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Dermcare-Vet Aloveen

Dermcare-Vet Aloveen

3.9 from 20 reviews

Good skin conditioner

I purchased this on advice from a staff member at a pet store as my dog had a rash and was itching frequently.
Her skin was very irritated and it seemed like not much was helping.
The AloVeen seems to have helped by moisturising her skin and preventing dryness.
This is great as it can be used as a conditioner or moisturiser.

Brilliant Natural Product

I only use natural products for our staffys and this one is big favourite. Their coats are healthy, shine and I've found this keeps them smelling cleaner longer. I buy the larger bottles for value and leave the shampoo on them for around 5 mins before washing off. We use the conditioner as a leave in one, rubbing it in thoroughly when they're dry. Great product , we won't be changing. Look online and you'll find cheaper prices than purchasing from your vet. We use Budget Pet Supplies online.

beautiful smelling dog

Aloveen has been gentle on my labradors skin and it keeps him smelling nice longer, in between washes I rub on the conditioner makes him smell great.

Good for sensitive skin

Was recommended this by my vet for one of my dog who has sensitive skin and was prone to shedding. The shampoo was effective in calming down and moisturising the dog's dry coat. However no noticeable improvement on the shedding and also on the pricier side. If you have spare budget, this is a great product. But if you are on a bit tight on money, it's not 100% worth it when there are other good products of lower price wit similar results.

Increased my dogs yeast infection

I have had my pup 8 months, have taken him to the vet 6 times and washed him with Aloveen Oatmeal shampoo since I got him, as he has had skin allergies since birth. With every vet treatment and wash he has been getting increasingly worse, so I have done some of my own investigating. Pet skin allergies can often lead to yeast infections, cortisone and antibiotics prescribed by vets worsens this condition, and so does this shampoo as it literally feeds the yeast. Really disappointing that none of he vets could tell it was yeast and recommend this product when it is actually making it worse. I haven't found an alternative solution but I will never use this again, it is supposed to be good for allergies but it causes worse infections!

dry and itchy to smooth and silky

My dog was left with dry scaly itchy skin from fidos everyday shampoo. I used aloveen shampoo and conditoner, after just one wash his skin is more than improved. It is expensive and dosn't lather up easily but its worked miracles for my dog. The only downside is the artificial fragrance it contains

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Updating my review. I thought the product was great until i contacted the makers of the product for a full list of ingredients. They do not disclose it to anyone, claiming they legaly don't have to. Very disappointed. Clearly theres dangerous ingredients because if it was safe they would be proud to disclose ingredients.

Improved my dog's coat

I bought the Aloveen Oatmeal Intensive Conditioner for my dog when she was suffering from allergies, losing hair, and having a dull coat. This conditioner did seem to make a big difference to her coat, which was looking dull and straggly. Using the conditioner, her coat returned to it's normal healthy look. It was quite expensive but for our dog it did the trick.

Caused weeping blisters on my dog.

Terrible dog shampoo. Has given my dog terribly itchy skin. When we first used this shampoo i noticed the same result (which resulted in weeping skin) so for posterity we used a different shampoo and changed his diet, obviously not being sure what the problem was.
After 3 months we tried the shampoo again in a smaller amount but the dog is furiously itchy again and i am really ticked off. Never again.

Product is poor quality and no customer support

I purchased 1l shampoo/500ml conditioner pack of Alloveen for my Tibetan Terrier with sensitive skin.
The results have been reasonably satisfactory until about two months along when the conditioner started to go black and lumpy in the bottle.
Contacted the maker, assuming they would want to correct the situation, but two months later I've heard nothing. The apparent economy of buying the larger size has proven to be a huge mistake.

Awful product which caused massive damage!

After being told by pet stores that this stuff was the bees knees we tried it on our girl who is a black lab, she has sensitive skin and we were told this with the leave in consitioner would be a great general shampoo with Malaseb when she gets hot spots or atopia.

WELL.. not happy at all... at first it was ok and her hair smelled and felt nice but I started finding tumble weeds of hair all through the house that had not happened before and gradually it just got worse and worse. We went back to the pet shop who said it was probably environmental allergies and to wash her more often to not allow allergen build up and to use antihysthamines.

As a dog groomer I knew that washing weekly is always a good idea for dogs with bad allergies so went ahead, but it seemed I could help and sort out everyone elses pooch but my own poor girl..

