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Don’t waste your time!

Worst, unsuccessful site ever with very low calibre guys who don’t bother to read profiles, never come across more unintelligent men, and a very useless biased admin team which are one-sided. And i mean admin are useless!
There are plenty of adult sites out there, don’t waste your time on this moron site .
It’s also basically a swingers site with alot of below well average men. Truth.

Ease of Use
Real Life MeetupYes

Fake profiles galore. Even using same pictures when they are verified accounts and then they even le

I was looking for REAL PEOPLE with similar interests. All you will find on RHP is fakes, recycled internet pictures, closet mastabaters, and Indians looking for company.

Hi Realman, We are sorry to hear that this has been your experience with RHP. We can assure you that we have thousands of very real members. You can check out our testimonials, our On the Ground section, our parties and our very active forums to find our members engaging with each other socially. Regards, The team at RHPHi Realman, We are sorry to hear that this has been your experience with RHP. We can assure you that we have thousands of very real members. You can check out our testimonials, our On the Ground section, our parties and our very active forums to find our members engaging with each other socially. Regards, The team at RHP

Full of fake accounts. You can never tell who you are really talking to

Most people on this site are liars. Married without permission. The rest are fussy with no idea what they want. By far the worst site we have ever used. Stay clear of this site.

Hi James, We are sorry to hear about your negative experience on our site, and that you didn't find what you were looking for. Our moderation team are hard at work 24/7 ensuring that fake and scam profiles are removed immediately from our site. You can check our testimonials, or read through our forums to see conversations with real members who have had success with us. Regards, The Team at RHPI stand by my comments, RHP is full of the biggest kiwifruits I have ever dealt with in my life. Tinder is easy and we have regular success. The rhp app freezes all the time, when ever you complain about something they treat you like some desperate person who cant get what they want. I reported dozens of fake profiles where I had come across different names on downloaded internet images, the moron [name removed] or what ever her name is always made it about me and never looked into anything. these people waste hardworking peoples time and money. PEOPLE NEVER USE THIS SITE FOR CASUAL DATING ITS THE WORST BY FAR. IN ITS OWN LEAGUE

Don't get platnum diamond

Got diamond membership when you read everything about it, at the time they advertised if you don't have any hook ups you get your money back ... well wish I screen shot the details, because no hook ups and when I questioned red hot pie I was told because I lived regionally it didn't count, this site is obviously still faking it, got scammed back in 2010 and got scammed in 2015 with diamond.

I found most of the profiles on RHP to be real

but the bulling in the forums is completely unacceptable in this day and age. RHP state even though they monitor the forums, they control it with favoritism (those they like can get away with bullying comments) and delete any comments of which they are criticised. There is a long term female poster there who bullies all that join in the forums. There has been many complaints about her erratic and highly inflammatory posts but RHP do not nothing about her. It is rumoured she works there and is in the forum to cause controversy and inflame situations to keep the forums interesting. She is clearly unstable and many have closed their profiles because of her but RHP do nothing, hence why we believe she is in fact a member of the admin team.

They have their fare share of fake profiles, but fake people should be more of a concern

I used to enjoy this site and met some lovely men through the site but overall the conduct in the forums is out of control and hence why I closed my account. RHP condones bullying and that's the bottom line

Made a fake profile using my fb info

This site is a fraud! I was shown by a friend that they had stolen my information from my Facebook profile and created a fake profile for their website to entice users. They had the federal court order them to stop this in 2010. Remove my information off your site or I’ll take legal action!!!

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Hi Gabbi, We do not create false profiles to entice users, however, a profile can be created from a Facebook account if you attempt to enter our app by clicking 'Log in via Facebook'. Do you have the username of the account, we will happily remove it for you. Kind regards, Anikka RedHotPie Customer Support.

Cannot log in

Message appears, "server error in "/" application" "runtime error" tried to reinstall still not working. Was working then just stopped!

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Hi Jewel, There may have been a temporary error when you received this message. We can assure you the site is up and running again now! Regards, The Team at RHP.

Lousy search engine

Search engine will often time out - have tested against other personal sites at the same time and they return results quickly.

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Hi Chris, Thank you for your review. We'd love it if you could get in touch with us via our support system so we can look further into your search engine issues. You can contact us here: https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx We are always looking to hear feedback from members so we can improve our site. Kind regards, Anikka RedHotPie Customer Support

Rubbish - privacy not respected

Simply put, trying to delete a profile is like trying to find a husband at a convent! Very clearly RHP doesn't want to lose members so they ensure they don't make it clear how to remove their account.
Very Angry!

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Hi fifi1715 Thank you for your review, we always appreciate input from members. Due to users often subscribing via iTunes and other services that our outside of our control, we do like to make sure that when they close their account, they do not continue to be billed. All that you need to do is lodge a request with our helpful support staff, and they will guide you through the process quickly and efficiently. https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx Regards,

Get Tinder instead!

Fake accounts.

They monitor and censor the forums.

