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Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine

Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine

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After 3 mths of using the machine which was fantastic but a tad noisy mind you, the temperature light kept coming on so i was unable to do anything with it except fill it with super cold water from my fridge which isn't ideal considering the amount of money i just spent on it. So ive had to stop using the machine all together as its completely unreliable night or day! My guess is that if you live anywhere where it gets above 24 degrees your machine wont work..... very disappointed

Amazing - couldn't live without it!

Being new parents, we were very uneasy about making up bottles and making sure we were doing it right and this machine took the worry out of it! It makes making a bottle a stress free experience.
It would be better if it did 60ml minimum rather than 120ml as my DD took 60mls for the first month so we were wasting a lot of formula. Overall we are really glad we got this, its easy to use, easy to clean and it ensures perfect bottles every time.

WAS great but won’t last a full year!!!!

Purchase this when my son was 4 months old to help me with supplement feeds. It was great but after not even 2 months of using it it blew a hose! Lucky my partner is super handy he had it fixed in no time! Now my son is 8 months and... yep it blew the hose again! When I say blew I mean it split!!! I only use filtered rain water in it and replace the filter straight away when it indicates to do so!! Please save your money and stress! Buy another product! I wish I did.

Can not fault

I purchased the whole Tommee Tippee feeding range while pregnant. At first we were using a bottle warmer to heat the bottle, which took at least 5 minutes. Our baby is a little milk monster and once we switched over to formula he got very impatient. We set the Prep machine up and it’s honestly a life saver for our family!
Super easy to use and set up. It doesn’t take up much space at all on the bench and perfect for when you’re half asleep for those night feeds! You don’t have to worry about measurements or temperature because it sets it all up for you. It ranges from 120ml to 330ml so can suit any feed. Filters can also be purchased at Baby Bunting for $20. A filter can last up to 3 months.
Worth every cent!

Makes the perfect bottle every time!

This is definitely a nice to have gadget rather than a must have gadget but it is making out lives easier. Since you can't microwave bottles (it kills nutrients in formula or breast milk) it was taking several minutes to heat up a pre-prepared bottle, and our little miss was so impatient! This machine does it in less than 2 minutes and its the perfect temperature every time. As others have said the beeps are loud but we have it in the kitchen so it doesn't matter. We also purchased formula dispensers so that you aren't having to scoop formula out of the tin whilst you have a baby in your arms. The only flaw in the machine is that it doesn't have the option to do 60mls for newborns. Our favourite purchase so far!

It's quick and ezy but

When I first use the machine my 2 weeks old was badly threw up everything. I used bottled water strait in to the machine. If any one know what the reason is ? Hope it's because plastic smell if the new machine. But I did the cleaning proses before I make the formula. Appreciate your comments. Thanks heaps ...

Makes night time feeds alot easier

I find it easy to set and use. Makes perfect temperature bottles so its fantastic for those sleepy late night feeds. I read other reviews stating the beep was overly loud but i think its reasonable and good to hear when its finished from another room. I wish i had gotten it sooner.

Perfect Time Saver

This machine is a lifesaver for a busy mum. No more keeping track of whether the kettle has been boiled and trying to cool/warm to the right temp. The biggest flaw would be the mega loud beeps which are x6 for one bottle, also it's a little hard to mix thickened formula - it needs a slightly bigger shot of hot water to disperse it more easily. Final thought - it's one temperature only, so if ur baby likes a really warm bottle you may find it's a little too cool. Otherwise it's a great machine - I got mine second hand, probably wouldn't pay full rrp, as they're always on sale somewhere.

Awesome product !

I wish I had this when I had my first baby . In an instant the prep machine is ready to use .
Once switched on it takes only a few seconds and it's ready to go .
The only down side is the beeping between the hot water shot and the bottle finishing off !
I did some research and found that you could take them apart and muffle the beep , so that's what I did . Even thought this Is not recommended for warranty purposes I felt it was worth not waking the rest of the house up at some insane hour .
After we got to the speaker we put some blue tack over the it and put it all back together it is defiantly a 5 star product :-)

Love it!

After turning to bottle feeding this is a dreat invention for supplying bottle after bottle at the correct temperature so quick every time! Agree some measurements are off by 10ml and yes it makes a loud beep but the ease of the machine out weigh that! It now sits on the bench next to hubby's coffee machine and he loves making them now = winning all round! The filters are stocked at baby bunting and we had no trouble sourcing replacements.

Broke down after 12 months!

