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Elite Singles

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Awesome site

Great site, easy log in. Did what is expected it would do, as long as your genuine and polite I believe you will find that special someone as I did.

Ease of Use
Real Life MeetupYes

Comes across as fake

Like every other site for the males side, cant see anything get matched with people who have opppsite interests. You should be able to view photos of people as well on the free version . Too many of these site use fake profiles and photos to lure men in. Far too expensive just preying on the desperate and lonely. There should be a month trial version. I wont spend my money if it comes across as fake. Might just go back to RHP

Ease of Use
Real Life MeetupNo

One of the worst sites

I expected ELITE SINGLES to have professional profiles as it is one of the more expensive sites....this is not the case. I have not had any new matches for over two weeks. Even the free site POF has more activity. In addition it is a clunky site to use...not user friendly at all... and the app is useless...don’t waste your money

Ease of Use
Real Life MeetupYes

Be Honest. Be Positive

Looking for a male companion to share outings, interests and laughter ? Then I would recommend Elite Singles. I met several lovely potential mates through this site. The profile analysis offered balanced matches.
Be honest, be cheerful, be open to listen and learn about the person you meet.
I met a man who matched my personality and interests going forward - quite quickly after joining.
Look at what you can offer rather than what you can get and enjoy time shared.
For women...there are more good men registered on ES out there than not. Put your best foot forward and enjoy.

Ease of Use
Real Life MeetupYes

Terrible dating site

Terrible dating site... I’m so disappointed with elite dating site. Stay away this site. They don’t care about people paid them money. I’m woman so I’m looking for a man but every day elite sent me all woman as I’m lesbian. Waste money only. I paid a hundred dollars but I’m getting nothing...

Real Life MeetupNo

If I could select 0 I would

I am looking for love. I went to Elite singles with the hope of meeting the one. I paid $3,500.00 for a year membership so I expected a lot in return with such a large amount paid. What I received was a date with as guy every 8 weeks which was the minimum in the contact I signed. I was matched with very ordinary guys, some of which lived with their patients and worked at supermarkets stacking shelves for the last 25 years. I was in the middle of completing a PhD and felt like what I had asked for was ignored. They said they would match me with some one who was like me, but they matched me with guys who were strange, lived with their parents, didn’t have jobs and I wasn’t able to hold a conversation with. Well it was a huge miss and waste of money. They set me up with terrible matches who didn’t live anywhere near me. One guy lived 3 hours away from me on a farm and wouldn’t move. They said that they had people from the Gold Coast but they didn’t and only set me up with people who lived at least 1 hour away from me. Save your money and register with RSVP or another site who actually has members who live in the same state. Don’t fund a ‘match making’ agency who charges you $3,500 for a year membership and matches you with really dud dates at the minimum time frame of every 8 weeks ( 1 match every 8 weeks= 6/7 matches every year). They must have way more men than ladies and you will be treated as a after thought in the dating world. The service that was given versus the money spent just doesn’t add up. This is the worst waste of money I have ever spent. I feel so ripped off and regret spending soo much money. I am still single and wish I had kept my money and not gone through such a ridiculous expensive waste of time.

Real Life MeetupNo

Waste of time and money

Absolute waste of money if you are a senior woman. You cannot search for members. They only send you a few photos each day. Most profiles they send you do not have photos. I suspect they are free members who cannot respond. They do not take into consideration your preferences, just send you anyone, who might live 1000 miles away, or are 5'2 and you're 5'8 who aren't are your educational level or intelligence. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO ELSEWHERE. Some of the men are married, and others write back they found someone on another site.

Ease of Use
Real Life MeetupNo

More genuine than other date websites

It's a good app. Much more genuine profiles on this website then other ones. Easy to communicate with other people and found my girlfriend from this website. Thanks Elite Singles

Ease of Use
Real Life MeetupYes

Don’t waste your money

Don’t bother with this site. I would say majority of profiles I have been sent are not even registered as they don’t have a photo, the profiles don’t match what I’m looking for and I’m really easy going. Very rarely do u get a response if u contact anyone, you can’t search, only elite send who they think match and really they don’t know me. It’s expensive, I had a couple of times same profiles sent a few times. I’m really dissatisfied with the experience on this website rely on your friends would cheaper and more constructive and reliable total waste of money.