And people are trash. Dont expect to be getting any actions unless you are ridiculously good looking and white.

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Hi Nada, Thank you for your review, we always appreciate feedback from members. Our forums are monitored, this is to prevent things like hate-speech and discrimination of members, as we value diversity and acceptance of all preferences. Kind regards, Anikka RedHotPie Customer Support

Privacy breach

Deleted my account after member used female members private gallery (naked photo) to try to lure me into threesome. Why using different photos if a couple. After advising support no response, is it because I’m not a paying member?? Are they real or fake profile??
Scary as who is using photos and where will they end up.
Support needs to protect privacy of all members even if not paying members.

Got this, when will RHP take responsibility? If your review is about Hammmers1 same happened to me. He sent me a number of members pictures from their gallery and profile. Advised site nothing done. Took all my pictures down and blocked hammmers. Site doesn’t care about privacy of others or vetting profiles just read articles about themHi Laelaa, We take privacy very seriously, if you do believe that an account is using false images, we would ask you to please lodge and abuse report, or raise a support ticket so we may investigate. https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx Kind regards, Anikka RedHotPie Customer SupportI tried to send photos of conversation but you can’t add attacments. Maybe you need to improve your support area

Very Dangerous

Red hot pie
Is absolutely dangerous there is no policing or policies in place to protect accounts,& definitely no accountability from the site . people are using fake profiles & when I tried to warn people you couldn’t because of the way the site is set up even when I tried to bring it to the sites attention thay basically didn’t want to know ..

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Hi Bec, Thank you for your review. We’re sorry to hear about your experience with RedHotPie. Our moderation team works diligently 24/7, tracking and removing non-genuine profiles. Occasionally they do get through the net, but we’re always striving to do better, so your feedback is appreciated. If you could drop us a line at https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx we’d like to get some more information to follow this up and ensure it is resolved satisfactorily. We take the protection of our community very seriously, which is why member features such as peer validations, system verification, and activity summaries are used on RedHotPie.

Failure to Protect their Customers

The reality is you can open up a profile and be anyone. The email you use can be anything you can think of it doesnt even have to be a real email. As RHP do not verify emails. Then you can sit on that profile and change it to be a man a woman, any height, a couple and this is not monitored. Also their help desk is absolutely useless. Where is the phone number if you have a complaint. NEVER USE THIS SITE they fail to protect you. I put a complaint that thousands of fake profiles were being produced in the Gold Coast and Brisbane and they did nothing. These profiles contained stolen photos.Also there are lots of people who are cat fishing and other more serious offences like hacking into your phones and computers and stealing identifies. These people operating these fake profiles send people on fake trips. They say they are going to meet you but they dont show up. These fake profiles are not the photos they are not the typed words. The people operating these profiles will go to you over numerous profiles to chat to you to find out as much as they can about you. These people prey on innocent and vulnerable people. RHP need to be held account for this.

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Hi Archer KS, We’re sorry to hear about the experience you have had with RedHotPie. Our moderation team works diligently 24/7, tracking and removing non-genuine profiles. Occasionally they do get through the net, but we’re always striving to do better, so your feedback is appreciated. We do our best to be extremely diligent when it comes to misleading or stolen images, and potential scam accounts. If you could drop us a line at https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx we’d like to get some more information to follow this up and ensure it is resolved satisfactorily. We take the protection of our community very seriously, which is why member features such as peer validations, system verifications, and activity summaries are used on RedHotPie. Kind regards, Anikka RedHotPie Customer Support Team

Waste of money for membership

Paid member, got no help or support when needed. I googled RHP, was shocked by what I read, they make up fake profiles, I don't know how they can still operate. I feel ripped off.

December 7th 2017 Update: RIP OFF

Sign up easy cause they want your money.Service CRAP. Waste of money & time. Con artists.They don't give a damn.

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Hi Sarahh, we're sorry to hear that you're not satisfied with your RedHotPie experience. If you can send us a Support Ticket, our Support Team will be happy to give you the help that you need! We endeavour to reply to all responses within 48 hours, but in most cases you will receive a response within 24 hours. If it is a technical issue, please provide as much detail as possible so that we can assist you. Rebecca RedHotPie Customer Support Team

You only get what you pay for

Like most apps ,it's only about making money, Don't expect too much for free, if you connect as a guestwith a paying member they can message you, otherwise it's a total waste of time trying to contact other guests, it's impossible, you can send a flirt, and they can respond but if both of you remain as guests it's a stalemate.one of you must become a paying member to further the process.

Expecting better connections in the city

A suggestion from a friend to meet like minded people when on holiday in new cities. Joined as a couple and we have enjoyed the site so far but have struggled to get our camera working on their webcam interface. We have made some new connections and looking forward to making more.

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Thanks so much for your review My2Cents, we're happy to hear that you're enjoying the site so far. As to your issues with your webcam, please feel free to get in contact with our Customer Support Team via a Support Ticket and let us know what is happening when you try to access this feature: https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx Regards, Rebecca RedHotPie Customer Support Team

Only dating app that works.

