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Esprit Expander 220 Home Gym

Esprit Expander 220 Home Gym

3.2 from 5 reviews

Bad design

Smooth action but feels a bit flimsy with no stabiliser bar at the front. The pully at the side near the weights is dangerous because the weights can hit you and if you have long hair it can get caught up in the other pullies.


Easy to put together especially with two people. Both of you or just the one of you can use it and you use it to it's potential you will be able to work every part of your body. Get ripped for all over. Together or alone have a great workout.

havent had any problems at all

Had the gym for 12 months now, used the gym for full work out and the machine works fine. like any gym equipment if you keep it clean and look after it , will last.

Pulleys Wear Out Constantly

I got this on special for $399 from Amart All Sports and it was good in the beginning. However after a few months I started feeling a large amount of resistance when using the machine. It got to the point that I could no longer use the machine. I noticed the bearings in about a third of the pulleys across the machine had collapsed on themselves. I called up the warranty service and they sent me a box full of new bearings which was good, but again they kept collapsing on themselves. I ended up selling it to my friend for $100 (yes I did warn him lol) and joined a local gym. Glad I only paid $399 for it as I would be absolutely gutted if this happened after I'd spent $599 on it which was the original retail price.
Relatively cheap when on sale, can do a whole body workout on it with many different available excercises.
Poor quality machine, bearings on the pulleys keep breaking. Do not buy unless you are planning on replacing them with stronger third party bearings (perhaps steel ones).

Wont deal with these guys again

Brought this gym from A-Mart All Sports,two weeks of use and chewed out the bearings in two of the pulleys, 3 months to get replacements sent under warranty.One year on and the welds around the bullhorn for adding extra weight plates have cracked and are about to break off. Rang customer service and they didnt want to know me because it is out of warranty, even though i couldnt use it for the first 3 months, and the part that has now broken has only been in use for about a month. Not happy!!
Seemed like a good deal at the time ,told by A-Mart that they have excellent after sales service.
Bad / non existent warranty service.

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Had mine for a month got it on special ( 400 ) I have used it twice a day but not for weight training but for upper conditioning Due to not being able to work for 7 months and should be going back soon Did not want to pay a gym wasted money

Questions & Answers

trying to find parts for expander 220 they were under BFE warranty .not anymore tnx
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Where can I get an instruction manual for this home gym? tried every where
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G-day my name is dave and I have obtained one of these machines and I was wondering what exercises I should do (useing this machine) to build my ,arms,chest,back
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Sorry David, I haven't got the machine anymore so I don't have the instructions for the exercises. May I suggest going to a gym for a free consultation and getting their exercises. Michelle

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