It is quite convenient as it helps to measure correct temp to make baby milk but during winter time, the water temp for milk might not warm enough for baby.
Machine broke down after 12 months and the red light keeps shining when the weather is warmer.
Paid too much for such unreliable machine.

Can't Live Without It

Great product! Makes a perfect temperature bottle in less then 2 minutes! We use it everyday for every bottle, I don't know what we would do without it. So convenient for night feeds.
Only problem is the machine can overheat to easily if the weather is hot, and I found sometimes the measurements were out by 10-20ml. I wouldn't pay $200 for it (got mine for $89) if you can get it cheaper, it is definitely worth it though. We love ours!

Noisy, inaccurate and temperature gauge problems

This machine sounds like it would be a dream for parents who formula feed their little one but unfortunately it is far from it! It is a total waste of money - it doesn't even deserve 1 star!

Firstly it is extremely noisy - each time you press the power button it it makes a super loud beeping noise as well as when it finishes. This is annoying especially in the middle of the night and scares and wakes up my baby each time! There is no way to turn off this noise. I don't know why anyone would not include a mute button for this machine or at least the ability to turn down the stupid beeping.

Secondly the temperature gauge is a real problem. Most of the time I cannot operate the machine due to the temperature gauge lighting up. Even when the room is cool and I pour cold water into it, the temperature gauge goes off! The only thing that is able to turn it off temporarily is putting ice packs on it but even that doesn't always work. After looking up trouble shooting tips for this issue and from reading reviews online I have noticed that this is a very common problem with this machine especially for people who live in warmer climates

Thirdly, the measurements for water are off. It always makes at least 10ml too much. Also, it starts at 120ml so you cant make less than that if you have a newborn who doesn't eat that much yet and filters for it are near impossible to find.

Fourth, its expensive - retails at $199. I paid $99 when I found it on sale but even that is too much for such a useless machine that is noisy and has problems with the temperature gauge going off unnecessarily. Definitely do not recommend this piece of expensive rubbish to anyone. Yes it does make the milk the perfect temperature on the occasions it actually works but it desperately needs design improvements.


Was great in the beginning but after using it regularly for 3 months it stopped working correctly. The quantity of water dispensed was continually out by 10ml prior to stopping use, which is significant enough to affect baby. Troubleshooting was performed but it kept glitching. Filters no longer available either.

Perfect machine

I love my machine. It is fast and makes a perfect bottle every time.
One or two niggles.....sourcing replacement filters can be very difficult. I have had to but online from the UK. I tried all the major baby chains here in Australia that have online stores. No one had it in and I had to email the manufacturer to try and source one. They weren't helpful in finding the product but did send me a complimentary filter while I kept searching.
The amount to fill bottles with are set in 30ml increments starting from 120ml. This is fine mostly but the first formula I tried for my daughter had a 50ml per scoop ratio and as the instructions always say to stick to the correct ratios, I had to change my formula to allow my newborn to have 120ml bottles. Check the instructions before you buy a can of formula. I now use a formula with 30ml per scoop ratio which is perfect for this machine.

Makes a perfect bottle of formula in 2 minutes!

Make a perfect baby bottle of formula in 2 minutes just like a super nanny!
Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine makes life so much easier.

It’s great in the middle of the night when you need to make up a bottle (or even two if you’ve got twins!) and the pressure is on. Especially if you are half-asleep. But if in the waking hours you’ve set your Closer to Nature Perfect Prep machine up then all you need to do in the middle of the night is press the green button and bingo! In 2 minutes your baby’s bottle is ready to go. Perfect measurements, perfect temperature, every time.

With 10 month old twins I thought I’d bought just about everything to make our lives easier, but this is one of the best investments by far!

The initial setup was simple, you only need to keep the water tank topped-up to have bottles ready at the touch of a button. Being able to offer bottles that we know are the same temperature every time really cuts out the guesswork, and the task of measuring the formula yourself guarantees that formula measurements are correct. It’s ideal that the design accommodates all bottle brands, types, and sizes with the adjustable holding tray; we were even using it to fill their sippy cups instead of having to boil and cool water.

And the 3am feeds… Well now they’re bearable! After just a few uses our babies seemed conditioned to the beeps of the machine and would instantly calm knowing that a feed was being prepared. Making a bottle (pouring boiling water) really isn’t safe in the vicinity of children, and with twins we’re usually holding one, so the Perfect Prep Machine has actually made our house safer too.

The Perfect Prep Machine would suit both first time parents and parents of multiple children as it guarantees a safe consistent serving temperature and calls for minimal work from the parent.

