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Doritos Corn

Doritos Corn

Cheese Supreme, Nacho Cheese, Original, etc...
2.7 from 16 reviews



16 reviews

Just Awesome!


Decided to try the Spicy Nacho Doritos and we absolutely loved them! Kids did as well! Great pool snack!!!

Purchased in May 2020.


OooSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 15 reviews

Very beany


Ok,so first off-not a bad product but certainly will not replace their existing range.It does actually taste a little bit like a taco but has an overwhelming refried bean taste with a decent chilli hit,it did not really get the meat/sour cream/lettuce/tomato favour that I associate with tacos.halfway through the bag i started dipping in sour cream and guacamole and that seemed to fill the gaps in the flavour profile nicely.overall i probably will not buy another packet in this flavour-probably opt for the cool ranch or mexicana flavours if i want a taco-esque flavour.


LillySydney, NSW



I opened my packet and had 2 Doritos then Called to complain and it was very rude customer service she hung up 4 times do not eat you will die of diabetes

Purchased in March 2019 at Sydney Wide Chiropractic for A$20.00.


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Michael Hunt

Michael HuntSydney, 2000

Not easy on the back door


These chips gave me the biggest case of gravy taco squirts I've ever had, the toilet was practically begging for mercy and my ring made a sizzling sound when I wet wiped. Nasty indeed.



The best


OMG I cannot get enough of these chips. I first started eating them going to make nachos. But I don't need the salsa or cheese. Just give me the chips. The 170g packets is the perfect size for me. I have heard complaints that the small bags are getting smaller, well then don't buy the small bags. I would eat all 6 of the small bags. They are meant for kids. Dont ever stop making these chips!!!!


pizzaloverGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 22 reviews



The Tacos At Midnight flavour Doritos taste awful, like what you would scrape off the bottom of a saucepan that had some mexican food in it. The flavouring is basically paprika & pepper, kinda has a burnt taste to it. If you want something spicy stick to the Mexicana flavour which is really nice. I think they just invent these new flavours to trick people into buying them coz everyone wants to try something new right? so if everyone buys one packet they make a nice profit even if people do not buy more.

i am gay


before I commit suicide I will eat Doritos and instead of cc's because Doritos are good for you.
the end

6 packs


All Doritos of 6 packs are shrinking in quantinity just going smaller and smaller not even 7 good pieces in each pack!!! Owner getting stingy

Jessica L

Jessica L

  • 16 reviews

Shrinking and shrinking!


This is not a Dorito-specific issue...this is a Smith's chips issue...but since when is 170g a 'share' bag of chips? It's a bad joke. You can wax lyrical about 'obesity prevention' all you want, Smith's, but what you're really doing is giving less product and expecting more money. I won't be buying your chips anymore.


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  • 6 reviews

Great but i don't like them much anymore


Doritos Cheese Supreme chips are good don't get me wrong but after enough times of eating these type, the flavor isn't very satisfying to me.

Snack King

Snack KingBris Vegas

  • 7 reviews

Not actually a health product


Doritos are not a product that Snack King would buy any more. You may think that because the product has corn in the title that they would be healthy. That is not something that Snack King appreciates when a company tries to pass themselves off as a health product by making a deceptive name. Really they are not healthy and you would be a lot better off eating corn. Anyway, corn tastes better as well.
A triangle shape is nice
This is not a health product

Not enough!


I went out to buy a six pack doritos bag only to find not even a handful of doritos in each packet! You put barely any chips in the normal packets either! Do something about this [censored word removed]! Very dissapointed, and believe me I bloody love Doritos, but if you cant improve the quantity then I wont be buying your product anymore.
Tastes good
Not enough chips!


hauntedrabbitVIC, 3350

  • 75 reviews



These are a family staple at our house. They taste great plain or you can have them with salsa and all the toppings. Great for making nachos. Excellent for dips and platters and almost everyone we know eats them in some way or another. I would reccomend these to anyone.
These are great tasting corn chips and we always have a few bags in the cupboard. They are regularly on special and work out to be very good value.
When on sale they do tend to sell very quickly and quite often are not available when we do our shop.



  • 74 reviews



I am not a personal fan of this brand of corn chips as I find the flavors across the range to be very overpowering and sickly. They are an economical purchase for families and great to have in the cupboard with a jar of Salsa for when friends drop by.
Thicky and sturdy chip which is great for scooping up dip. Cheap to purchase making them affordable for the whole family. Great for parties and sharing.
The nacho cheese flavor is really over powering when combined with dips. Not really suitable for children due to the flavoring. Cheese additives leaves stains on your fingers which needed to be washed off afterwards.


simm_meevic, 3020

  • 256 reviews



a great chip that is enjoyed at an affordable price. crispy and can be eatne as is, with dips or used when making nacho with salsa and melted cheeses.
these are a grear chip used for dipping into any flavoured dip or we use these to make nachos with melted cheeses and salsa sauces..a great snack and a must for inclusion at a bbq. lots of cheese flavouring makes it yummy and enjoyed by the entire family. cost is reasonable and the brand has a reliable quality about it. crunchy and cripsy chip that fills you up and has you not wanting to leave any behind
the packet does seem a little large for the quanity of product


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SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 675 reviews



These are really crunchy corn chips which come in a variety of flavours that are just yummy on their own or with a dip. They are also good to serve at a party or just to have in the pantry if you want something a little naughty to snack on.
These are a pretty good tortilla corn chips which are great for dipping and also eating on their own too. They are crunchy and good to eat as a once in a while snack.
These are made out of corn, but are in the same category as potato chips for me. They often come on sale in the shops.

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Doritos Corn

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Doritos Corn Original

I am very anger the person on the phone was very rude and just hung up

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