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Classica Cast Iron

Classica Cast Iron

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Cast iron classica

Used it once notice a fault in the grove it has chipped took it back to store they would only give me $25 paid $130. The warranty is a joke it does not even tell you who to contact I was given to me as a present.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Can’t honour their 25 year warranty against defects

I bought the Elite reversible grill from The Home. I used it on the grill side once, and the second time used it on the flat side. The flat side was bowed in the middle and any oil on it drained to the two ends
I had this product for less than two months and after emailing The Home, they informed me that the manufacturer would not refund me. This product was obviously faulty ( I sent photos to prove it). So much for a 25 Year guarantee!!
The best I could get was a store credit from The Home. They’re still selling this substandard product.
Not Happy!

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Great essential for everyday use, and especially when purchased on sale!

This is a great example of cast iron cookware, and I bought the casserole dish on sale. It's used regularly in my home. The cast iron is of good quality and the only difference with it's French competitor is brand name. I have used both and found no discernible difference. It's great to start a dish on the stove and then pop it in the oven to slow cook; either is fine. The only (inherent) downsize is the weight, but that means it's of good quality and necessary in this sort of kitchenware. I really can't fault it, except to maybe suggest some more neutral colours; but that really is splitting hairs.

Date PurchasedApr 2013

Great product. would recommend it

I bought a large soup pot in burnt orange. Colour is gorgeous. I have this product for a few years now. It's basically indestructible and will last for years (with gentle care) used it in Oven too.
Only negative is that the lid knob is fastened with a screw that rusts...
replaced it with a rustproof screw
easy to do and no damage to lid or knob.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Unbeatable value for a product that will last many lifetimes

To those who say it's NOT non stick this is because you haven't learnt to care for and maintain your cast iron. Care is simple and YES, it definitely is exceptionally non stick once you know what your doing. There are plenty of online resources to learn this from. Use plenty of good quality oil when you cook and season with a light film of oil / fat - it'll get better ever time it's properly used. No, they are not too heavy either. If your not interested in learning simple principles on how to look after cast iron and reaping the benefits then go back to your toxic Teflon coated stuff.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Heavy set cast iron.

Has been great to cook with and performs well, up there with the much more expensive French brands. Handle is cast iron.

Not non stick

Don't waste your money if you are after a non stick pan. This product is not as described. The online description, states heavy duty, cast iron, green colour, all of which is true. But also describes pan as non stick, which it definately is not true. And to get off the burnt food takes a lot of soaking.
Great colour
Not non stick

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I don't think cast iron cookware is ever non stick....... Anyway how heavy is this stuff? How's the handle?

Questions & Answers

I have a red classica cast iron pot... after I have used vinegar, it stained the outer layer... how to bring back the original appearance?
1 answer
Has it stained the iron or the enamel? I've not had luck with stains on the enamel, I just consider them "character" As for staining on the iron: just give it a good wash in hot water, heat up and rub in a little oil. Every "stain" on the iron will just disappear after a few uses where new oil will re-season the iron.

what is the difference between cast iron cookware and cast iron elite under Classica?
2 answers
Good question. It appears the "elite" are enameled just the same as others in the range (outer enameled, inner cast iron cooking surface in most cases). In fact the RRP for the "elite" is often less than the equivalent of other identical items such as the square grill pan. I've got several of the non "elite" pans and the only difference I can see is the colours in the elite series are more plain and boring...... Maybe someone else can give you a more useful response, but I wouldn't bother with the elite unless you like the colours as the rest of the range is of great quality.I think Anthony is pretty much spot on. Ultimately they are great iron pans/pots with enamel on part or all, and can be used on stove top or in oven. As long as you look at it, you like it, and the price is right I wouldn't worry.

Can the cast iron cook ware be used on an induction cook top?
1 answer
Yes they can most of the time. You need to check the brand. Classica is ok. Don't use with high temperatures though and never put in the dishwasher


Classica Cast Iron
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