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Dentyl PH Mouthwash

Dentyl PH Mouthwash

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Best Ever Mouthwash

It has been the best mouthwash I have ever used! I had complete confidence in fresh breath all day! Unlike all the other brands it didn't feel like my mouth was being set on fire.

Where has it gone?

I have been using this for 10 years and now cannot find a local (Newcastle/Hunter) stockist. Why? It's the best product I have ever used and a saving on dentist bills.

Excellent mouthwash

I love this mouthwash, especially the clove flavour. It leaves your mouth feeling really fresh an clean. Alcohol ones leave my sensitive mouth feeling like it has been scoured. It used to be available at the large supermarkets, but now only available at Chemist Warehouse. I go out of my way to get this product.

This is very good Mouth wash

This is really good MW as it has special points

Looks attractive
Good taste
No sting
Looks Premium mouthwash


I must admit I like using the Dentyl Mouth Wash, it really does leave your mouth feeling very clean after you have used it. It is a little more costly than it rival brands but well worth the extra you pay. I do buy it but it comes in second to the ones I normally buy which is Cepecol and Savacol. With Dentyl it is nicely packaged, and yes you will pay a little more for it, but as I have said it is well worth it, and you wont be sorry you bought it as your mouth will feel fresh and super clean after using this product.
I like the Dentyl Mouthwash it leaves your mouth feeling fresh and certainly clean after using it.


I like the taste of this mouth wash as it is not as strong as other mouth wash products you can buy and it does leave your mouth feeling a lot cleaner. But I do think it is one of the more expensive washes you can buy. It would be better if it came in a larger size.
Leaves mouth feeling clean, not as strong a taste as other mouth wash products.
My biggest complaint with this dental mouth wash is that it is more expensive than many other mouth wash products you can buy and you can only buy it in a relatively small sized bottle. Many other products can be purchased in much larger bottles that make them far more affordable.


This dental wash is not as easy to locate in stores as other brands of mouth wash. It is a little more expensive than others and does not come in a very large sized bottle. I like the idea behind it and it is not too strong in taste when you use it. But compared to other brands, it is a bit costly. It does however leave your mouth feeling a lot cleaner than before.
Leaves a nice clean feel in your mouth, a bit different to other mouth washes.
Bit more expensive than other mouth washes out there, not as easy to locate in stores as other brands.


very good mouth wash as it seems more gentle than other stronger mouth washes containing alcohol, more expensive and doesnt seem to last as long because you are needing to use more. great product and fun to watch the food bits come out a different colour
found in supermarkets, comes in two sizes and also two types. I love the novelty of the food/ stuff spat out is a different colour. doesnt make mouth dry or also doesnt dry lips and skin around the mouth
expensive and doesnt seem to last as long as other mouthwashes. dont get that clean feeling after using it.


This product is well liked by the whole family. The older kids and adults love the lack of sting and after-taste from Dentyl. I have a young son who suffer from badbreath and this mouthwash solves the problem. The fact that it is alcohol free gives me peace of mind in giving it to my children as does the health benefits.
Flavour and after-tast are lioked by children. The color combination and need to shake to blend is also a winner with the kids. Price is also good and it is available everywhere.
The kids love this product and thus the bottle empties far too quickly.


I could never go back to normal mouthwash again. In fact I'm annoyed that I've got a whole huge bottle of the normal stuff in my cupboard that needs to be used up as I can't wait to get my next bottle of Dentyl. I'd avoided it for ages because of it's purple colour and 'clove' flavour, but it's actually really nice and I found that I still had the fresh flavour in my mouth after a night's sleep. Nothing can eradicate morning breath but this is much better than anything else I've tried!
The refreshing clove flavour is suprisingly nice. You can see it working when you spit out into the sink, it clings to the food and bacteria particles. Alcohol free, which apparently helps bad breath and is not too harsh on the mouth.
Nothing, I wish I found it years ago.


I purchased this product as it is alcohol free as I found that alcohol based mouth washes really irritated my mouth and left it very dried and chemical burnt after some use.

Dently is more gentle I found than alcohol base washes however I still found after some time that my mouth was being irritated again so I stopped using the product.

When I was using it though I found it to clean my mouth and leave it tasting fresh.
Cleans mouth and leaves it feeling fresh and fragrant.
I find that after some use this product like the alcohol based mouth washes dries my mouth.


It works, your mouth feels fresh and clean and its gentle safe for kids
I use mouthwash on a daily basis ive tested many different brands and found this the best.Denty mouthwash leaves your breath fresh without the hot minty after burn, it works wonders
its a little pricy for the amount you pay for

Questions & Answers

Where can I buy this product, I can no longer find on the shelves?
1 answer
Unfortunately this great product is no longer available in Australia. I understand it can be accessed from the UK, but the price is prohibitive.

is this product okay to be used by someone with a tongue piecing?
1 answer
It works fine for me. I hope it may work well for u too. Thank you!


Dentyl PH Mouthwash
Release dateJan 2008
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