Couple of mates suggested I give RedHotPie and its been a blast. Tinder guys don't talk to you, AMM is scammy as and the rest aren't work bothering with. RedHotPie has real people willing to chat and meet. The app was a bit buggy but it's pretty good now.

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Hi Kelly, Thank you for your review, we're so pleased that you're loving your RedHotPie experience! Regards, Rebecca RedHotPie Customer Support Team

RedHotPie IS my entire dating life!

I first joined RedHotPie as a couple with an ex just less than 10 years ago and have since been on there as both a single woman and a couple. I've met my last 2 partners on the site (including my current partner and we've been together now for 3 years and live together), so anyone who says it's just a seedy physical intimacy site is full of nonsense. I literally do not date outside of RedHotPie and have absolutely no need to because it's so easy to find great people on there. I've also made some awesome lifelong friends through the site. I love going to the events as well. The things I don't like about the site - the cam chatrooms used to be amazing years ago but now you're lucky to get 20 people in there at a time so I reckon it's time for an overhaul of their system. Some guys don't like being told no and become nasty - the block feature is good for this and admin is good about dealing with them if you report the member to them. As a single woman it can be a bit daunting with the amount of attention you get but the upside is you don't have to pay to get heaps of action.

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Hi Jessica, We're so happy to hear that you've had such a long and enjoyable RedHotPie experience! Thank you for feedback - we welcome any suggestions to how we can improve your RedHotPie experiences or reporting of issues via our Customer Support help system. Regards, Rebecca RedHotPie Customer Support Team

Amazing site 100% recommended

This site is 100% incredible for effectiveness I've been a guest member for maybe three months and in that time I've had at least four dates a week or more every week lol could've had a date every day if I'd had the time... Lovely guys who actually want to meet up and make the effort. It might be slightly different for men that's true but even the men I've dated on the site have said there's alot less paid Webcam girls/hustlers/fake profiles/psychos on red hot pie than other sites. I would've said this site is almost too perfect but.... Customer service is absolutely terrible. If they treat a guest this badly I'd be extremely annoyed if I'd paid membership fees. My profile disappeared and I lost 50+ messages... Very difficult to contact them to figure out what the problem is. Come on red hot pie... Get it together if it wasn't for the lovely men and women on your site you'd be nothing so treat your customers with some respect. Contact me and fix my account geez...

1 comment
Hi HarlieBee, thanks for your review - we're so glad to hear that you're loving your RedHotPie experience. As to your issues with your profile being inaccessible, can you please get in contact with our Customer Support team via this link (it can be found at the bottom of each page on the site) and we'll look into what might have happened and get you back up and running: https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx Regards, Rebecca RedHotPie Customer Support Team

FAKE PROFILE - Misleading physical attributes not important

[name removed] was banned from amm due to abusive behaviour towards women and fake profile where he was pretending to be the female talking to women. Site administration states "Ultimately, if some people are willing to suffer the consequences of their misrepresentations, then that is up to each individual. We are happy to assist in cases where there is a clear issue with misrepresentation (i.e. - a man posing as a woman or couple), however marital status and physical attributes are areas which we suggest our users employ their own measures to ensure the people they meet match what they are seeking". So misleading women to think there is a couple there is ok. Wow
This is same guy that was on AMM under other profiles. Maybe administrators should read amm comments women have made
No wonder they don't care about fake profiles as they were caught doing same back in 2010 by federal court
Shame $$$$ is more important

Ladies beware of [name removed] as female does not exist.

Hi DTF, We're sorry to hear that we have not as yet resolved this issue to your satisfaction. As always, our primary concern is the safety and enjoyment of our members, however please note that we cannot take action against a user based on reported behaviour on another site or platform. As you could provide no evidence to support your initial claim of both fraudulent and abusive behaviour on RedHotPie, and we found no evidence of the behaviour you reported, we could not take action against this user's account. Although we could not find evidence of any behaviour that would breach our member terms and conditions, we did advise you that we would monitor said user's account for suspicious activity. Rebecca RedHotPie Customer Support TeamMaybe if you allowed attachments to be uploaded you would have proof about [Name Removed] but you can't so sent to your help email address no response therefore condoning sending other members r rated pics to othersStill no response from site. So [Name Removed] can continue to send photos of members without their consent

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Questions & Answers

I am subscribed to premium, I've sent a few messages and they are not being received for some reason????
No answers

Hi i have problem last night I join and pay 135$ And today I send 20 massage after that system ask me for uploading and pay again?
1 answer
Hi Sayyad, As a PremiumPLUS user, you have access to 20 new messages per day (replies do not count towards this total). Your 20 messages will reset 24 hours after you sent your first message for the day. Regards,

How do you reactivate your account?
1 answer
Hi Rhiannon, if you raise a ticket with our support team here: https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx they will be able to reactivate your account for you, so long as it is within 6 months of deactivation. Regards, Candee @ RHP

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