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Not Happy With This Product.

I brought Claratyne 75 tablets I’m not happy with this product my side affects are dry eyes,very dry mouth I’m finding that I started coughing because my mouth so dry near choking and find hard to breathe properly also I have pains in my stomach and my lower back as well and sometimes I also find it’s hard to open my eyes and they are very dry I will never buy this product ever again.

Purchased in December 2018.

Symptom ReliefFelt Worse
Symptoms RelievedSneezing

Only reviewing the box

I had itchy and watery eyes one night. I went to my local supermarket to buy some Claratyne. I wanted the cheapest brand available so I opted for this packet. When I got home with it, I found that one tablet had been removed from the blister pack. The box looked in pristine condition, yet it had been tampered with. Note: There were no seals on the box. My reaction was to not have any from the box at all. There was no use taking this back to the supermarket, as getting a refund does not solve the overall problem. The problem is that all medicinal products should have a tamper proof seal on their packaging and yet they do not! Please, can all health and medicinal companies start to place these seals on their products, as part of their practice. Sorry to single out one company, when I'm sure there are many more out there, the same.

I live on this Claratyne during Aug - Oct period

I had very bad hay fever during Aug - Oct period. When GP saw my eye, he immediately referred me to ED. Doctor suggested me to try Claratyne and it worked for me. One tablet in the morning can last until afternoon.

Worked for my hay fever but made me sooo sleepy

This product cleared up my sneezing, runny nose and watery itchy eyes . I took it at 6pm worked in a hour but by 9:30 i was very tired. I woke up this morning and i am like a zombie so incredibly tired and grumpy. It says NON-DROWSY"?

works, but definitely not 24hr

I've been taking this product for a garden rash on my hands/fingers that's so incredibly itchy I can't sleep, hence the 3am review to try take my mind off the itch.. Claratyne does provide a little relief sometimes (I took a tab at 9pm last nite and was able to sleep until now before the itch woke me again) have taken another 20 minutes ago and 'think' it's reliving it a tadd again. Maybe by around 25% or so anyway. It's never provided me with anywhere near 100% relief but sometimes just gets me by (have used these for other rashes in the past) I think Fexo is regarded as the best

not working at all

I bought a 75 tablets at chemist warehouse coz it is a good deal but does not work at all. Still sneezing a lots , runny n itchy nose and all hayfever systoms. Regret it.

Does nothing for me

Ineffective -- doesn't relieve my symptoms to any extent. Does nothing for my wife either. My wife has reverted to Telfast while I'm using Zyrtec. On top of that Claratyne is expensive although it can be had cheaper from Chemists' Warehouse. Might OK if you only have occasional mild symptoms. I really can't recommend this product.

Expensive, ineffective

Really Good!

It was really good! It worked well and combated all runny noses and sore eyes, I was actually able to breath amazingly! Really good I rated it 4 because It was Expensive. It didnt have any side effects, not once did I feel sick or drowsy after eating/consuming these. Really Recommend
Fast acting , Easy to chew, Tastes Good and It combats everything ! Really liked it!
It was Expensive


Generally a good adult product but product makers need to be more mindful of children who may need purer versions.
This is great for me as an adult and controls my hayfever well. It is expensive but all brands are. I've tried some others but they don't work so well.
Don't buy the children's version if your child reacts to food additives. For some reason it contains sodium benzoate / preservative 211 which sends my son off his tree. I have no idea why this needs to be in a medicine. It is unfair and unnecessary.

I used the Children's Claratyne for my 3 years old daughter and It didn't work at all

My Daughter is 3 years old. She had few mosquito bites on her hands and it was very ichy. So We went to Pharmacy who recomended this medicine. This medicine didn't help at all. It might be co-incident that she then had a fever for next three days.

Actually washing with Detol water helped her to cool the ichy.

Didn't work for my 3 years old child


Claratyne is an excellent anti-hystamine. It brings instant relief and often-times half a tablet is quite sufficient. The tablets are tiny, making them so easy to swallow, particularly for little ones. These are great for spider and other insect bite allergies; in fact they combat almost every type of allergy. Claratyne is one of the few anti-hystamines available which many who have heart conditions are actually able to take safely without concerns of negative side effects exacerbating already unpleasant symptoms. (Do check with your doctor first though as each individual case is different for a heart patients.) These tablets aid with breathing too in extreme allergy sufferers.
Easy to swallow. Instant relief of havfever symptons. One pack lasts a long time.
The price; this product is quite expensive, but no more so than most of its kind, and worth every cent for its effectiveness.


