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Corona Extra

Corona Extra

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Corona is a great beer, bottles very dirty.

I do really enjoy Corona extra. The bottles need to be cleaned before shipping to Canada. This won't stop me from drinking this beer. Only wish bottles were clean in appearance.

One for the young drinkers.

After tasting Corona a few times i cant see what all the fuss is about. Not a very tastefull beer and a bit too sweet for my palate even with a bit of fruit stuck in it. This one is for the young and trendy ones and not the sort of beer for a working man who likes a good honest drop.

Way too expensive and too sweet.

Most overrated beer in the world. No hops and no taste.MUST AGREE,,Hype and trend make it popular not taste.


A nice refreshing beer. Full strength and flavour. 355ml of beer. Pop top, not a twist top.
The price of this beer used to be quiet high but recently we are seeing prices similar to special prices from five or more years ago.
Alot of people enjoy their carona with a slice of fresh lime or a slice of fresh lemon in it. However dont let the bar staff put lime flavour in it!
Unique tasste.
Overpriced in Australia. It is classed as a premium beer here.

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Corona Extra
Release dateOct 2010
  • GTIN14: 00000075040987

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