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It’s totally Bad

You state that the age group and the distance but when they match you they don’t take your preferences seriously. They give you only 5 matches a day and have no facility for searching

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Awful service and you have 99% compatibility with everyone

The app is awful. It is clunky and hard to use. I was matched with 99% compatibility with pretty much everyone. I had it set to not automatically renew. So it automatically renews. I contacted the help centre and it took ages for their customer service representative to actually cancel it. Expensive and a waste of time!

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Money scam e Harmony!

$150 and not 1 match!!!
My settings: wolrdwide!!!
I'm mortified that that they took my money but didn't deliver! My only restrictions was looking for a non smoker!
I want my money back!

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Awful service - feels like a scam

I have now been on the chat with Eharmony for more than half an hour to generate a new password as the forgot password function doesn't work. It is a nightmare to get any service, they had my home city as different from the post code I had in the system(you will learn about what your post code is if you ever forget your password). Honestly save your money this is a scam.

Good and Bad

The Good: I have had a couple of friends who have married from this site and their partners are wonderful. I my self dated a guy for a year and he was great!
The Bad: When my time period was up on this site I could not go back to my profile to delete it. They still had my profile active even though I was no longer a paying customer! Therefore, people would still be able to get matches from me yet of course my profile is deceiving to potential partners since I no longer am on the site! Thiis is deceptive! THey can then boast they have so many members but half of them are non existent like my profile. I wrote a letter of complaint to them as I thought this was wrong! Hence the bottom line - you could be matched up with someone who is no longer an active member! This is ashame - other than that I did years ago feel it was a good dating sight.

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Don't waste your money!

Once you decide not to renew they do not send you matches or messages in a timely manner. They are hopeless. In my opinion..... Don't waste you money! In my opinion they do not delivery what they claim to. Go somewhere else, or better still, try the old fashioned way of meeting a person you may interact with. This is just a complete waste of time and money in my opinion.

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Terrible unless you want matches who are mostly overseas !

Most matches were from overseas or too far from where I live. There were few matches in the city I reside in. Very disappointed, too expensive! I can not recommend

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Everything that everyone has written sadly is correct

So firstly I need to preface this by saying a girl at work met a guy on here and has been with him now for 12 months and is really happy. However, there is something not quite right about this site. Firstly I get a set of matches every day that I am apparently highly comparable with. At the moment, I have about 30 that I have sent smiles to. Out of this several have 'moved on' again reasonable. I believe that the rest are very old accounts and so you will not likely hear from them anyway. Then I have heard from a couple. Then they seem to stop. It is quite an interesting pattern - almost like it is staged. I have no activity on my site sometimes for days at a time. Then you get a bit of contact that goes cold after about the second message and then you get nothing except your 'matches'.
Sadly I would say they are fake profiles - possibly some of them anyway.
I think its a money waste and you have just as much luck as finding someone on a free site than you do on these paid ones. I am 51 and I think there is not as many choices on there but from what I have read, the pattern appears to be similar all round. Good luck out there - dont waste your money.

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Full of scammers and fake profiles

This site is overpriced and full of scammers. The majority of the ‘matches’ I have been sent are clearly fake, model type photos and extremely poor English. The ones that have contacted me have been very obviously scammers . Don’t waste your time !

Real Life MeetupNo

Concept =brilliant. Reality =not.

Hey :) I signed up a decade ago as a newly single chick and occasionally hop on to the site and upgrade to see matches and photos. In this time on the up side I've thoroughly enjoyed the clarity the detailed questionnaire offers me -&occasionally I go back over and edit my answers as I realize I've changed a little. I stay on here because it's the only site I've heard of with such quality detailed questions that matches compatibility objectives and personality for you. (Though ive just read of ok cupid as an ideal alternative that i might join soon. )The down sides include how few new matches I get, that all of my preferred matches seem to be completely inactive. That the attractive ones have all ignored my smile / initial point of contact - very disheartening. And the amount of utterly unattractive and unhealthy looking fellas that come up as matches just astounds me especially as I've noted that im highly mindful of health and wellbeing. Im just starting to consider other site options. I've had no luck on match or rsvp or ok cupid. Pof seems ancient. And im no hook up girl so tinder&bumble=out. Maybe I'll try ok cupid next up instead !

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Real Life MeetupNo

Fraud. Contract FTC and file a complaint

I signed up for the year in three payments. Quickly realized that the profiles were old dead accounts.. Matches outside my parameters.
I got no hits where I was getting daily contacts using free services from other online dating sites. Then, after my third and final installment of $47.80 they locked my account. Called CS. They have no idea. They were locked from my account too. Said I needed to email a different department. I will have to go to the bank and ask for a refund.which will take time. But I'm also filing a consumer fraud complaint with the federal trade commission. I will point them to the numerous complaints of similar issues and let them launch a fraud investigation. Then let the media find out. See how well their business survives then. Damn Crooks..

