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Good idea. Cheap parts. Broke in the first 30mins of use. Rubbish.

Good idea. Cheap parts. Broke in the first 30mins of use. Rubbish. They need to make the plastic parts in steel. Would be much better. Pointless asking for a refund. Just threw it in the bin. Waste of cash.

Purchased in April 2019 for $150.00.

Love it. Marketing pictures need to be different.

We purchased a large one and it arrived within 3 days. Have been using it for around 6 months frequently and works perfect and can’t rave enough about it. Haven’t had to deal with their customer service which appears to be biggest complaint here. Also I don’t like the excessive marketing by using rich and attractive white girls. I’d say most people we see at the beach with cool cabanas are all types of families of different sizes and colours. I guess showing that the rest of us can also put up a cool cabana might be a nice way to show it’s for everyone.

Purchased in October 2018 for $185.00.

Dreadful customer service. Taken $149, no goods and are ignoring me.

Ordered a cabana on a 'forward' order date as not in stock. Due end Feb. On 11 Feb $149.00 was deducted from my account. Contacted them early March via their online form. No response. Contacted them again today 080319. Disgusting service. Beware, they don't provide a telephone number and so I can't phone them. In three days they have had my money for a calendar month!

Purchased in January 2019 for $149.00.

Terrible service never received product

Demanding a refund and taking action to get my money back. After I placed the order they provided fake tracking numbers that belong to other customers and fake tracking numbers that never ship. Never received the product.

I would never buy from them again. Dodgy company. Be aware it is a scam. Cannot wait to get my money back. DO NOT PURCHASE!

Save your time and money and go buy the same thing from Kmart for $49. In fact buy three for the same price!!!

Purchased in February 2019 for $189.00.

Love it!

I couldn't rave more about my coolcabana. My mother has had one for years that we LOVE (and earlier prototype) and she kindly gave us our own for Christmas this year. I can't believe the new model is even easier and quickly to put up and down than the old one. Seriously wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. It's the easiest and best thing to have at the beach, I take it there by myself with my kids all the time. I am amazed by all the bad reviews, I can't work them out at all ... doesn't ring true of my experience one bit.

Purchased in January 2019.

Broke the first trip to the beach - Replacement part sent out in a reasonable time

Before I post my thoughts I would like to give the vendor an opportunity to respond to my support request. I have had no response to my email (which is the only mechanism provided by the vendor). I would have thought they had an auto-responder to acknowledge receipt of emails, ideally with ticket #. It doesn't seem as though the website is geared up for supporting the product as it is selling it.

Followup - 2 March 2019 - CoolCabanas sent out a replacement arm assembly. It took a couple of followup emails to get a status update after they said they would send it to me. The part arrived last week and I put it together and tried it out in the back yard with the lawn kit. So far so good... Will post a followup review in the future after some days at the beach.

Purchased in February 2019 for $263.00.

Not very good. Broke very easily. Very flimsy.

Not a very well made product
Basically cannot be used in any wind at all
So its pretty much useless at the beach
One arm bent in half after one gust of wind > i managed to bend it back but it keeps bending out of shape.

Funnily enough they sell spares for every part of it.
Hard to justify $25 + postage for one arm when the whole unit was $129
Its cheaply made and designed to fail to sell spares one would assume

Also the angles of the center pole seem all wrong
Doesnt matter how much you put it in or ouf of the sand the whole thing is never stable or even

Also seems very dodgy ... they claim to have sold 75000 products .... but do not have a phone number ???
Thats a lot of bad product out there

It will be going in the bin sad to say

Date PurchasedDec 2017

very poor customer service

I bought one of these coolcabanas because they looked great and nice and easy to set up. We used it twice perfectly but on the third time on a slightly windy day it collapsed while I was out surfing. I came in to see what had happened and one of the arms had broken. I contacted coolcabanas and there reply was Hi Ben,

Real hard to say how it happened, if you go to the warranty page on our website we sell replacement arms and these are easy to swap out.

What we do know is that to break an arm requires decent force, if unsure try breaking one.

