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Commonwealth Bank Debit MasterCard

Commonwealth Bank Debit MasterCard

3.5 from 18 reviews

Don’t spend money you haven’t got.

I worked out, this was better for me than paying for credit. Commonwealth website makes it easy to check transactions any time. Payments can be set for specific dates. It’s simple to use and ensure you’ve enough credit to cover expenses. I’m able to manage without credit.


Great card - especially for those who find budgeting difficult.

I've had a Commonwealth Bank Debit Mastercard for a few years now. I wouldn't use anything else. Have never had a credit card, & don't want one either. A debit card is fantastic for people who find it hard, if not impossible, to budget, or don't know how to manage money at all.

I am "old fashioned" in that I still use cash. I will get a wad of money out of the ATM, take it home, put it in a secret place where no one can find it, & each time before I go out somewhere, I will put just enough cash into my purse for that particular shopping trip. I can't overspend then. When the money's gone from my purse, its gone until the next time I'm out somewhere. I find this system very good indeed. Stops me from wasting money on frivolous things. I've never been an impulse buyer & have always lived a very frugal life, but at the same time, haven't gone without things I need/want.

I use cash for everything - the supermarket self-serve checkouts, Just Cuts, petrol, the newsagent, fruit shop, butcher etc. I pay most of my bills with cash too. At the post office. The only time I usually use my debit card is when I visit my dentist. And then I'm all at sea, cos the card machine is foreign to me :) The receptionist is great & helps me thru the process each time :)

I'll continue to use cash for everything until we become a totally cashless country. Using cash is the only sure-fire way I know to budget. And budget successfully. Credit cards shouldn't be used by anyone who can't manage their money. It's no surprise to me that we owe billions of dollars in credit card debt in this country.

Budgeting is not hard. You just have to know how to do it. Places like My Budget are a good place to start. There's lots of online help too.

Do as I do. See if you can rid yourself of your credit card for a short time, & go to the ATM instead. You should find that by doing this, you'll end up with more money in your purse/wallet at the end of each week than you ever thought possible.

My husband & I own our own home, & one small car. And we buy 'treats' now & again such as dvds, clothes, books etc. We don't go without.

I encourage everyone who's struggling with money to ditch the credit cards & switch to a debit card instead. By doing this, you'll slowly but surely rid yourself of debt.

No fees on debit cards either. I don't think. I know there isn't with my Commonwealth Bank Debit Mastercard, anyways. I've never had any problems using my debit card. It's been accepted everywhere. Getting one was a very simple process in my bank branch, & didn't take too long to set up.

A great website for people struggling with debt etc - moneysmart.gov.au
A good book to help everyone manage money better - The Barefoot Investor, by Scott Pape.

The worst card ever

I wouldn't recommend getting this card otherwise you will get tempted to spend money Online from your Account so I would recommend getting an EFTPOS Card so you can't shop online.


My account got hacked for 3 transactions by Ola Cabs. Had to file for Police Complaint and really push Commonwealth to have my money back. I called Commonwealth everyday to get active results. Very dangerous. Also they hardly give any good interest rates for the money you save. Pathetic!!!!

Handy For Online Buying

I find the Commonwealth debit Master Card very handy to use online when purchasing through Pay Pal, eBay, Amazon, and any other online stores.
I use it when paying bills with BPay and any other organisation which is easily done.
The Commonwealth Bank app is easy and simple to use when using this card.

good card with clear smart phone APP

As an International student, I have used this card for 5 years and not encounter any issues with it. Helpful customer service and clearly vision of smart phone app (to compare with NAB app). Will stay with this card.

No complaints

No complaints from my end. Does the job and I use for shopping online all the time. Very happy customer

Not very useful in Southern USA & Dominican Republic

My CBA Travelcard has not been of much use in LA , Miami, or the Dominican Republic.
It was meant to work wherever MasterCard was available, however to date we have not been able withdraw any cash from any ATM, and only limited use at some stores and Restaurants. According to bank there isn't any technical reasons why it isn't operating. We have had to use our standard credit cards that we loaded with some cash prior to departure. Not Happy!

No security

If I could give less than 1 star, I would. CBA allowed unauthorised transactions on my NEW and INACTIVE debit mastercard. Still waiting to get my money back. I was told it could take up to 45 days! Rubbish!

Security prob

Be alert when your card is going to be expired.Someone else can steal and use the new card as credit card without your password or activation. It happened to us twice (one brand new card for my son, and another card for myself to replace the expiring one). It is so troublesome when I had to cancel the card which linked to my bills.

lack of security step for activating new card


I'm unsure what the reviewer cheesedOof was talking about when they said that couldn't get cash out, and that they had to push the 'credit' button. I've always been able to get cash out, and I use the 'savings' button, not credit. This is a great card, it makes online and everyday transactions easy.
I got this card so I could shop online, and it's been great. I've had it for about 6 months now and I've never had any problems with it. Every website I've been to has accepted it. When I switched to this card it arrived within a week, and the customer service at my local branch was great.

To whoever reads this - a nice warning for you. When these cards are reissued - for example your expiry date is approaching, CBA in their infinite wisdom send the cards in the REGULAR mail ACTIVE! Great Idea CBA!I agree! I requested a new card after the expiry date and didn't receive it until I realised someone is using my card!! I rang the bank and canceled the card and was wondering why this happened? The lady on the customer service advised the card has been sent to my previous address, even though I had changed my address and confirmed it on the phone!! I have lost more than $400 and still waiting to get my money back. Other than I had no problem with CBA so far.

Good product

My husband and I signed up for the Debit MasterCard after clearing existing credit card debts. LOVE it. Pity debit credit cards were only introduced in recent years, had they been available earlier, we could have signed up for one and wouldn't have 'normal' credit card debts in the first place.

