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Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine

Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine

3.6 from 24 reviews




MumofMSydney, NSW

  • 3 reviews

Great for winter, useless in summer




  • 2 reviews

Green algae/mould in machine


I purchased this machine and followed the instructions and it grew green algae/mould in the bottom. I hadn’t realised it had done this and was feeding it to my baby. When I contacted tommee tippee they wouldn’t do anything about it even with Photographic evidence. Their customer service is very poor and if you google other reviews others have had the same problem.


GeezahMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 3 reviews

Too cold


Bought this unit to save us time with our twins, overall it's poor, as well as poor customer service. Our babies won't drink the milk at all as it's too cold, spoke to their customer service who said I should boil a kettle and add hot water if I want it warmer. So our twins won't drink from it at all due to warmth, but their solution is boil a kettle which entirely defeats the purpose of buying this unit. Should have the ability to warm or cool it a degree or two or three either way. Giving a bad review just for the reason customer service wouldn't help with heating it up more.

Purchased in July 2019 at Baby Bunting for $150.00.

Mummy of almost 5

Mummy of almost 5Far North Queensland, QLD

Love love love


Loved this product... had it with baby no4... wish I knew about them with my first 3... getting it again before #5 arrives (19th sept 19)! 100 loved loved loved. No complaints at all

Purchased in May 2014 at Big W Retail Stores for $150.00.



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After 3 mths of using the machine which was fantastic but a tad noisy mind you, the temperature light kept coming on so i was unable to do anything with it except fill it with super cold water from my fridge which isn't ideal considering the amount of money i just spent on it. So ive had to stop using the machine all together as its completely unreliable night or day! My guess is that if you live anywhere where it gets above 24 degrees your machine wont work..... very disappointed

Charis and Vivian

Charis and VivianMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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Amazing - couldn't live without it!


Being new parents, we were very uneasy about making up bottles and making sure we were doing it right and this machine took the worry out of it! It makes making a bottle a stress free experience.
It would be better if it did 60ml minimum rather than 120ml as my DD took 60mls for the first month so we were wasting a lot of formula. Overall we are really glad we got this, its easy to use, easy to clean and it ensures perfect bottles every time.

Farm mum

Farm mumSouth West, WA

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WAS great but won’t last a full year!!!!


Purchase this when my son was 4 months old to help me with supplement feeds. It was great but after not even 2 months of using it it blew a hose! Lucky my partner is super handy he had it fixed in no time! Now my son is 8 months and... yep it blew the hose again! When I say blew I mean it split!!! I only use filtered rain water in it and replace the filter straight away when it indicates to do so!! Please save your money and stress! Buy another product! I wish I did.



  • 4 reviews

Can not fault


I purchased the whole Tommee Tippee feeding range while pregnant. At first we were using a bottle warmer to heat the bottle, which took at least 5 minutes. Our baby is a little milk monster and once we switched over to formula he got very impatient. We set the Prep machine up and it’s honestly a life saver for our family!
Super easy to use and set up. It doesn’t take up much space at all on the bench and perfect for when you’re half asleep for those night feeds! You don’t have to worry about measurements or temperature because it sets it all up for you. It ranges from 120ml to 330ml so can suit any feed. Filters can also be purchased at Baby Bunting for $20. A filter can last up to 3 months.
Worth every cent!


missmegzeMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 8 reviews

Makes the perfect bottle every time!


This is definitely a nice to have gadget rather than a must have gadget but it is making out lives easier. Since you can't microwave bottles (it kills nutrients in formula or breast milk) it was taking several minutes to heat up a pre-prepared bottle, and our little miss was so impatient! This machine does it in less than 2 minutes and its the perfect temperature every time. As others have said the beeps are loud but we have it in the kitchen so it doesn't matter. We also purchased formula dispensers so that you aren't having to scoop formula out of the tin whilst you have a baby in your arms. The only flaw in the machine is that it doesn't have the option to do 60mls for newborns. Our favourite purchase so far!

