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I am taking my money out of your bank,my netbank saver,you have ripped me off for to long,I have found a better interest rate you have only offered me one percent on a huge amount of money so how can I get a transfer into my other institution,
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I have just opened a smart access account online. When should I expect to see it listed in my accounts when I log into netbank?
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Once I delete my netbank savings account will any of those transactions still print out in my smart access account transactions
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Yes.How come you can still get transactions details for up to two years then

If I close my net bank account are all transaction details deleted of the system forever
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Yes, they are.So nobody can requests my details through the bank is that right

Can I open a net bank saver in my mother's name. I have enduring power attorney & my mother has dementia?
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Can I open a netbank saver for my mother. I have enduring power of attorney & she has dementia?
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I have a debit master card linked to my smart access account but now it’s not showing up it has a message saying I don’t have any cards linked to that account ! Why has this happened and how do I fix it? I can’t pay for my groceries my card was working earlier but now it’s no where to be found on my account ! Help
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You can chat with a customer care officer through your bank app. Its called CEBA and you can tell CEBA that you need to chat with a human so it will connect you with a rep fast. I used this to solve an issue I had with my interest rates and I loved it as I hate to visit bank and I hate being on hold over the phone.

Hi I just transferred some amount on netbank saver account. But the amount is not showing up. What can i do??
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If you have transferred from your commonwealth complete access account it should show up right away, if not you should call their helpline on 13 22 21

Can I setup 'Direct Debit' from Netbank?
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No you cant ,you have to transfer it to your other streamline account, they might have changed things but I doubt that

I have removed one of my netbank saver accounts and I transferred money into it and I can't access the money or the account, what do I do?
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Contact your bank as this account is closed it's the same as closing a credit card that account you closed is void let the bank help you

How can i delete my new net saver because i have my old one so no need for new one? thanks!
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Ring the bank they will delete it for you

Why have you paid we less interest on my netball saver when it has been set at a permanent rate?
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Netbank saver

Good morning. I had a student Visa and I left Australia on October 2014 leaving my cwb account opened . Now I m thinking whether or not if closing my Smart access account or just transfer my funds into a netsaver bank account at Commonwealth bank. I m not planning to get back to Australia for now, my account is still at the same balance I left since I am not doing any deposit since last year and monthly fees are slowly charging on my existing account. At this point is it suggestable to open a Netsaver bank just to leave the account opened with no fees? I was also thinking to leave my account open just in case any expected payment like driving fine's may pop up at my old address Thks for your help
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Alberto...you'd be far better served asking your question of a Commonwealth Bank officer, rather than a disgruntled customer! My advice, for what it's worth, would be to pull ALL of your money out of the Commonwealth Bank! Personally, I don't care for their business ethics.Hi Ford Lover thks for your help! do you mean that does work better for me to close my cwb account and transfer my funds into my italian account in Italy? For sure I will not longer be charge with monthly administration. . fees. Furthermore, keeping my funds into a netsaver account in cwb force me to have a linked transaction account in which fees are applied anyway. Is it what I understood right? , thks again

Can my netbank esaver account have direct debits such as paypal taken out of it?
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Not as far as I'm aware, because Netbank (Comm Bank) and Esaver (Westpac) are online accounts only. These type of accounts are usually linked to an everyday transaction account. Eg transfer funds from Netbank or Esaver to your Everyday account, debit account or credit card then Paypal takes from there. Please check with your bank though because each has it's own regulations controlling such accounts.Although it would be most handy to have a direct debt set up on a net bank saver account, Commonwealth does not offer this feature as they want to encourage people to use this as a savings account only and keep the money earning interest. I believe they should offer this feature so people could have the convenience of earning interest on their money until the last minute when a bill needs to be paid via direct debt. However greed wins out in the end as this benefits the customer not the Bank.

Hi, I have read some of your comments about NetBank Saver account. Some of you said that the drawback is fee charged to the linked commonwealth transaction account is a bit high. So I'd like to know how the fee is calculated, what are the rules about this? Thank you so much in advance for your answer.
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Sorry I do not know the answer to this. The point of my review was that there were fees on an online account where there are none at other Banks. Additionally when I opened the Saver Account it was clearly stated that there were no fees. It was not at all cleat that you also had to open another account which did have fees. Unless this has changed I would look at Ubank or ING which I have and can recommend.

We are going to USA and Hong Kong from 28 th June to 27 th July if we pay with gold visa are we covered ? Lost stolen money, for time away , existing medical condition,. Also what is excess? Do we have a policy no. To quote hospitals ect?and is there a no. We can call if needed? Appreciate your help Brenda Bissett
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Sorry Brenda...but you've asked a question of a disgruntled CBA customer. You'd be better asking a CBA employee - and hope that they're honest in their reply!Sorry but I never finalised the opening of this account and never used it or had a VISA with them. In addition to Ford Lover I would say when you talk to the Bank ask for where the information they are giving you is written down. I have been given incorrect information many times. If you need to get Travel Insurance check them out on this site. Depending on how long you will be away they often only cost around $100.

Can I get my boss to transfer my wages into my netbank saver account?
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Have you read my review. I do not recommend this bank. I have/had accounts with 10 plus other banks and they all better than this one. Try ING or UBank. They have better rates, no charges and more user friendly websites. Anyone can transfer funds into your account once you have one.

I opened a netbank saver account. What does the "debit interest rate" refer to? The documentation does not explain what thi is. On mine i have an interest rate of 4.3% only for 3 months. after that the bonus rate is dropped. There is also a debit interest rate of 17.94%. What is this about?
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Debit interest rate is the rate of interest you pay if your account goes into debit/gets overdrawn. In theory this should not happen but it does as institutions will still sometimes process small transactions if there are insufficient funds or perhaps a number of transactions are processed at the same time.How come your getting 4.3 interest on your money in netbank saver as there only giving me 2.05 on a large sum of moneyHow come your getting 4.3 interest on your money in netbank saver as there only giving me 2.05 on a large sum of money

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