Slowly she went bald on her chest, bald around her eyes and just looked awful..

At that point I figured we needed a vet. We already eliminated grain and red meat from her food, as well as no commercial dog food. Just chicken breast and veg. So we knew this was not a food thing.

Our vet did aome tests and sure enough, it was not her food or environment (I wash her bed and blankets and toys 2-3 times a week in a sensitive antifungal antibacterial laundry liquid) .. What she did react to though was the artificial fragrance in the Aloveen.. This shampoo caused all of her issues!! Since her hair fell out about 18 months ago it has not grown back the same and the vet said it would be a slow process. We were also told to stay clear of Pyohex, Natural Shampoo and malaseb by the same brand. So we also ended up with a prednisone shot and month worth of anti bios to clear up the damage from the Aloveen.

We switched over to the PAW Nutriderm shampoo and conditioner as a general shampoo, and in spring and summer when ahe gets hot spots the PAW Mediderm shampoo with Nutriderm conditioner.. It is not that much more expensive and it is worth its weight in GOLD!

I cant recommend it enough and I stopped using Aloveen and recommending it. So if you find your dog is still a bit stinky after a bath with the aloveen etc, try the Nutriderm.. it makes their hair like silk and can be used every 3 days. The conditioner can be put in a spray bottle with water and used as a leave in conditioner which helps immediately with any dandruff.

Aloeveen is the devil in disguise! I also have sensitive skin and this junk used to break me out in blisters within 10 mins of contact. The PAW products actually help my dermatitis so I have no issues massaging her conditioner in every day!

Not a big fan

I've been a groomer for a year now and used Aloveen as one of the first shampoos for my business as the more natual dermcare for clients dogs with sensitive dryer skin as
We can not use medicated shampoos unless the client gives it to us to use.

Unfortunately I did not get great feedback with the Aloveen and have had poor results with my own pugalier dog who had dry skin.

The Aloveen smells good but dose not last very long unless you get the big bottles it also does not foam well so you go through it faster then some other brands.

Overall not the best band and would recommend another.

Aloveen shampoo and Oatmeal conditioner.

I use Aloveen shampoo on my dog a good product but I found it impossible to by in 5 litre bottles on line the biggest bottle was a one litre bottle why?
Also the Aloveen oatmeal conditioner is only available in 500 ml bottles should be sold in 2 or 4 litre bottles.
The cost is to great in these small amounts I can buy 5 litres of shampoo from the vet why not on line?
These are very good products so give us the opportunity to buy these in large bottles.

Amazing product

My dog has fairly dry skin and i have been using this 1 a week or every 2 weeks and her coat is super smooth and shiny as a result, i love this stuff so much now i just need the conditioner to go with it!

Value for money

Yes, this is one of the more expensive products on the market, but it's worth it! Our greyhound had seriously dry flaky skin. His whole body was constantly peeling and not just the usual little bit of dandruff most dogs have (and is more obvious on a black dog), it was big scales of it everywhere. We have spent a lot of time getting his diet just right by making sure he's getting all the right nutrients and increasing his Omega fatty acids etc and that helped, but it was never perfect. Aloveen Oatmeal shampoo and conditioner has made a world of difference, just with one wash! All the loose flaky skin that constantly covered him before and couldn't be removed with brushing everyday has finally been almost entirely eradicated. I thought it was going to be a skin condition he'd have to live with all his life. Looks like we've found our solution and I'm thoroughly impressed. It's definitely worth the extra cost without a doubt. Plus he smells great and he's so slick and shiny like a greyhound should be! Great stuff!

Worth the price!

I have been a dog owner for 18 yrs and have been using this exclusively for the last 8 yrs. One of my dogs had an itchy skin problem and the vet recommended this and i have been using it ever since. Yes it is more expensive than other brands and at first i was not that happy about the expensive price however it is well worth the price. I agree with the other reviews that little goes long way so even though it is more pricier. I think it is cost effective as you only need to use very little product. 200ml/100ml pack has actually lasted me about a yr. Having said that i do not wash my dog every week. I wash my do every 2nd week. If you wash your dog every week. it might last you 6 months? Hair always super silky afterwards.
Little goes a long way. Leaves hair silky


