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Crown Lager

Crown Lager

2.5 from 24 reviews


It is meant to be a lager and is very bitter.crown lager use to be fantastic but now it is clearly one of the worst.Unfortunately i still have 18 to drink but its going to be a battle.you seriously have to question if another brew is bottled under the crown name.

Purchased in April 2019 at Dan Murphy Ballarat for $44.00.

Puzzled by the marketing of this beer

Ive had crowns over the years at different occasions, "crownies", for my taste in beer being a fan of pilsner and dark ales and against the IPA flower-fest, it sits around the middle in what I would choose to drink.

It has a creamier mouthfeel than other lagers, for example, Heineken is quite thin in comparison, I think its not far from Guinness for texture, which is fine with me.

The thing is, its very close to a more refined Victoria Bitter than anything else, nice bitterness, sweeter, leaves a decent malt taste and isnt super fizzy. I just dont get the idea its a premium beer as it appears to be aimed squarely at appealing to the masses with no stand out qualities.

For contrast, Victoria's Furphy Ale for sale in the blue and white can is a much better beer for my taste yet has none of the elite attitude pitched at it. Crown is ok if theres nothing else to drink at a gathering, but Ive never bought more than one bottle at a time and certainly dont see it as marketing wants me to.

A nice tall frosty glass of Asahi at the bar on a Sunday afternoon, or a pint of Furphy with the pub steak, chips and salad beats this in every respect.

Purchased in January 2019 at BWS Physical store for $5.00.

Nice Beer. BUT.

I have been drinking Crown larger for over 40 years in the early days drank it on special occasions because it was too expensive to buy. Over the last 5 years ( when the new Crown was introduced) started to drink it every day because it was offered at a good price but to my horror ( complained 3 years ago ) the beer was always flat with a few bubbles but no head. The best brew ( Crown Larger) I have tasted over the last 5 years was the 2018/19 Christmas period a red holy picture on the carton so CUB you can do it. What is the problem? Also in Crown Larger favours some people cannot drink other beers for medical reason but can tolerate Crown Larger. Another complaint is the packaging I complained to the company when it was 1st released got the brushoff and there is a joke going around when you buy a carton of Crown Larger CUB should supply you with a extra bottle in case you break one out of the carton..

Purchased in March 2019 at Dan Murphy's Physical store for $52.00.

Insipid and tasteless

Crown Lager used to have a full flavour when I last drank one 10 years ago. Now it joins the ranks of crap beers.


What the hell is happening to Crown Lager cartons and 6 pack holders? The last 4 months every carton of Crown I've bought, the carton is nearly coming apart. Trying to save money on glue or is it recycled carboard? One local bottleshop has taken to taping the cartons so beers don't fall out when ya pick it up. Also you used to have to wrestle to get the bottles out of the 6 pack holder, twice last month I've grabbed a 6 pack form the fridge, carboard gave way and lost 2 bottles on the kitchen floor. Great when you've got grandkids roaming through the kitchen, I should send them a bill for my time wasted cleaning all the glass off the kitchen floor!!!

Didn't do the job

Met up with my online "kayaking" buddies for the first time and bought a carton.
Couldn't have been more disappointed.
I personally won't touch the stuff anymore and now exclusively drink Chang.
There's nothing better than a cold Chang after a long hard kayaking session with the lads.

What has happened to crown lager

Crownies seem to have lost its hoppy creamy flavour, it's become a pretty ordinary drink. no longer a premium beer

go back to non-twistoffs

I am a regular crown drinker. I have noticed that since the conversion to twist-off, some batches are flat and makes for unpleasant taste. The last case purchased was the worst.I don't know what to do about it -should I return it to the store I purchased it from or do I just cop it sweet?
Maybe I should change my brand.

Popular in our family!

Ok, the blokes in my family LOVE "Crownies!" It is definitely the beer of choice in our family gatherings and I honestly don't think I've ever seen some of them drink any other beer! You can get good specials on cases of Crown Lager in the supermarket/bottle shop, the taste is good, and it's an all round good beer! These buys don't drink beer, they drink "crownies!"

Screw top that need Hercules

Screw top that need Hercules! Why are these twist tops that hard that I need a bottle opener? Very frustrating!

why change??

Why change a recipe that has worked for years?? Tastes like home brew very disappointed, CUB lost sales when they changed VB did they not learn from that!!

Awfull Beer DO NOT BUY

Made the mistake of buying this disgusting beer today, couldn't even finish one bottle, gave me stomach cramps and felt bloated, also tasted extremely horrible, Im guessing it has some cheap and nasty preservative. AVOID.

the new packaging ? Cheap or what ?

