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Colgate Total Dental Floss

Colgate Total Dental Floss

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Latest incarnation of this product is now poor quality.

The latest incarnation of this product, Colgate tartar control floss, is made in Malaysia. Claims no shredding and strong which is complete rubbish. Sometime it breaks, but more often, almost every use, strands come off getting stuck or remaining in my mouth. As these are much thinner, being just strands of the whole floss they are difficult to remove from between the teeth when they come off the main strand. The current quality is what you would expect from a cheap Asian product, but if Colgate are going to go down this route for the profit margin it gives them then their reputation will over time suffer and they will just be another run of the mill company with alternatives springing up and taking their market share as disillusioned users try other brands.

about average

I sometimes buy Colgate total dental floss tape and found the floss to be pretty good as it doesn't seem to fall apart easily and doesn't hurt the teeth / I recommend the Colgate total dental floss to anyone who likes to keep the tooth gaps in between the teeth free of any nasty surprises

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Actually the review should be changed to a good rating really

Good as floss goes, but too hard to hold.

This is thin enough to get between close teeth,
It does not shred,
It is very hard to hold, without using lots of floss.as, you need to wrap it around your fingers many times, to keep a firm grip, Otherwise it slides from your grasp.
Better than other floss that breaks into pieces in between your teeth.
Thin, Non shred.
Too slippery

Do most people have fingers like sandpaper?

I am astounded that so many people seem to like the Colgate Total. Recently I tried it for the first time. Never again. The coating is so slippery that it's almost impossible to loop it around your fingers and make it stay there. It can be done, but it uses an awful lot of the floss, and at the same time you have to loop it so tightly it nearly amputates your fingers. In short, using it is a wasteful and painful process. On the positive side, if you're prepared to invest the time, expense and pain in getting the stuff around your fingers, then it seems to do the actual flossing just fine. But who is prepared to make an investment of that kind. Only people with finger skin like sandpaper, but not me, dear reader.
Cheapish, meter-for-dollar.


This is a great floss - I use it along with Colgate Total toothpaste & will never go back. It's not too expensive, lasts for ages and is very strong and durable. It makes daily flossing less of a chore as it is thin enough to fit between teeth that are close together!
I already used to use Colgate Total toothpaste, and then I was given a sample of this Colgate floss to try. It was great - it was strong enough not to break like some other brands that I've tried. Yet it was also thin enough not to get stuck between my teeth - it made cleaning a whole lot easier!!
No negative things to say about this floss!


I like using Colgate Total products and this dental floss is another product that does do what it says it will. Unlike several other varieties of tooth floss I have not experienced a big problem with the floss breaking while using it. You therefore do not use as much of it and it lasts a lot longer. Definitely lasts longer than many other products you can buy from the supermarket shelves.
This is a great tooth floss that is easy to use, feels like it does a good job and is affordable. The container usually lasts for some time.
There are none. A good hard working product.


This is an okay floss that helps you clean your gums and it has an alright flavour as well. Not too expensive to buy and this produce lasts for quite a while, so that makes it even cheaper to purchase. It help eliminate tartar build-up on your teeth and it can even massage your gums for you. I always use Colgates Dental floss as it is a reliable and the least troublesome out of all of the brands.
Does not get stuck or break between your teeth.
It can sometimes get caught in the packet it you do not pull it out correctly.


i have only been flossing for around two years after my dentist recommended i do it. i have now become addicted. colgate total dental floss is really affordable compared to other brands, which is strange because i always think colgate should be more as it is so well known and trusted, but this is not true and what makes it better is that it is always on special. unlike some other dental floss total is really gentle on my gums and removes 100% of the build up in between teeth. i would highly recommend.
affordable, gentle, smells nice and clinical, leaves mouth feeling clean when combined with brushing


This is a pretty good floss. It cleans out my teeth well and is easy to use. The roll just seems to last forever. Not very expensive to buy either considering how long it lasts for me. I will continue to use this product and would recommend this product to any one looking for a good dental floss. Good one!
Made by Colgate so you know that its going to be good. Does its job. Easy to use and is gentle on the gums. Price isn't too bad either. Has a nice taste to it also.
Nothing I could think of.


This is a floss that I can actually use, I find the price reasonable, and it lasts quite a long time. It would be handy if they had on the packet how to floss, not just the throw away packet.
I find this floss much more gentle on my teeth than other brands of floss I have used, I like the taste, and it doesn't then make me fell like I have to brush my teeth again to get rid of the taste.
Sometimes the floss gets stuck between the packet, or it will not pull off easily, but that mainly happens when my son uses it.


This is one of my favourite flosses that I regually purchase for our home. When I have any tartar build up I use this along with the toothpaste of the same range and it always gets the job done properly. It is also much much cheaper then going to the dentist to get it removed professionally. I also love the ribbon as it must have been well designed to prevent the fraying and breaking problem that other flosses do. This effective little personal hygene gem is a must have for every household.
Cheap and very effective.
I dont really like the smell too much.


Colgate Total Dental Floss is cheap because a packet of it lasts for a long time. I believe though that it will last much longer if it does not tear off easily. I hope that Colgate will also come up with a floss that is not tape or ribbon but a thread-like dental floss which is much stronger than the dental ribbon they have now.
It is manufactured by Colgate which is my favorite dental products brand. It is widely available. It cleanses well; it does a great job.
It tears very easily which really annoys me. However, I have also noticed the same with other brands of dental ribbon or tape.


I tried this brand of dental floss and found that it was constantly getting caught in the little metal blade due to a wax build up underneath it. It worked great to remove plaque and food remains caught between the teeth and not much is needed to provide flossing for all of your teeth.
It collects plaque caught between teeth well, inexpensive to purchase and widely available
I found that it shreds really easily and that it is hard to get out of the container as it gets caught frequently due to the wax coating which needed to be cleaned off regularly


I have trouble with the regular shape of dental floss as it does not fit between the gaps of my teeth.

I have found that Colgate tape fits very nicely and easily between the gaps between my teeth. My only problem with the product is that it tears very very easily. This is not a big problem though as it is cheap and easily available and can be replaced all the time.

Saying that though I find a container lasts a long time, being replaced every month or two.
Is a good shape that fits between very tight spaces.
Tears very easily.

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Total Dental Floss
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