Ease of Use
Real Life MeetupNo

Take your money and you can rarely log in

This site and Silver Singles are exactly the same, you can log in easily until they get your money and then you can not log in or log in to complain. They just want your money and they actually produce nothing. STAY AWAY FROM ELITE..SILVER SINGLES. they have taken hundreds of dollars from me and I can rarely log in. May be twice a day if I am lucky. DISGUSTING AND THIEVING SITE

Waste of money

I am so disappointed with Elite Singles. I thought I would be paying monthly once I gave my card because the price was quoted as such. Stay away from this site. They throw matches that don't match and actually take away your ability to express yourself. Just tick the box and call it psychology. Worse site ever.

Absolutely a waste of time and money

After spending so long to set up my profile and answer all questions that seemed at the time to be very relevant, the majority of matches were not compatible. Ridiculous that you have a minimum distance of 50 KIM. Should be a lot less. Some of my matches were over 300klms away!!!
I believe some of these matches don’t even exist

Worked for us

This platform is as good as any other and I found the people I communicated with to all be good genuine people. It takes an amount of luck and time to fine that special someone and for me it was over a year, I met someone via elite singles that is a perfect match, we get on great and we only 5 minutes live apart. It can happen!


What a bloody rip off. Worst dating site. No one local. Not good don’t waste your time or money. Worse than plenty of fish cannot believe you charge over $100

Not Elite ! Just full of dregs

What a waste of money , woman are using this app to find professionals in Australia and it’s full of unemployed and scammers!! What a waste of money ...

Waste of time and money

This is a scam website with most of the profiles having no photos and living in places I've never heard of. You can't search for matches and instead you're sent these guys who are definitely not elite I have sent out 50 smiles and probably 20 emails and not one has ever responded. When you ask for their photo they block you. It is a difficult website to use and it is generally a waste of time and money.

Not Elite at all

Elite does not provide you with your perfect match, they certainly don’t provide professional matches. They throw everything at you from toothless Bushman to matches without photos. I have sent off over 30 winks/smiles and yet to be contacted by anyone of these men. Elite provide you with at least 1-2
Matches a day and in the 3 weeks out of my six month contact I have had one reply on one occasion from a man who was not an ideal match, certainly not my professional equal who cannot spell and has the problem of being 2000km away.
I get up to 5 matches a week with no photo who never respond.
Customer service do not reply and there site is not easy to navigate.
Don’t waste your money on this site. The free sites have a better app and probably real men from Australia on them.

I got what I paid for. Since leaving a cheap site and moving to Elite, the quality of the dates went

I was Seeking a quality female match. I had a series of serious relationships for the last 15 years and have always wanted to stop searching and settle down for the long run.

Found love

It's not the best site in the world matching me with people way out of my parameters but I was lucky that I still found love further away albeit but we making it work

Be patient. Your love is there.

I joined ES thinking paying for a subscription would weed out un-genuine people. Some messages I received from men were crass, I think you get that anywhere. Very few interactions with genuine & interested guys. Some of my matches were not always ideal, and you get that anywhere. When I read each profile & personality traits you can chose for yourself who’s worth pursuing. I really liked understanding a bit more about a guy, it made messaging easy when commenting on something they had written. The more you write & select in your profile the better the matches are.
I found my guy, my love, after 3 months on ES. The matching platform works, but you have to do some work yourself to engage in good communication with a potential partner. I would recommend ES to anyone, it’s a professional site. Make sure you read all the fine print. Subscriptions re-new automatically ‘unless’ you select not to renew. I emailed for help on a situation & ES emailed me back within a day & sorted the issue immediately. Was good service.

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone taken this dodgy company on under Australian consumer standards?
1 answer
I'd like to, they are threatening me with legal action if I don't pay the renewal subscription (wtf), I haven't been in for ages (this is a trap). I don't knbow where to go from here...

Hi Everyone. Elite Singles I have been messaging a person but now i get their messages but they don’t get mine. any ideas what’s going on? If anyone could help
1 answer
They are not registered probably and won’t receive ur msg even until the join, or it’s a scam and it’s just to suck u in, sorry but that’s been my experience

Hi my name is Salvatore. I cancelled my subscription last year before my line was up How i have my money back ?
No answers

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