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Corelle Embossed 16-pc set

Corelle Embossed 16-pc set

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Deceptive product & awful customer service

I bought a Correlle Bella Faenza dinner set few days ago. The mugs are just rubbish! Those ones that you may find in Kmart for nothing! Even their greyish white doesn't match the bright white of the plates and bowls and astonishingly they call it a SET!!! Doesn't a big brand such as Correlle know what a SET mean?! Yes, it does! They have included the cheapest ugliest mug in the set to deceive customers that they are getting a good bargain and to encourage them to buy the set even if they don't really need some pieces! (Because the set is apparently cheaper than buying individually) I asked the company to take the responsibility for this misbehaviour but they said just take it back to the store!!! I had spent so much time and energy for purchasing it and I needed the plates and bowls but I hated that I was treated as a stupid human being! I don't accept such a big name includes rubbish in its boxes and get away with that! FYI, the mug was not on display the day I purchased the set!

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