Killed My Sweet Cat

As today marks a year since my cat passed away from this drug, I reccomend NOT ever using this. This drug caused my cat to become lethargic for days, then he began to lose movement. It caused permanent nerve damage, eventually resulting in paralysis and death. This was after the 3rd use. He bounced back the first two times. Read reviews and do not use this medication!!!

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Side Effects Death
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Gave my 30kg Rottweiler the Comfortis plus brown with her dinner. The next morning she wasn’t herself her nature was that of a HEAVILY SEDATED DOG! Rushed her to the vet.... extremely bad reaction to this oral treatment. While she was sick I researched and saw all these reviews! I am so so so thankful that my girl pulled through her blood tests where great and I’ve dropped in her urine sample this morning. Will be doing another blood test in 4 weeks time to check again. I honestly thought my dog was going to die. Most awful & scariest thing I’ve ever seen with a pet. THIS STUFF SHOULD BE ILLEGAL ITS POISON!

Comfortis does not work any more.

I bought comfortess for my dogs.it has been several days now.they still have fleas.i have 3 skye terriers that weigh around 27 lbs. A mixed breed that weigh around the same. 2 salukis that weigh around 40 or cfc50 lbs at the most. I am not pleased.

Flea free finally!

My three cats and my house had a heavy flea infestation after the recent weird Melbourne weather, they exploded everywhere, gross! We'd been using revolution and I've always found it hard to spot-dose correctly so the poor cats were probably missing out. They were stressed and sick with flea problems 10 days after their last revolution dose. I asked the vet and used Comfortis. I made sure they had a full meal with the tablet crushed in it and they chowed it down. After about an hour a 3 hour long, 3 cat grooming frenzy beganbaa the fleas started dying, but there was no vomiting or any other distress shown by the cats. The next day I flea bombed the house too using a Raid bomb and washed all their bedding, and mine! I noticed that evening that where the cats had been sleeping stayed clean, no flea dirt scratched out, just a few dead fleas. Three days later the cats are flea free, relaxed as only cats can be, shiny coats and appetites are back. It's been truly great and being aware we've had that infestation I'm keeping an eye out because I know sometimes it takes a a few cycles to really break the flea cycles but so far the house is clear of them and so are the cats. Just for reference the cats weigh 2.8kg, 3.3kg and 3.8kg respectively and they each had a full tablet.

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They've now has their second dose, the house is completely flea free and so are all three cats!

almost killed my cats

I read the directions very well, fed my cats gave them the medication for fleas, its smells awful , and one cat could not breath rushed, the other was vomiting worst , stuff not well tolerated in cats at all, thankfully the vet gave my one very sick cat IV meds , the other cat was just vomiting and did not stop for like 4 hours, but the other cat had to stay on anti histamines for over a week, I am lucky he lived :(

Dangerous product

Our two year old Border Collie had a seizure the day after taking his first and last oral flea product known as Comfortis...he remained epileptic for about 4 years and now hasnt had a seizure for nearly 2 years, we put him on a raw food diet with golden paste and he has had acupuncture...we believe this might have saved him.

Comfortis Plus

I liked this Product it worked for fleas and worms but apparently doesn't treat ear mites and lice, so had to change treatment. My pets had no bad reactions to Comfortis but unfortunately I feel it's too expensive for not a complete treatment.

The only thing that works!

I bought one 6 pack for my dog and 2 cats. There was a sale on and I got the product for $70 which I thought was well priced. I have used Frontline and Advantage in the past, and over the last 3 months have noticed an increase in fleas despite frequent spot on treatments. I was nervous to use Comfortis because of some reviews, but I am so glad I did. My dog ate the tablet without hesitation and then ate a big bowl of dry food and mince, my cats wouldn't eat it without being mixed with food. I noticed fleas dying within half and hour. Within an hour all three animals were fine. After 2 hours I would say all of the fleas on my dog were dead or dying. She was fine and still playful with her tail wagging. The cats began itching like crazy after around 3 hours. I think the fleas were biting more as they were dying. They were locked in the bathroom and though I didn't notice as many dead fleas on them, I think they were cleaning them off. Once treated I washed the pets, flea bombed my entire house and hot washed and dried every soft fabric. Pets are fine, fleas are gone. I am a total convert and love this product. It really works like magic.

Freaked out

I gave my ragdoll one tablet for the 1st time ever last night after dinner as directed ,( as he has sensitive skin and cannot use spot on treatments or flea collar ) he was fine at 1st , hour later he stated acting crazy , shaking his head , scratching and grooming himself like mad , going in and out of the litter box , then sat in litter box scratching , head shaking for the next few hours ..By this time i come and read the reviews and thought oh hell this is not good. I asked advice on a special cat n kitten foster carer page and was told just to keep watching him as it was perfectly normal behaviour as the fleas die they bite really hard and if any changes like vomiting etc go to a vet . Woke up this morning to my cat jumping on the bed wanting his breakfast. Apart from vomiting up a hairball sometime last night ( i would expect that as being a ragdoll he groomed himself non stop for around 3-4hrs) he is back to his normal self. The product itself works great not a flea in sight , but i guess its like all medicines , some pets can tolerate it others sadly didnt .