Regards, CoolCabanas

On 3 Feb 2019, at 8:55 am, CoolCabanas (Shopify) <email address removed> wrote:

This reply is copy and pasted! On a positive note the arm was only $25 and turned up in a few days but I found there reply a bit harsh. I also took the remainder of the broken arm and broke it with ease.

Purchased in March 2018 for $129.00.

Poor response when there's a problem

I'd used the CoolCabana about 6 times without a problem but recently in moderate wind on the beach one of the extended arms broke when a gust of wind twisted the arm. The Cabana is just over a year old. When I reported it to the company saying i didn't consider this fair wear and tear I had a reply from the company saying it was impossible for the arm to break. I then asked why they sold replacement arms on their website if they don't break. After further correspondence with Mark the owner in which he said other customers had also complained about the same problem but still wouldn't acknowledge any fault on their part. i would not buy anything from this company again. Their after sales service leaves a lot to be desired but at least they did reply in a prompt manner

Purchased in January 2018 at on line.

Broke first time, but quickly rectified

We purchased a medium CC for our Byron Bay holiday. The sand spike snapped the first time we used it. With hindsight, I don't think I put enough sand in the "legs" and it was flapping around a lot until a wind gust blew it over and snapped the spike. And it was VERY windy...there were no other beach umbrellas on the beach that day. CC were very quick to respond after I sent a couple of 'photos, and they sent me a replacement spike for free by courier to Byron Bay, so we were up and running a few days later. I put it up, again in very windy conditions, and was more careful to make sure that the legs were taught and it was moving far less. All up, happy with the product and delighted with their quick and friendly response.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Loved it but did not last

I purchased my cool cabana in Jan 2017, I absolutely loved it until recently when I had issues with it, I emailed Coolcabanas via the contact us section back on the 5/1/18 when I had the issues and have not had any reply to date. I notice that coolcabanas responds on product review. I would just like to contact you’s with regards to my issues as waiting since 5/1/19 and no reply. A phone number would be great ( I even made sure it said my form was submitted at the end)
I also left my email and mobile number and have kept a copy of the email sent. Since purchase I have used it no more than 10 times and always followed instructions. I did not wish to post further as would prefer to contact the company directly.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
Let us know who you are with your order number and we can researchHi I have a paypal receipt and this is the number on it OWP19222HV939162x dated 17/1/17, the date I purchased it,Hi, we can’t search Paypal research numbers, you will have received by email if you provided an email address both an order confirmation and number

50+ UPF rating - I doubt that

We bought one of the new CoolCabana models and are happy with the product EXCEPT that after my wife were in the shade under the cabana for 3 hours when we returned home we discovered to our horror that we were both quite sunburnt. We hadn't used sunscreen because we were always in the cabana shade. If the cabana material was really 50+ SPF we should not have been burnt.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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CoolCabanas provide SPF50+ sun protection as stated and tested by TUV - an independent German testing organisation and their report is posted on the specifications page of our website. Reflected UV rays from water and sand is known, CoolCabanas have open sides to allow the free flow of breeze and open views, they keep occupants cool at the beach and protected from overhead UV rays and we recommend the use of sun protection by anyone enjoying the outdoors..

Love it

Easy to setup and stays cool. We had it set up in strong winds recently and while other shelters were blowing away ours didnt budge.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

These reviews... omg!

I was about to purchase two of the Cool Cabanas but I always read reviews first. It’s not the comments about breakage that bother me, that happens sometimes, no big deal. But the replies from the company... wow. So rude and snarky! The constant ‘we have sold 70k’ reply doesn’t mean anything and is overused as a response. It’s not a defense. Always asking for verification of a purchase, and even when someone does that, they are still mean to them. When people have spent their hard earned money with a company, and proved it, the very least the company could do is be polite. These people have no idea how to deal with customers... even when there’s a good review I’ve noticed they add in bitchy comments about other reviewers and constantly blame the people, and NEVER the product, which is just unrealistic. Nothing is perfect but they clearly think theirs is, and that concerns me. I think I’ll stick to the Kmart one, atleast they happily refund when something brakes and you don’t get accused of being a fake customer or misusing the product. Glad I read these reviews!

