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I have recently purchased this and have used it For the past two nights in my sons room, I’ve been putting it on an hour before he goes to bed but I can’t even smell the euky bear inhalent when I enter the room! I have followed the instructions put two capsules of inhalent and a cleaning tablet in there and it doesn’t seem to steam much or emit a smell
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Is it safe to put in a 3 yr olds room I’m worried he may touch it
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Hi Jessica Around the steam vent can get hot, and like any heating device, care needs to be taken. Some tips we suggest: 1. Stress to your child not to touch - similar to a kettle or toaster. 2. Don't position it right near their bed - it doesn't need to be right up near them, as the therapeutic steam just needs to fill the room, not be in their face. A corner of the room is perfectly fine. 3. Put the vaporiser on after they're asleep, and immediately unplug and remove it when you hear them wake. We've also heard from other parents that a baby gate or barrier of some kind around the unit can be useful if your child is particularly curious. Please don't place it up high on a dresser or shelf because of the added possibility it may be pulled down on the child. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Hi i used your vaporiser for the first time last night and we love it however after 3 hours we hardly could smell anything...could it be because the fan was on or the window was open, could that affect the use? am i able to add more inhalant to the vaporiser then?
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Hi Van So glad you love the vaporiser! If there is no other reason to suspect it's not working, then it probably still is. It's just that after a certain time your nose does become used to the scent and it appears weaker. Having both the fan on, and the window open, will also reduce the effect a bit. We'd recommend only having the window open a crack, and the fan on low only if necessary. You do need to allow it to 'build up' the humidity in the room. You can add a little more inhalant if you like, that's fine, but just be aware that our senses do get used to it after a while (yet it'll still be doing its job). If you still have concerns, happy to chat through them - freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours or email cservice@fgb.com.au. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

After using the euky bear vaporiser and euky sniffle nose inhalant, there is black residue left in the water every morning. Is black residue normal????
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Hi Angela Yes that's perfectly normal. Grainy or flaky sediment in the bottom of the tank is common after use; it's mineral residue from your tap water. Just wash it away when you rinse it out, and make sure you're using the Euky Bear Cleaning Tablets every couple of uses. These help to prevent the mineral scale building up inside the unit (you will still see residue). Any other questions just give us a call! Freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours or email cservice@fgb.com.au. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.Thanks for the advice. I have been using the tablets but they don’t dissolve in the water and in the morning when cleaning the base it seems that most of the tablet gets thrown out. Is this normal???

Hi Can the Euky bear vaporiser be used together with the air con and air purifier? I understand that aircon will counter the effects of the vaporiser but due to the bad quality of air here, I have no choice but switch on the air con and air purifier. Thanks. Also, can I use the vaporiser with the air con, air purifier and humidifier? I know it sounds alot, but I need to counter the bad air quality and yet humidify the air. Thanks!
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Hi Diana Yes you can use the Vaporiser with all those devices. Air con, as you've noted, will be the only one that will slightly reduce its effectiveness, but if you've got a humidifier as well, that will help. The vaporiser & humidifier have a similar effect in terms of raising ambient humidity. An air purifier won't impact any of it. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Euky Bear

Hi. can i diffuse euky bear eucalyptus oil and not the specific one for the diffuser?
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Hi Eka No, this device isn't a diffuser and we don't recommend pure essential oils. You need to use a water-soluble inhalant designed for steam vaporisers, whether that's Euky Bear or another brand. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

We bought euky bear vaporizer 4 years back for my first baby and rarely used it.can we reuse that?need to give very good clean.please tell us how to clean.
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Hi Deepthi Sure, your old vaporiser should work just fine but yes it's best to give it a flush before you use it. We recommend adding 3 tablespoons of white vinegar, fill the unit to the fill line with tap water and run for 6-8 hours overnight. The vinegar flush should clean and refresh any odours but please use the Euky Bear Cleaning Tablets (available at your pharmacy) every 2-3 uses to keep mineral scale from building up again. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.Thank you.

Is it ok to place the cleaning tablet in the water and run the vapouriser in child’s room at the same time or should the cleaning process be seperate?
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Hi ITsik Yes, that's how we recommend you use them - pop it in at the same time as you're running it during normal operation, inhalant and all. Ingredients are all non toxic and don't come out in the steam. Every now and then - especially if you live in a hard water area - it is advised to do a "flush" with just water and white vinegar (2-3 tablespoons) to really clean out your vaporiser especially if you're seeing lots of black flakes in the water. Run it for 6-8 hours with the vinegar water then rinse ready for next use as normal. Hope this helps! Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Would it be possible to add a couple of drops of lavender oil into the water?
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Hi Rosie We don't recommend using pure essential oils in our vaporiser. Euky Bear Vaporiser has been designed for use with inhalants which are water soluble formulas that help dissipate the oils throughout the water for stronger & longer lasting vapours. If you weren't aware, we do a lavender-based inhalant called Sleepy Time. It's at Chemist Warehouse and selected other pharmacies. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.Thank you for that.