I gave my Lhasa poodle mix one tab in June. It’s now November and I haven’t seen any fleas! I read an article about waiting to see if fleas appear then to give another tab. Needless to say one dose lasted 5 months.
My dog is always chasing squirrels and jumping in the open waters. She Was completely infested until I gave her this magic dose of amazingness.
I was scared at first after reading reviews and kept one eye open all night to watch her reaction to it. I’m pleased with this

Stay away

Heathy 58kg male dog. Bloody Diarrhoea and lethargy for a week after taking comfortis plus. Had no problem with it before it was rebranded (previously panoramas). I’m glad I only gave him the one tablet and didn’t top up to his full weight after reading these reviews. Have thrown the rest out and spoken to vet about the side effects, vet suggested I change to something else. I’ve also been warned against Bravecto

My dog died within 4 days of ingesting this poison

Two healthy dogs, 47kg female and 54kg male, gave tablet Wednesday and female throwing up within a couple of hours, vomiting and lethargic for two days and rushed her to vet on third day too weak to stay upright. Diagnosed with acute Liver failure, on drip for day and a half and had a seizure, liver, pancreas, failed, glucose levels extremely low, internal bleeding, bloody vomiting and diarrhoea, PTS four days after ingesting this supposedly safe poison. Thank God the male was only a bit lethargic for a couple of days and seems ok.

No good

Treated 3 dogs, each after a meal. Within 1 hr, all 3 were puking all over the house. Now, I'm worried about other effects, plus seeing $66.00 spewed all over the floor.

Works wonderful

When I had a kennel, I had 20 dogs and used this, never had a problem. Never gave it to my cats. Now, I have 5 dogs, 8 to 14 lbs. I buy the Comfortis for 20 lbs dogs and split them in half or quarters depending on the dog, it saves money and with the 6 pack it gives me enough to give them twice a year. The fleas begin to fall off dead with in 1/2 hour. I have never had any of my dogs react badly to Comfortis. I give them their first dose in spring first sign of fleas, then I give a second dose in fall first sign of fleas. Never, once every month. Yes, only twice a year. We never have fleas. Maybe we don't have fleas bad anyway, I don't know but we lived on a ranch with the 20 dogs and now at the beach with only 5, same results. Now, my dogs are Volpino's, it's an Italian breed, they don't dog stink, basically they just need to be brushed now and then, so I don't have to bath often unless they get into something. I think many of you are overdosing. I get a prescription from my vet, my online provider faxes my Vet for approval, it's sent to me in the mail. I pay about $70., at the Vet it's about $100.

Healthy 16 month old cat died after giving comfortis

I have used comfortis for about 3 years now on my GSD and 3 cats. After giving them a dose the usual vomiting would occur but they were always fine.
2 nights ago I gave all the animals a comfortis, I always follow directions and am super careful!! They had the comfortis at 7:30pm and in the army hours of the following morning my healthy, strong fit as a fiddle 18 month old cat was dead. He looked as though he had curled up and gone to sleep but he didn't wake up. This product is so dangerous and NOT worth the risk. Please be cautious and think twice about using this product.

Made both my cats very sick and damaged their livers

Gave both my cats this product once,to be sure I bought the lowest dose. My smallest cat vomited started shaking became really withdrawn had diarrhoea. My other cat vomited and howled in pain took both to the vet as they didn’t settle and remained unwell,both had many tests and the verdict was that these pills caused liver damage.my small cat had diarrhoea daily for months. The cats were well before. Now both are on special diets because of the damage. Stay away from this.

First time using this with both my cats excellent results

No side effects from my two cats just before not happy cats. It now happy happy cats will definitely recommend this !!!!

Great product

After reading so many scary negatives on this product I was very skeptical, If I was'nt clutching at straws I probably would'nt have even tried this product in fear of the worst.
But, after trying several spot on treatments and outdoor sprays to control the environmental infestations I had no other options.
I used diomataceous Earth outside, revolution spot on, frontline spot on and sprays in excess of $10/ltr and bathed our 6 month old ragdoll at least once a week (easier to manually pull fleas off a long haired cat). Nothing was working until we used comfortis. I'm sure the ones who wrote negative reviews are very frustrated with this product and rightly so if they say is true but If u are at ur wit's end like I was this product will work. Just do your research, I gave half a tablet to my 4.5kg ragdoll after a meal to see how he would go and watched him intently to make sure he was ok. He did become very lethargic after about 10min and i was very concerned but he was still responsive. After a further 15min he was up and playing again. 15 min after that I decided to give him the remaining half tablet and the next day there were dead fleas on the couch and our bed. He was very lethargic the next morning also. This product does work but obviously it is a strong drug that can have adverse affects like any strong drug. If u choose to use the product I would maybe suggest to use 1/2 or even 1/3 a tablet at first and moniter ur pet to see how they react. Good luck

Comfortis.....give in 2 doses...

I'm a cat rescuer and have seen some cats vomit after given comfortis. I started breaking up the treatment into 2 doses......one half one day and 2nd half one or two days later. I find less per dose makes it easier to digest. Cats have temperamental stomachs in order to eliminate furballs from all their grooming.
If your pet is drooling, shaking, hotf like dff like like with a fever, chattering teeth, blinking quicky, convulsing, get it to a bet7

Comfortis nearly killed my dog

This pill sent my dog into actue liver failure. It’s a miracle she survived. Not recommended. This is poisonous stuff.

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I gave my dog a pill. She took it ran out the door but I know she dropped it. I’m so afraid to give her another. What do you think she is scratching?
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My vet sold me a comfortis tablet which I fed to my cat 25 days ago. I have now started seeing flea eggs again where ever he lays down. Can I give him another one every though the 30 period is not up yet?
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I would say Comfortis is not working for your Cat. Be sure it's the one for cats, not dogs and the correct dose.

My cat weighs 8 lbs. will a comfortis pill for a 10-20lb hurt her?
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Yes, first of all you need to be sure it's for cats not dogs, they are 2 different recipe's. If it is for cats, then cut it in half.The active ingredient (Spinosad) is identical in both the dog and cat version of this product. I use the dog one for my dog and both cats (it says on the bottom of the packet that it is fine to do so) Saves me buying 2 packets of identical treatment. You just have to make sure the weight is in the right range (luckily for me all three of my pets are). Might save you some money!! :)

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