These are probably my favourite hayfever tablets though i go through stages where these seem to work really well and times when they don't. I think sometimes you need to change brands and not stick to one product all the time as you build up a sort of immunity to it. I don't like the price but am willing to pay it if a positive outcome is achieved.
These are super small tablets so they are very easy to swallow and they only need to be taken once a day.
They are quite expensive, buying a 50 pack make them slightly more affordable but this normally still costs a fair bit.


Get the generic drug and it should work just as well. The generic name is Loratadine Tablets (10 mg). They are more affordable especially if you need to take one daily for 5 months like me!
I recommend getting small amounts first to check that it works and then bulk buy. You can also save by ordering online in bulk. I didn't know this until recently so I haven't tried buying online yet but noticed that prices were about $6 less.
It used to work very well for me. It still works, but not as well. Film coated so it's pleasant to take. Most chemists stock it.
Effectiveness declined after long-term use. Relatively expensive. It can cause nose bleeds.


My boyfriend takes Claratyne to stop his hayfever and it works great. I once had to take Claratyne to stop a rash I had and it worked wonders. The tablet is so small and easy to swallow. Claratyne would be great for anyone with allergies to stop the symptoms. The small tablets would be great for young children with allergies as they are so tiny they are easy to swallow. Great hayfever reliever or for any other allergies. The price is resonable because it actually works.
Great hayfever, allergy reliever. Very small tablet great for everyone inculding young ones with allergies.


It gives me almost instant relief from the terrible itch of psoriasis and lately hay fever, someone in our area has a wood fire at night, not good for people with breathing problems. When I take a Claratyne tablet I am comfortable driving a car as it does not make me tired.
effgective and convenient
The price although worth it because it works


I love this product. I tried Demazin and that did nothing. Where as this product actually does what it says on the pack!! Only thing I don't like is that it's not cheap. But alot of Hayfever tablets are pricy anyways!
The tablets are small (which i find handy as I can sometimes find it difficult to swallow large capsules). I find these tablets actually work!
Can be expensive, however to try and combat this issue my solution is BUY IN BULK. Not necessarily 10 boxes of the stuff, but buy a pack of 50 instead of 10. It's alot cheaper. Also shop around for them. They range in price at different chemists (I have found) and try and grab them on special if you can!


This worked great for me the first year, but seemed to not work the following times I tried it. I think you have to use a combination of products like a pill plus eye drops and then you can (sort) of be prepared to tackle hayfever symptoms.
This is the first product I tried for my hayfever, and it worked fine the first year. I have terrible hayfever symptoms and this (or other products) didn't really help too much.
This is really expensive, but I think most of these products are pricey (I don't know why). It is best to buy the larger pack which should be okay because the expiry date should be for a year or two.


Claratyne is great because it doesn't make you drowsy, which is great when suffering from hayfever which makes you feel so awful anyway. It also works for other allergy symptoms such as rashes. I do find it's effectiveness wears off which is frustrating as I have to have a supply of many different tablets to cover me.
Small tablet is very easy to take, and long lasting effect is great.
I find that after a few doses it becomes less effective and I have to switch to another product with another active ingredient for a few doses, and then back again.


Antihistamines help reduce allergic symptons. This works well to clear up allergic reactions that cause rash, redness and swelling. Just recently we went to Bribie Island and were attacked by sandflies causing really itchy red spots, we took Claratyne and it not only stopped the itching but the next day our spots were gone to. I found this product to be good in regards to this sort of thing. Claratyne is also available in packs of 10 and 30 tablets as well as syrups so it suits the whole family.
small easy to swallow tablets.
does not necessarily work for all peoples symptons.


works very well to control allergies however they are very expensive little tablets, they are easy and small to swallow though
work really quickly when im having a reaction or im extremely itchy, dont affect me in any other way like other medications. tablets extremely small and easy to swallow
Expensive, only small amount in box

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