Date PurchasedJan 2019
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Just one more thing... this in an umbrella, people. It’s not reinforced unbreakable steel. Sh*t is gonna break. They are saying that’s not possible... think about that. That’s what puts me off. If it does break, they will not acknowledge it. It’s not worth it. Anyhoo, I’ll sit back and wait for my “you’re a fake person” response, I suppose.

Where is my item?!?

Why no phone number? Why are you only offering an email when things go awry? This rings alarm bells for me and I wish I had read these reviews prior to purchasing. I bought a mat from your website in mid November, offering shipment mid December. Picked up by Toll with a tracking number, and expected delivery just prior to Christmas. I thought the website was frozen as I heard nothing since then. I had to chase up with Toll where this mat was and was told that it was returned to sender whilst still in Brisbane! So had I not followed this up, I would never had known where it was. Why wasn’t I told this by CoolCabanas? Why no communication? I want a refund and will take this further. Bad customer service indeed!

Date PurchasedNov 2018
Hi SB - as notified an hour ago if you check the Toll tracking you’ll see it’s in their possession and not returned. In response to your Facebook comment we immediately refunded the mat component of your order. Your complaint relates to an issue caused by Toll.Who is SB? And I never made any Facebook comment...

Best beach umbrella ever bought!!!

Easy to put up & pull down, especially on your own. Each time it goes up our set up gets quicker & quicker. Goes well when its windy & provides an amazing amount of shade, perfect on a hot day at the beach. Works just as well on grass in the park or in your backyard.
Thanks so much for creating a wonderful product !!!!

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Excellent product

It's a great product, makes beach life much easier. Fantastic customer service couldn't help me enough. Product is quality, not like the cheap knockoffs. Support Australian companies and buy one of these

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Couldn’t go to the beach without it!

We have 3 cabanas and I can not recommend these products enough! Every time I have asked a question or made an inquiry, the team has been so helpful and polite. Great business!! CoolCabanas are a savior at the beach. Super easy to put up and put back down.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Awesome !!

Hi wanted to let you know tried my new cool cabana out today at yaroomba beach qld. Just sayin it is Awesome !! So easy to put up, perfect size

A well engineered product and terrific customer service

We ordered the large sized CoolCabana to take to a Nippers Carnival and we’re super happy with it.

Arrived quick. Was easy to put up on the day.

It’s a well thought out product. One of the other poles slides over the sand spike and is used to slide up and down to hammer it in. Didn’t even break a sweat. I was uncertain about the idea of just filling the corners with sand. Didn’t think they’d have enough weight to hold the cabana down. I was wrong. The pockets are good and deep. Once all 4 are filled there’s an epic amount of weight in there.

It got a bit gusty at the carnival but the CoolCabana stood strong and firm. Until at one point some seriously strong rogue gusts hit and the coolcabana started to lose it’s shape. For context, these gusts caused one of the carnivals own gazebos to break from its sand spikes and go airborne.
Our cabana didn’t budge but we did grab a hold of the poles and readjusted it once the gusts had passed. However upon packing up we found the sand spike had bent slightly.

I emailed CoolCabanas support and showed them photos. They were awesome and sent out a replacement spike straight away. Seriously, they’re really nice folks. If anyone’s having problems please contact them and keep it factual.

For kicks, I had a go at hammering our bent spike back into shape. It wouldn’t budge. I can testify that thing is like titanium. I can’t flaw the quality of metal used. I think we just got unlucky.

CoolCabanas support were kind enough to offer us some tips for those super windy situations.
Partially burry the sand pockets and also put a slight twist on the 4 legs to reduce wind resistance.

We’re super happy with ours and had folk coming up to ask about it all day. Great product. Highly recommend. And my experience of the customer support has been nothing short of excellent.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

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The apparatus which slides up and down the pole while breaking down sometimes does not slide. Graphite lubricant or WD-40?
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Where is my order? I was promised delivery at the end of Feb, I then get an email after I asked where the product was, that it would be after 10 March, due to shipment coming in. (made in China?) I have sent further emails, with no response. And if you're proud of your company and product, why don't you have a telephone contact number?
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Looking to buy a Cool Cabana.. would people recommend Large over Medium for a family of 4 considering weight vs room?
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