I was cheeky enough to take it with me to sleep school for a week and also had single parents commenting how much easier it would make their lives too!

Convinience at a premium

Perfect water temperature every time
Perfect volume of water dispensed
All within 2 minutes
A must have for overnight feeding

High price for the machine
Consider ongoing cost for the filter
Has a wide spout (can be a problem for narrow bottles ie. Medela)
Loud beeping noise after preparation

Breastfeeding is still the best but if you need to bottle feed and you can afford this (plus its ongoing cost), its a bottle feeders best friend (especially at night). Otherwise there is nothing wrong with using an electric kettle and a jug of Britta as essentially its the same concept plus a tiny fraction of this machine's cost.

I wish this was around sooner!

I bought this product with my second child after seeing it at a department store and thought it was a great idea as I needed to formula feed him from birth. It was a great choice and I absolutely love it!

It is really easy to use and makes a bottle really quickly. It saves me time vs manually making up bottles as you don't have to boil water and let it cool etc.

It is compact and doesn't take up a lot of space on my kitchen bench which is really good and if you go on holidays somewhere would make life easier as it is small enough to take around without taking up a lot of space.

I can only fault this product on three small things.
1) the beeping sound the machine makes is really loud which is annoying when you want to make a bottle in the middle of the night without waking anyone up.
2) the water dial only starts at 120ml which means you can't use it until the baby is roughly 4 weeks old and drinking at least this amount of formula (or you could make a larger bottle and split it in 2 and keep for later if you want to).
3) I would like to see the product eventually amended to be able to load the formula powder in another compartment so that you don't have to manually measure and add the formula especially when you have baby in the other hand. .. but I guess this would be hard due to all different formulas around.

I wish this machine wad around for my first child as it makes life so much easier. You can use any size or brand bottle with it and it is easy to maintain. This is the best baby gadget I have bought so far!!!

Life saving!

I bought this machine few weeks after our twins were born and it has been a real life saving purchase! We mainly have to bottle feed them which means we are constantly preparing formula. It was taking so long to prepare each bottle and our fridge was full of containers of sterlised water!!! This machine is just fantastic, it works as it said and it takes 2 minutes to prepare a bottle, no need any more to prepare batches of formula or sterlised water and it has made feeding times so much less stressful for us.
It's very easy to use and really requires very little maintenance (just remember to store an extra filter when the old one needs to be replaced). It is also very compact and doesn't take much space in the kitchen like other baby appliances.

The only fault I can find is the set size of formula that you can use. It goes by multiple of 30ml (you can prepare bottle for 150ml, 180ml, 210ml, etc) so it doesn't really work when you have a formula that goes by 50ml like we do. It means that for sizes that are not multiple of 50ml we have to kind of adjust the scoop amount of the formula. Annoying but not a big deal if you compare it with the benefits.

We have been using this machine at least 15 times a day for the last month and we are very happy with it.

Worth every cent!

I saw this machine before I had our baby. Very nice friends of ours put in together to purchase it as our baby gift. The machine prepares a babies bottle in less than 2 minutes at a ready to drink temperature. We have been using this machine for nearly 5 months and I can not live without it. The adjustable dial allows you to change the size of the bottle you are preparing which is great when you are having a 210ml bottle or a 120ml top up for example. We even pack it in our luggage when we travel.

The only thing I found annoying is the beeping sounds this machine makes when preparing or finishing a bottle. It is very loud and I was told by customer service that it could not be adjusted for safety reasons. In saying that our baby now knows when a bottle is being prepared and is happier when she hears the beeping.

I love this machine. It is expensive, but worth every cent.

Questions & Answers

Do you have to keep machine plugged in at all times or only when making a feed?
No answers

I put a new filter in my machine and used it about 10times but havent used it now for a few weeks and therefore machine has been unplugged. Do i need to buy a new filter before using or will the warning light still illuminate despite being unplugged for so long?
1 answer
If the warning light is still.on for the filter afyer you changed it you haven't pressed the reset button on the side when you changed it. I think?

Hi everyone, do you know how to adjust the machine as it dispenses 5ml more eg 125ml? I tested this without the formula. Thanks heaps otherwise I love this machine
2 answers
My machine hasn't had this problem, but 5ml probably wouldn't bother me.You can't adjust the amount given you can push the power button again to start the flow then stop it by pushing it again at 5 ml and then it will stop I wouldn't imagine it would make a whole difference on the temp in the bottle but best to make sure before giving it to baby :-) I hope this helps

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