I think crown lager is an excellent beer but i am disappointed in their new packaging.
Gone is the nice little carry box with the handle that holds 6 stubby's. This has been
replaced with a horrible cardboard wrapper that is open at each end. This is an accident
waiting to happen, because if you are not careful a stubby can easily fall out and break
on the floor. This is supposed to be Australia's "premier lager".?
If they wanted to save money, why not just wrap them up in glad wrap or use those
plastic rings like the old days?

I'M a Disapointed Crown Regular - Bad batch Best before 26 November AVOID!

I have been drinking crownies for over twenty years. I was unfortunate enough to by the above batch which was undrinkable and like Brian's experience was flat and tasted like bad homebrew. One and a half bottles later i took them back and swapped, Same thing disgusting back again and found a box with Dec BBdate ...Yum. Get that batch off the market Carton! It will kill your business. It was back in my bottle-store today And the manager was trying to return it whens so I opted for Steinlager. Usually I would give 4 or 5 stars but that batch is worth minus 5. I'm being sentimental and generous here I'll give 1 and hope something is done .Thanks Brinkzy

Not happy

I bought two cartons recently and was so disappointed when I found most of the beers were flat and some had even broken due to the glass being weak, some were even half full, I love the beer but won't ever buy again, was up North wa when this happened otherwise I would have returned them, made for a very disappointing fishing trip.


Excellent beer my favourite. And to brian below get some muscles the bottle tops are very easy to screw off.


purchased 2 cartons on 26/1/14 for a party, most people complained that it was flat, tasted like home brew,bottle tops wouldn't screw off.Most got left as half bottles scattered around.I still have 1 carton unopened.This is very disappointing for what you bill as the best beer in Australia. I certainly wont buy it again.

Flat,bad taste, screw tops wouldn't work

Last Time for me

I have now been told the beer that I love Crown Lager has reduced it's box contents from 24 bottles to 20.If this is true it is the last time I will ever purchase a box. They did the same with Hahn Ice years ago they reduced the alcohol content and the amount from 375mls to 345mls and I swore I would never buy another case and I haven't.Then the other week they changed the complete look and taste plus volume of Carlton Cold,another favourite beer of our's and I will never buy another case of it, as it now tastes like [censored word removed]. So there are not to many beers left that a woman can enjoy on a hot Queensland day I think it's about time we let these beer companies know that we are not happy and if their sales drop they might start to listen to the consumer,and to add insult to injury they have not reduced their price in this difficult economic time that we are living in how is it fair to take 4 bottles of beer off you but still charge you the same amount of money? Just plain GREED I say.I will never buy another case for my husband and I again until they come to their senses and return it back to the way it was( if it ain't broke why fix it I say).
Had a full bodied flavour refreshing on a hot day
Reducing the amount from 24 to 20 is unjust

Was a great beer but lately quality & consistency has varied a lot!

Tasted my first 'crown lager" on a trip to australia about 20 years ago and on returning to new zealand started to purchase it on a regular basis, usually from the local "foodtown' supermarket but the last few dozen have not been up to the usual standard with the "head" on the beer and the "bubbles disappearing very very quickly leading to a very "flat" tasting beer.Have tried a few other brands to compare eg steinlager, heineken, stella atois le'gere and must confess they all hold their"head" longer than my last few dozen crown :i would like to go back to crown but not sure if worth another try!
Question: tried crown lager gold last time i was in australia and quite enjoyed it but was wondering why we can't buy this in new zealand? Also, is there a light beer available in crown lager? In new zealand the best light beer we have is steinlager light and with drink-driving laws due to be toughened up it would be good to have another god quality light beer on the new zealand market? Regards from a kiwi perspective--terry lamb ( and no i did not play league for canterbury-bankstown.
Great smooth taste
Lately,has been going flat too easily!


Crownie's are a nice beer - When on special - up to $45 at Dans - at this price I always buy it. It tastes really nice and is smooth as, The bottle looks nice and is unique. The beer is quite high in alcohol 4.9% for a standard lager. The flavour is smooth and a very nice drink. This beer is really good at $45 per carton (Dans prices) but would be overpriced at it's normal retail price - $60.
Great beer, nice flavour and good value when on special.- especially at Dans
Overpriced at most places when not on special

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I just got a box of crownlager the taste of it i would not give to a pig
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Crown Lager is an overpriced beer with a budget taste.

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