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Cottons Ultra-Thin Liners

Cottons Ultra-Thin Liners

3.0 from 4 reviews

MY favorite pantyliner

These are excellent for anyone with slight urinary incontinence and last the whole day. I love the fact that I have cotton next to my skin. I am not aware of them throughout the day and they prevent any odour going through to the actual panties.

Doesnt absorb

Terrible panty liners- non flexible & non-absorbent. I have used Cottons tampons for years which are great but they've failed with the panty liners unfortunately. I wont be purchasing again.

Does the job

Have used these for years, great for tail end of period etc. Can use the whole day and is still OK at end of day - not mangled or anything. I like these because I prefer wearing cotton material down there, not polyester-type material! The length of the liner is just long enough and they are more absorptive than you might think.
There was what I thought was a manufacturing issue a while back, where multiple packets I bought from an IGA didn't seem to have the top lining (?) and they felt slightly rough but still did the job. I sent 4 packets of these back to Cottons and it turns out that they DID used to make them this way (well over 5 years ago!) and that they were very old packets I'd bought. They now make them much, much better, with a thicker, cotton, embossed coversheet. Perhaps someone else may have also noticed the manufacturing concerns from back then if they also inadvertently bought old packets? If you're unsure, DON'T buy any packets with a "Thomastown" address on them - Cottons have been in Bundoora for 5 years now, and so they should be fine if they've got that address printed on the packet. Just a heads-up for those that have had disintegration issues like me and another reviewer.....


I purchased these as a change from my usual brand, and what a disappointment. Although they are quite thin and the cotton coversheet feels quite soft, they disintegrate after an hour or two of wear. The cotton coversheet is thin and flimsy and comes away from the rest of the pantyliner, bunching up uncomfortably and causing tissue-like bits to fall off. Tried with a few in case I got a dud- nope. This product needs serious revision by the pantyliner engineering department!
Soft coversheet.
Disintegrates after an hour of wear, poorly made, messy, uncomfortable.

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These are the only panty liners that don't irritate my skin and I am really worried that Coles no longer seems to stock them. I did not find them in any way inferior to other products I had used and they are in fact the only ones I can comfortably wear

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