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Epi-Otic Skin and Ear Cleaner

Epi-Otic Skin and Ear Cleaner

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Great product

Have used this on my Staffy cross and also my Shepherd puppy, it does a great job cleaning the ears and removing wax and debris. I also find it has quite a pleasant smell. This is the product of choice for pet professionals.


I was informed by my vet to use on my moodle (maltese x poodle) and she has sensitive skin and she seemed to be able to handle the product good. I was told to use weekly as I shampoo her weekly but I started using weekly and now only use once and a while when I notice she is scratching her ears. I would recommend this product but I always like to speak to my vet before using any product so as they are informed what you are using on your pet.

Puppy allergic reaction!!

I used this product to clean my puppies ears and he had a nasty allergic reaction to it. His ears swelled and were red. He won't stop shaking his head. Overnight his lips, muzzle and cheeks swelled including around his eyes. And he began to vomit. Had to take him to the emergency vet. He is very poorly now. I would recommend doing a small skin test on this product before use. I have used it before on my other animals and had not had this reaction. I thought it was a gentle product though and never expected this reaction. It should come with a warning! I've since read lots of people saying similar things online. My dog is an Alaskan Klee Kai and has no other known allergies.

A staple in my dog cupboard

My vet suggested I use this on my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (they are known for ear problems) in conjunction with treatment for an ear infection. Once the infection was cleared I noticed my dog's ears got yucky very quickly with wax build up and smell. A fortnightly clean has kept his ears wax free and healthy for many years now. I always use it after his bath. I have also begun using this on my Cavoodle puppy who has an accumulation of tears underneath her eyes which smells awful. The EPI-Otic gently cleans this away.

A tip for using it if your dog hates it being squeezed into its ears

My dog hated this being squeezed into his ears and who could blame him, I would not like to have cold liquid squirted into my ears either. He is a big dog so we could not hold him on our lap. So, what you do is put some in a bowl and heat it in the microwave for a few seconds, approx 7 seconds. Check the temperature by dabbing your finger in it and remember that your dog's ears will be really sensitive so absolutely make sure it is only just ever so slightly heated. If too warm, wait a minute before applying or add some cold Epi Otic. I cannot emphasise this enough. Get a make-up removal pad (buy from supermarket they come in packs of 80 or so) or you can use cotton wool. Dip the pad into the solution and squeeze into the dog's ear. Finish with a treat of course. I always make sure I am outside as the dog will shake its head after treatment. Hope this helps those with dogs who run away and have to be held. If you have a Labrador the treat is essential!

Magic stuff!

Bought a pup infested with ear mites.Bad smelly head&ears&coffee colour gunk in ears,wouldn't stop scratching head.Used Epi-Otic&it done wonders. also good on skin!

Good product

I use this to clean my mini poodles ears every few weeks. It has worked really well and we haven't had any ear infections. I also dab it onto any minor scrapes or irritated skin, it's gentle and cleans the skin.

Fantastic ear cleaner

I use Epi otic for my grooming business and I must say it works wonders for removing all the build up in the dogs ears it also smells nice enough to tolerate.

Each dogs ears will allways come out nice and clean and have had no problems with reactions so far even on my own dogs, i won't use anything else now.

Thumbs Up

Although this product does have a strong smell after applying in my doggy's ears but I was told by my vet that it cleans and dries to ears. My dog did have an ear infection long while ago in using this product is cleared her ears. Now her ears are super clean and goodbye ear infection.

Brilliant for clearing up ear infections

thus product is excellent for gigs with long floppy ears, susceptible to ear infections. It clears up infection and keep ears dry and clean

Great Ears Cleaner

This product was recommended by our vet. At least it gives my fur girl clean ears. Few good drops in each ears after her bath time preventing wax build up and infections.


As a groomer i highly recommend the epi -otic ear cleanser. Always wonderful results and if used on a regular basis you can help prevent ear infections without a doubt.

Leanne Doggy Dude
Ormeau QLD

Dogs allergic to this product!

My puppy had a horrible allergic reaction to this product. His ears got swollen minutes after it was applied. He was on terrible pain, he didn't stop shaking his head. He is a little chihuahua and his ears are normally up, after the allergic reaction they came down, got red and hot. His cheeks got swollen too and run under the coach and didn't allowed me to even get near to him.
Thankfully the vet got here in 20 min and gave him a shot of steroids and within an our he got back to normal.
Be careful don't use this product.


I can not recommend this product highly enough! My dog had an ongoing ear irritation with no signs of infection such as wax or odour in the ear. She was constantly scratching her ear and shaking her head and it was obviously causing her quite a bit of discomfort. I noticed the Epi Otic at a pet store and decided to try it. I applied it to her ear twice a day and after just a couple of days her ear was full of wax! It must have been trapped deep down in the ear canal but the Epi Otic loosened it and brought it up to the outer ear. Since then her ear problem has completely gone and I now use it on both my dogs after their bath as ear maintenance.

It also works very well applied to sores and gets them healing quickly.
Great for ear cleaning, skin cleaning, very effective, goes a long way, not very expensive, clean fresh smell
Takes a bit of practice to know how much you are applying to ear canal


My vet recommended that I use this on my dog as he tends to get large buildups of wax in his ears, and this buildup can lead to infections and scratching, which then leads to other problems! Since using Epiotic, his ears are much cleaner and I don't have to pay someone else to do it for me!
Easy to pour nozzle, inexpensive as a little goes a long way, works to really clean out the dirt and grime


At first I was hesatent to place a small amount into my dogs ear but once shown how to use this stuff it cleans well and saves a visit to the vet or groomers. You have to actually pour this down the ear canal and then try and work it out of the ear with a towel and it definatly gets all that hidden dirt in there. The nozzle on the bottle makes it easy to apply and control how much you use.
Same product as what vets use; cleans all dirt and grime out of ears; not too expensive
The smell it leaves on my dogs fur.

3 mm a week in Lop eared Rabbits is recommended by rabbit vets. Lops can get abscesses because of the downward ears. The wax cannot escape and bacteria can grow and eat into the ear drum resulting in head tilt anans+ansand deafness.sorry, I stuffed up the last sentence. The abscess can eat into the ear drum of the bunnie and cause head tilt and deafness resulting on very expensive vet bills and sometimes euthanasia if the vet is unsure how to treat the problem

Questions & Answers

Can epi-otic dog and cat ear cleaner be used on people to unblock their ears?
1 answer
My guess maybe is no but you could contact them on 1800009847

Our boxer who is 2 years old loves to swim. We are always drying her ears which she is not too fussed about. Would Epi-optic Regular ear cleanser do the same job?
2 answers
Hi by using epi-otic before and after he swims would be very beneficial. leanneThanks Leanne


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