans. I used these exactly as per instructions, why wouldn’t you when you invest so much m

Raco Contemporary

Latest review: Would give it a 0 if there is one. Bought a ceramic coating frying pan and it became impossible to clean and super sticky after 3 weeks of use. We had strictly followed the user manual but food and

NeoFlam Cookware

Latest review: Purchased three neo flam retro pots 1 month later the pots surface started to chip away. I only use silicone utensils and they are not stored on top of each other. The staff at neo flam accused me

Circulon Cookware

Latest review: Have owned these pans for 2 years now bought a set of 3 and an extra large one , I have never had them in the oven or dishwasher and always use a medium temperature to cook with and after 12 months

Pyrolux Pyrostone

Latest review: Initially I loved it. The non-stick surface worked really well, however after a few months a lot of the non stick coating was starting to come off and the only thing 'stone' about it was the colour.

Baccarat Granite

Latest review: I have owned Baccarat Granite 2x 28cm frypan, 1x 32cm and 1x 20cm? frypan. When new they are amazing! Nothing sticks to them and they are a breeze to wash. However with constant (ie daily) use they

Scanpan Non-Stick

Latest review: I have a non stick SCANPAN frypan. I bought it perhaps 3 years ago, my first and only SCANPAN item. Perhaps it worked OK the first 4 times but food sticks all the time. I certainly did not use high

Eurolux EE328

Latest review: I bought my first Square casserole pan in 2004 and I loved it ever since. The uniform heat distribution through the entire pan is amazing. It helps to cook all food evenly. Cleaning is soo easy.


Latest review: I normally love Flavorstone BUT the smaller pans have turned black and were only none stick for a few months. The handle/knob on my large pan lid broke I have had swap the handle/knob with another

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