I purchased my 250ml/100ml shampoo/conditoner combo over a year ago and still have plenty left. I can apply the conditoner to my dogs coat whenever he gets a bit smelly or itchy without having to wash him. The conditoner is particulalry good in winter too when it is too cold for a bath. Briliant product.
Great for general use as well as pets with sensitive skin. Lasts for ages! Dont have to wash the dog as often as you can use the conditoner between washes
A bit more expesnsive but a little bit goes a long way. Can buy in shampoo/conditoner combos and in bulk pump packs


This is a great shampoo to use on dogs with very sensitive skin. The conditioner is very handy because it can be appled between washes. It is gentle enough to be used frequently. My dog needs a wash every week in either medicated or oatmeal shampoo; I have finally found a product that will not irritate their skin. For the weeks that I don't use this shampoo I apply the conditioner to soothe the skin. On the downside it can be seen as expensive but a little goes a long way because it soaps up nicely and is very easy to rinse out.
great for dogs with very sensitive skin
more expensive than other brands


This has been a high qulaity and long lasting prodcut. My dogs skin has been much less irrirated and has less dry spots. The conditioner works well and the whole package smells great; fresh and clean without being overly medicated in fragrance. I use this regularly as my dog resonds well to it. I found it more expensive but worth the extra cost to have an itch free and shiny dog that was happy to have a bath. It soaped up well and rinced easily.
Easy to yse and no spillage due to pump packaging. Good sized pack and conditioner also works well.


This is a great shampoo for dogs with normal to slighly sennsitive skin. The leave-in condition is awesome and leaves your dog smelling beautiful. The coat will also feel soft & silky afterwards. This condition can be applied afer a bath or in between baths, which is great. By far the best shampoo & conditioner available for dogs. Other shampoos in the dermcare ramge would be more suitable if your dog has a particular skin problem, but this one is great for normal skin
Nice to use & great smell. Comes in convenient packaging, eg shampoo & conditioner twin pack or large pump packs.


Aloveen is an excellent shampoo for any dog but particularly if your dog scratches or has sensitive skin that becomes itchy from other shampoos. It is thick and creamy with a beautiful coconut scent that keeps your dog smelling wonderful for days. One of my dogs has sensitive skin and starts scratching after her bath when I use other dog shampoos but the aloveen does not make her itch at all and is a gentle skin calming shampoo that can be used regularly. It is a bit expensive but well worth it and a bottle does last for a number of washes. Once you have used this shampoo you will find it very hard to use anything else on your pooch. The smell is heavenly.
Excellent for dogs with sensitive or itching skin
more expensive than many other shampoos

Questions & Answers

Hi - my 2 yr old staffy has had recurrent fungal infections. As this product is oatmeal based, wouldn't that make the fungal issues worse or prolong them?
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Oatmeals meant to help soothe the fungal skin. It definitely wouldnt make it worse. I dont know where it is on your dog and if it swims alot but my dog gets it between toes and around groin area if i dont dry it enough after. Just to clarify the oatmeal ingredient helps, as for the other ingredients which the company won't disclose, all you can do is try

I have been using Aloveen for over a year now as my dog suffered from really bad skin allergies and was very surprised with the results as he has next to no irritation now. I myself suffer from mild Eczema and dermatitis so have very sensitive skin but never had a reaction whilst washing him except for the last month, I have been unable to hug or have contact without breaking out in hives once hes clean so the first few days after wash. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong would love input... Really don't want to change as this really works well, but I hate not being able to pat him when he doesn't understand I'm in pain every time afterwards. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar reaction??
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No never experienced any reaction like you I used the shampoo plus the oatmeal conditioner great products. My question was why we cannot buy them in bulk?YES! My girl broke out in moist dermatitis after the first ise and my eczema flared into blisters all over my hands within 10 minutes. Its the artificial fragrance! My vet has seen it a lot with aloveen. We now use PAW Nutriderm shampoo and conditioner for general use and switch the shampoo to mediderm which is a lot kinder than malaseb. Only half the contact time needed and no gloves. Its amazing! Its my miracle product and my skin feels wonderful after bathing our girl!

Is Aloveen Oatmeal Shampoo safe to use on a dog that has 5 day old puppies?
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I imagine that if you use it on mum the pups will ingest it because it'll be on her coat and skin. It might be worth just holding off washing mum until the pups are weaned - she'll get stinky, but it might be better than them ingesting stuff that they shouldn't. The company claim their product is safe for puppies but given that the pups will be suckling pretty regularly they might end up ingesting more than is technically safe, especially while they're still at such an important growth stage.

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