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Oral-B Essential Floss

Latest review: It tends to shred very easily. The bits come apart. Sticks in my teeth at times, and some times really hurt my gums. The original texture does not hold well. Just a little bit of flossing and it

Colgate Total Dental Floss

Latest review: Strands come off and it often snaps after one go. I suspected it was a cheap 'Made in China' product but it's actually Malaysian made. To be frank it's just rubbish. Dressmakers thread would be more

Kogan Cordless Water Flosser

Latest review: There are only a couple of things that let this flosser down a bit: * On the highest setting, it's not as powerful as I had hoped; it still does the job adequately. * When I turn the flosser off it

Oral 7 Moisturising Mouth Gel

Latest review: Given a sample of Oral 7 Gel with natural ingredients. Couldn't live without it now. No more dry mouth instead a restful nights sleep. Sample finished then discovered my local pharmacy sells

Biotene OralBalance Moisturising Gel

Latest review: I have just started using this product and I will say it tastes nice an it is as good as Colgate and Macleans and Aim. Price wise it is a little dearer than the toothpastes mentioned but I feel this

Waterpik Ultra Professional Water Flosser WP-660

Latest review: works fine, seems a bit flimsy but haven't had any problems so far. if using a water Flosser is your jam this is one you should look at using to do the

Oral-B SATINfloss

Latest review: One of my more favoured tooth floss products as it is normally the cheapest one you can buy and the packet just seems to last and last and never run out. it does not seem to break that often and I

White Glo Flexible Dental Flosser Toothpicks

Latest review: No. I find the toothpastes very refreshing and good. The flossers are the best gripping the food particles between teeth with a twist, brushing between the teeth better than any thread flossers or

CareDent PerioTape Mini's Flossing Tape

Latest review: I got a mini one of these from my dentist and it is the best floss I have ever used and I'll be buying it from now on once I find out where I can buy it. It's a flat waxed tape. I have some very

Hamilton Aquae Dry Mouth

Latest review: Hamilton's dry mouth spay has been a god send for my mum. for nearly a year mum had dry mouth to the extent that she would often cry saying that the horrible dry mouth was worse than her cancer pain.

Oral-B Super Floss

Latest review: I have braces. A dentist "reccommend" these to me so that I would not have to use a floss threader. Mostly everyone with braces has this type of floss.Sure, it may save a little time, but it will

Reach Total Care Floss

Latest review: Best floss! It is woven, it's a quite sophisticated floss, it cleans extremely well! It goes into smallest teeth spaces since stretchable; it only splits when there is a problem with the

Polident Fresh Mint Denture Adhesive Cream

Latest review: I’ve grown accustomed to Polident adhesive, both the flavoured and unflavoured options. I’ve also tried the Steradent brand and noticed little difference in performance. Probably no denture adhesive i

Steradent Active Plus

Latest review: I bought this product via Coles.. Although it is a personal hygiene product, I was amazed that the 200g bottles of Steradent Active Plus, were not sealed. This in itself does not seem very sanitary