Please. If you paid then for services they refuse to provide. Also file a complaint. The more the merrier.

Don't waste you money

Extremely disappointing and waste of time and money. Deep compatibility is just asking a few questions such as how romantic you are on a sliding scale, this is how they link you with someone. Because of this the guys put no effort into their profiles and give no information except for a few words about their interests. Some don't even have a photo (which is strange considering that is part of eHarmony's terms and conditions. I had one date in 6 months, 4 chats and not much else.
Also the site is full of scammers, and they are mostly easy to spot; eHarmony does remove some but there are a lot still on the site, gets to the stage you trust none of the photos. Surely in this day and age they would have an algorithm to detect the scammers.

Disappointment guaranteed, two smiles in three months and that was set on world, was sincere and hon

Men what men they don't communicate
Had no expectations which lead to no experience
Not worth the money invested ...go to the movies or a walk along the beach instead

Think they may use bait profiles for Hobart

Reality does not match the advertising hype - minimal members - ap does not clearly give cancellation options - pathetic


I found the service very disappointing. They want your money and then NO matches at all. Then do not care after you have paid all the money. I would not recommend these people.

Matches are terrible

Female looking for a male. Attractive and have a good career. The matches I received were terrible. There was one semi attractive guy who hardly has time to respond probably because he was the only most appealing one on the whole site. Better men on tinder.

Once you've paid there are no matches

Once you have paid, you get no matches and when you contact them they tell you to change your criteria so they can match you. You then change your criteria and still nothing. I have been on the site for 1 month and no matches?

Be Careful there are some scammers in there

So many personal questions during the membership but none of your matches are even 10% match.
I had a scammer who pretend to be an architect and after two weeks of sending messages asked for 30K. ONLY.

Celebrating our first wedding anniversary

My husband and I met 6 years ago through eHarmony and today are celebrating our first wedding anniversary.
Signing up process worked extremely well for us as it paired us and our relationship began with emails progressing to phone conversations lasting hours. Big sign as I’m not a phone person. Decided to meet and have been together ever since.
Now have 6 grandchildren between us and life’s great.
Neither of us thinking marriage would ever be an option

Waste of time and money

1 or 2 matches within 50 km's of pakenham. First day someone wanted to hack my email. Waste of money

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Questions & Answers

Why am I sent matches outside the max mileage I originally set?
No answers

it says that my account is closed
2 answers
It means eHarmony has closed your account ... probably due to a transgression on your part. Did you send someone your email address for example in your first exchange of emails?No, I did not give anyone any information whatsoever. I did not answer any questions either. Why would I give anyone my email address when I have paid money to communicate on their network? What did happen, was, one of eHarmony ladies wrote to me that they had a friend who was interested in me and said to do a couple of things that were all within the eHarmony system. I looked at the email she sent and deleted it. A couple of days later I received an email from eHarmony saying that, this lady had broken their T & C and was taken out of their system. The following day, I was struck off their system. When I asked eHarmony, what I had done wrong? They did not offer me any reason, but stated their T & C. This was the first dating site I had joined and it did not last more than a couple of weeks and I did not contact a single person. It was a lesson well learnt. Do not trust dating sites. They confiscated a whole year's payment for what? How many people out there have they done this to and put easy money into their pockets? If I did something wrong, at least let me know so that I can learn??? Otherwise, it is daylight robbery and they are allowed to steal???

Signed up & within 2 days following money being deducted from my account, unable to access site, requested refund as did read the T & C's, 'cooling off period' 3 days, to date, have sent 3 e-mails on the site with no reply & no refund & still unable to access the site!!! Anyone else had a similar experience???
3 answers
I also had emails that went unanswered. Just keep chasing them up and if they refuse to reply, ask your credit card company to reverse the charges. In my experience, Eharmony are terrible at customer service and do not always adhere to their own terms and conditions.Our team is available Monday to Friday between 7am and 8pm AEST and Saturdays between 9am and 3pm AEST. Phone:1800 623 801 Email: Click Here Chat: Click Here Did you try to talk to them on the phone? also there is a chat service....( I had use and is ok) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you paid by Pay Pal you may ask for a refund for not delivering the service . also advise you to stop all future automatc deductions payments .There is a section in Pay Pal where you can do yourself the cancellation. if is the Bank you must call your Bank. Because you are on the 3 days refund deal...keep your dated email to argue your case to them and be able to get money refunded. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Try to get out...There too many scammers in e-Harmony...and every time I chat with a contact they remove it the following day for "security reason" no real apologizes or explanation..total ..control!! you are for them just a money making object..I cannot get out till Sep.. and this is the 4th contact they have removed.and I just join 3 weeks ago...of course I have not met NO ONE.. Is all a joke!!!In my opinion - my sweat on a hot summers day is better than eharmony

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