It's quick and ezy but


When I first use the machine my 2 weeks old was badly threw up everything. I used bottled water strait in to the machine. If any one know what the reason is ? Hope it's because plastic smell if the new machine. But I did the cleaning proses before I make the formula. Appreciate your comments. Thanks heaps ...



  • 4 reviews

Makes night time feeds alot easier


I find it easy to set and use. Makes perfect temperature bottles so its fantastic for those sleepy late night feeds. I read other reviews stating the beep was overly loud but i think its reasonable and good to hear when its finished from another room. I wish i had gotten it sooner.



  • 3 reviews

Perfect Time Saver


This machine is a lifesaver for a busy mum. No more keeping track of whether the kettle has been boiled and trying to cool/warm to the right temp. The biggest flaw would be the mega loud beeps which are x6 for one bottle, also it's a little hard to mix thickened formula - it needs a slightly bigger shot of hot water to disperse it more easily. Final thought - it's one temperature only, so if ur baby likes a really warm bottle you may find it's a little too cool. Otherwise it's a great machine - I got mine second hand, probably wouldn't pay full rrp, as they're always on sale somewhere.


KirstPerth, WA

  • 6 reviews

Awesome product !


I wish I had this when I had my first baby . In an instant the prep machine is ready to use .
Once switched on it takes only a few seconds and it's ready to go .
The only down side is the beeping between the hot water shot and the bottle finishing off !
I did some research and found that you could take them apart and muffle the beep , so that's what I did . Even thought this Is not recommended for warranty purposes I felt it was worth not waking the rest of the house up at some insane hour .
After we got to the speaker we put some blue tack over the it and put it all back together it is defiantly a 5 star product :-)



Love it!


After turning to bottle feeding this is a dreat invention for supplying bottle after bottle at the correct temperature so quick every time! Agree some measurements are off by 10ml and yes it makes a loud beep but the ease of the machine out weigh that! It now sits on the bench next to hubby's coffee machine and he loves making them now = winning all round! The filters are stocked at baby bunting and we had no trouble sourcing replacements.

Broke down after 12 months!


It is quite convenient as it helps to measure correct temp to make baby milk but during winter time, the water temp for milk might not warm enough for baby.
Machine broke down after 12 months and the red light keeps shining when the weather is warmer.
Paid too much for such unreliable machine.

Tiffany B

Tiffany BMelbourne

  • 15 reviews

Can't Live Without It


Great product! Makes a perfect temperature bottle in less then 2 minutes! We use it everyday for every bottle, I don't know what we would do without it. So convenient for night feeds.
Only problem is the machine can overheat to easily if the weather is hot, and I found sometimes the measurements were out by 10-20ml. I wouldn't pay $200 for it (got mine for $89) if you can get it cheaper, it is definitely worth it though. We love ours!



  • 13 reviews

Noisy, inaccurate and temperature gauge problems




Was great in the beginning but after using it regularly for 3 months it stopped working correctly. The quantity of water dispensed was continually out by 10ml prior to stopping use, which is significant enough to affect baby. Troubleshooting was performed but it kept glitching. Filters no longer available either.


kellzeTownsville, Queensland

  • 3 reviews

Perfect machine




  • 3 reviews
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Makes a perfect bottle of formula in 2 minutes!


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Sarah m

Sarah masked

I have this perfect prep machine but use aptamil gold formula. Basically Australias best selling formula is rendered useless with this machine as its in 50ml incraments. Tommee tippee informed me of a oz to ml conversion chart which only the 7oz= 200ml is suitable (not really helpful), and aptamil suggested changing to their HA formula which is in 30ml imcraments. Im stocked up of the orginal formula so any know of how to make these two compatible? Surprised the machine isnt in 30 or 50ml lots

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I have just carried out the set up phase but I have also unplugged the prep machine as I'm not due to be induced until tuesday. Will I need to do the whole cycle again or just switch on and use? Thanks

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Do you have to keep machine plugged in at all times or only when making a feed?

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