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Chuango G5W

Chuango G5W

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Low cost DIY alarm system

An easy to setup DIY system that use very little resources and does not depend on an internet connection. This is absolutely perfect for anyone that is renting. I already have a camera system but purchase this because my camera system will not sms/call my phone and will not sound an alarm. Most DIY camera security system on the market will not actively call your phone and will require your internet connection, not to mention the complicated wiring.
This requires no wiring and has a backup power system and so will work if there is a power outage. All you need is to attach a sim card. TecWorld.com.au sells Chuango and many of its accessories, which means I'm able to expand what I I will be alerted on.

Here are the pros and cons.
List of Pros.
- easy to install.
all you need to insert a sim card and plug the main control panel to a power point. All the components are wireless.

- easy to setup.
you can setup without a smart phone. All you need to do is send sms to check and change the settings. Any regular phone will do. connecting the wireless components are simple.

- Will work during a black out.
Unlike my router that requires an expensive UPS system this has its own rechargeable batteries. If power to control panel is cut an sms will be sent to your phone and backup battery will kick in. System will work for many hours and siren will activate if an intruder breaks in.

-Perfect for the elderly.
I would recommend this for the elderly because it makes a loud sound and separate zone setting. The advantage of the zone setting is that you can set a mode so that if the main door is open a sound will be made (a loud beep), which will alert you that someone enter your door. Also this will work without internet access, which is an advantage as most elderly will not have an internet connection.

- alerting via phone call and sms.
When setup correctly this can call you when there is an intruder (or sms). Or notify you if there is no power or if any of the components is low on power.

- affordable.
Starter pack is less than $400. I previously had a Bosch system setup for $2000. This system does exactly what my Bosch system and more. My Bosch system does not sms me and setup is a hassle.

Perfect for anyone renting. All components are removable and no complex wiring is necessary. My $2000 Bosch system is hard wire into the house and its backup battery almost can't be remove. With this system all you have to do is pack and go. This comes with 3M tape, all you have to do is buy some new 3M tape.
Chuango has a desk mount, which is perfect for those renting. If you're renting a room but wants to know if anyone broke into your bedroom, this system can either activate an alarm or notify you with a beep sound (depends on the mode).

- secure.
the guys that design this ensure that only numbers that are saved into it can control it. I have tested it and found that my brother's number can't sms my system to control it. Any attempt to unplug any of the components and meddling with the battery or sim cards will give off an alarm. An sms will also be sent. If you have a room mate that decides to break your security system while you are out, this will let you know.

- alarm is loud.
I have test it and during my test I misplace all the remotes. The loud siren was so distracting I had trouble entering the pin to disarm it. This is an indication that any intruder will have trouble concentrating on stealing. Not to mention it will annoy my neighbors enough to investigate.

- affordable back to base system.
All you have to do is pay a fee for the sim card to call your phone. If you're on holidays, you can set it up so it can call a friend. Most camera system at most can only email you an alert. This is terrible as it can be expensive to leave your wifi on all the time. If it can call you in the middle of the night, you'll definitely wake up. If you think about it, the time for a security office of a back to base system to come to your home. You probably can come home already to investigate.

- two way talk system.
When my sister lost her phone. I gave her my phone and let her call the security system to wake me at 1am so I can pick her up from work. You can call your security system to tell your family member off for not answering their phone.
Or if there is an intruder you can call this and tell them "Get out I have called the cops".

- can be use as a regular phone.
Whenever I lose my mobile phone I would call my mobile phone from the control panel. Thats right, the control panel can be use as a regular phone. When my sister lost her phone I unplug the control panel and took it with me so that I can contact my sister to arrange a pick up point.
From a distance of 1 meter I was able to treat it as a hands-free phone and had a conversation with my brother.

- no need for landline. no need for internet.
Most people renting will not have a landline. Landline can be expensive and some places will require you to rent a line in order to setup internet access. This is terrible for people renting. Setting this up only require a mobile phone connection. Companies such as YOMOJO have cheap PAYG plan where the monthly fee is $0 if nothing if your security system has no need to send any messages or make any calls.

- Multiple monitoring.
This have other components from monitoring your garage door, to the smoke or even flooding. So if you're away you will be alerted of fire, flooding or that garage door is left open. I haven't purchase all these components but the fact that they have these means that there are opportunities for me to monitor more aspect of my home.

Here is a list of Cons.
- require 3G sim.
This will not work without a sim card. If mobile tower is out or if your location has terrible mobile reception than this security system will not work.

- need to pay for mobile service.
Each time the security system is configured or alerts your phone there is a small cost. companies like YOMOJO only charge $0.09 for each sms and $0.11/min for phone calls (or unlimited for $20/month). This cost is alot cheaper than an internet setup. And also much cheaper than back to base security service.
Landline is expensive to setup. This can be a cheaper alternative to have a landline at home.

- Each time you pull out a component a loud siren will startup.
The anti-tamper alert will be trigger and will not stop unless you press the disarm button on the remote.
Logically you shouldn't need to do this all the time and its an indication of how secure the system is.

- Siren is deafening.
This isn't really a disadvantage as you want it to be deafening. Its just annoying that you'll hear it if you activate the anti-tamper switch.

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