When I go to rinse out the remaining water theres always grey flakes floating around and it seems to be coming from inside the steamer. What is it? And is it dangerous?
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Mine is doing this also. Have you found any answers?Mine too...Euky bear seem to be answering everyone else but us?Hi guys - so sorry! We have no idea how this question has been missed. As you can see we do try to answer everybody! Black flakes in your water is perfectly normal. This is mineral deposits from your tap water; it's harmless and should just be flushed away when you rinse the unit. To prevent the scale from building up inside your unit use the Euky Bear Cleaning Tablets every 2-3 uses. If you live in a hard water area it's a good idea to also do the occasional flush with just water and white vinegar (about 3 tablespoons), letting it steam overnight to give it a good clean. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Just bought a euky bear for my sick little bubba. Just wondering if having the ceiling fan on will decrease the affects of it? It’s warm here so I have the fan on low ...
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Hi Emma A ceiling fan on low will be perfectly fine and won't affect the overall humidity too much. Air conditioning can decrease the affect but fans are okay. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Hi I bought Euky vaporiser a couple of years ago & it’s been working really well but the last time I used it the steam wasn’t coming out as strong as it used to can you help me fix this problem? I love your product & use it regularly I also make sure that the tablets are in every 3 to 4 uses so I’m not sure how to clean it to make the steam come out better thank you Janice.
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Hi Janice Even with using the tablets you probably still have mineral build up inside, that's affecting the steam output. We'd recommend giving it a vinegar flush (or two) and see if that helps. Fill the container to the fill line with fresh tap water and add 2-3 tablespoons of white vinegar. Run overnight or for 6-8 hours during the day. After the flush please begin using the tablets every use, until you see an improvement. Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

I just did an online warranty claim, receipt number can’t be read clearly but you can see purchase and where from and I can also prove from bank statement...but just wondering how long the claim takes or if I should go buy another one in the mean time for my little one?
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Hi Tarn The quickest way to follow this up is to phone our Customer service team on Freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours - you can give them your details direct (preferable to exchanging details here in a public forum) and they can let you know where your claim is at. If you purchase another unit we can't reimburse you for that, so you'll end up with two. Might be best to follow up your claim first. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

i've just recent purchased a unit and loving the product. i was just wondering if we were able to use other oils not from the same company as our little one was given some for Christmas.
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Hi Jonny Our recommendation is to only use 'inhalants' in our vaporiser - that is water soluble formulas designed for Vaporisers. You can use Euky Bear, Vicks or any other brand within this category. We haven't tested our vaporiser for use with pure essential oils that you would use in a diffuser, although anecdotally we know people do use them. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Hi, I bought the vaporiser second hand and when I plug it in nothing happens. The light doesn’t turn on or anything. Any ideas?
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Hi Megan It sounds like you have bought a faulty vaporiser unfortunately. Because you've bought this second hand there's not much we can do for you, unless it's still under warranty and you have the owner's original receipt. You'll have to go back to the seller you bought it from and see if they'll refund you. We don't have a repairs service centre and can only do full replacements under warranty. Good luck. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Hi, I had burning smell coming from my vaporiser but there are still water in the vaporiser from the use last night (runs for 11 hours at max water level). Saw some black deposit at the bottom from the last use. Is my vaporiser faulty? Is there a way that I can have this fixed?
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Hi Jessie Black sediment in your vaporiser after use is perfectly normal - this is mineral deposits from your tap water, it's very common & harmless. Just flush it away when you rinse out your vaporiser, and make sure you're using a Euky Bear cleaning tablet every couple of uses so mineral scale does not build up. If you're experiencing a burning smell this can simply be from burnt mineral deposits or inhalant residue stuck to the heating unit inside - we'd recommend trying a vinegar flush to see if this fixes the odour. Fill to the fill line with fresh water and add 3 tablespoons of white vinegar. Do not add inhalant (although you can throw in a couple of cleaning tablets if you like). Run with water & vinegar overnight or for 6-8 hours. This should flush away any odours. However if you still experience burning smell after this get in touch with us and we'll investigate further. Freecall 1800 655 841 during business hours. Remember to always turn your vaporiser off after a full night's use - this unit does not have auto shut off. Hope this helps & Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Can I use it daily for my baby who is just one month old?
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Good Morning Sowjanya, Thank you for your question. This product is intended for use by all ages. It should be used according to the instruction manual and kept at a safe distance away form you child in a ventilated room. If you have concerns about using the inhalant you can also use the machine with just water. If you have any further questions or concerns please call our customer service dept. on 1800 655 841 to discuss. Kind Regards, Daniel @ FGB Natural Products

Hi. I just bought my euky bear vaporiser yesterday and I find it is not very strong at all I can barely smell it. Can I add more euky bear eucalyptus ?
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Hi Jamielee Yes, everyone's senses are different so if you're a healthy adult and you'd like to use more, go ahead. With children it's best to stick to the recommended dose, and always open a door slightly for ventilation. You will find the scent develops over several hours to overnight as the steam and humidity in the room increases. Hope this helps! Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

Is it normal/safe for the the vaporiser to make a bubbling noise every few minutes?
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Hi Lauren It sounds like you're experiencing a "spits and spurts" issue. It's not unsafe, usually just means it's overfull, dirty or the inhalant has been added after the water. We've written a troubleshooting blog on the topic that might be useful. Go to URL: https://www.eukybear.com.au/content/vaporiser-spits-and-spurts If you still experience the issues after trying the fixes in there, give us a call on Freecall 1800 655 841. Kind Regards, Euky Bear.

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