You can link a high-interest NetBank Saver account to a Streamline account, then add the Debit Mastercard. We only pay $4 per month for account fees and have unlimited ATM access and EFTPOS.

Some people like the Paypass feature but I never use it, mainly for security reasons
Using your own money, very convenient


The Commonwealth Bank Debit MasterCard is a great solution for people who want to be able to purchase products or services that require a credit card but wish to use their own money. It is accepted at any places that accept MasterCard credit cards and features the security chip and pay pass function that makes it easier to make payments without having to sign or enter your PIN. It's a good product for those who are not comfortable with having a credit card but still want the benefits of having one.
Provides you with all the benefits of using a credit card whilst stil using your own money
May attract surcharge fees depending on where you use it


Overall it is good if you are after a basic card. Howvever if you want to use it overseas or are picky about your statement, its not the right card for you. Most debit credit cards have the pros I listed as its the point of such a card, however not all have the cons of this card. I only keep it because I dont have a major problem with the account it's linked too.

However I am still on the look out for other cards
It is good that you have the choice of credit or eftpos at most stores. It is great for buying online...to date I have never had a problem with it online.
I was charged a lot to use it overseas.
I would like to actually see my transactions as being listed on the day i purchased items. This is really important when you are doing your accounts as having this match is handy.


As I'm a Uni student, the CBA waive the monthly $6 fee, so I like that fact that I don't have to pay fees. In my opinion, we shouldn't have to pay fees anyway - it's our money afterall! I use my debit mastercard to buy my textbooks online as it acts just like a credit card. Also, I use it on iTunes - works perfectly. I think though, that as soon as I finish studying that I will close my account and hunt down a cheaper option. Overall though, this card is great if you're after just your basic account with credit card-like features. Highly recommend for students :)
Shopping online with your own money, using the "credit function" on EFTPOS while while for that added protection factor. Easy to navigate online banking too.
The "chip" and the "paypass" function on the card - seems a bit pointless to me - I havn't come across a shop that has the ability to use it anyway (still need to insert your card or swipe through).


I have had this card now for about 9 months and I am very impressed by CBA's debit card. I have a ANZ card but this card keeps the statement very well organised. I like CBA's customer service and that they are available 24/7. Also, that if you pay $6 a month you have a cheque book option (I hope that the ANZ are reading this and taking notes). Also, the BSB and account number is not listed on the back of the card.
That the card has a security chip, CBA have a lot of branch's in Australia and if you are a full time student you get the monthly fee waved for a nominated period.
The monthly fee is a little high and it would be nice if there was a range of colours available


These cards receive much hype by their issuers, but are dysfunctional. Five thumbs down! Help from eith Comsec or Commonwealth Bank is non-existent. They best they could do was "Sorry". Aldi advised the surcharge is to recover the merchant fee that CommBank levies on credit card transactions. CommBank advise they wouldn'y levy a fee for a 'debit' card, but can't or wont explain why they are adamant that we have to push the 'credit' button pn the POS keypad. This is, after all, supposed to be a 'debit' card??? It's all a bit sus.

Merchants treat these cards as 'Credit' cards. ie. They attract surcharges (eg.Aldis Stores), because they are treated as credit cards, we can't get 'cash out' when shopping, even if you pay the surcharge. On line, I couldn't pay my Telstra a/c with it, because they don't accept 'credit' cards. ...and, Comsec don't issue normal debit cards??? what the???


brilliant! i signed up as soon as it came out a couple of weeks ago and most of my friends did too. so easy to use and you don't get into debt! the staff at my local branch were pleasant and helpful, my card arrived within the week. love this, highly recommend!
purchase things online or over phone using your own money
protection and versatility of mastercard
NO monthly account keeping fee for 18-24 year olds
option to change streamline over (so no changing account numbers for pay, direct debits etc) or open new account

Questions & Answers

How can you get MasterCard paypass?
3 answers
Hi Dianna, If you have organised with your CommBank a debit card there is a small contactless logo on the front of the card which also has an antenna built into the plastic to securely transact by tapping the card with a contactless Pay Pass reader when making purchases.What creadt cardWhat creadt card with low rate

Can I use commonwealth bank debit card in uk?
1 answer
Yes you should be able to if it is a debit mastercard. Use it as a normal credit card. But you will be slugged 3% international conversion fee by the bank. If you try to get cash out you will also be slugged more fees A$5 I think - as well as the 3% conversion. I found this info by calling commbank. There are mastercards that do not charge the 3% fee, but usually the card itself will have an annual fee like $99.

Anyone able to get their account statements online? There's no option for me to choose that in netbank. (At first our account also had an overdraft and we were told that credit accounts have to have statements mailed - but since then (when we had a car accident - not our fault) they cut off our credit - still can't get online only statements tho!)
2 answers
hi you should be able to get statements online an print them out by going to view accounts an scrolling down to statements clicking on this will bring up your account or it'll say pick account if you have more than one linked to same netbank an if all is going ok just follow what it tells you , commonwealth bank stopped the $500 overdraft that came with debit mastercard account they did it to mine also i'm thinking of changing banks hope this helpsThanks, I have the option for online statement for our saver account, but not our everyday netbank or whatever it's called. They did get back to me about this and said that since the account was first set up as a credit type account that it can't be changed to online statements, unless we close it and open a new account :-( (I do want it, but not that bad - may as well stick with it as it is until I change banks) When they cut our credit, definitely made me want to change banks too! Did anything change in your life to trigger them looking at your credit history. (As mentioned, they cut our overdraft soon after a carcrash, but the letter just said that they made a mistake in their calculations of our income and expenditure!)

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