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Eveready Dolphin Torch

Eveready Dolphin Torch

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totally useless

I have bought 2 Dolphins in the last year. The first failed after 9 months, a fluke-no. The second failed after 2 weeks. Service response non existent. Rubbish product! Would not offer safety when needed.

Purchased in December 2018 at woolworths-carnegie for $20.00.

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Credit where due. I received two new torches unsolicited and have one in use with new battery from today (28 feb). switch is better, torch works, still tight to assemble but ok.Fingers crossed

Dolphin torch just so good!!!

Man this torch is just so good! Had the same battery for near on 3 months. 21 days camping , including underwater at night (hehe). Still going great! Haven't put the next battery in yet. Awesome!! Hope Eveready don't read this!!

They used to be good.

2 main problems with this thing

1) They need to change the label on the torch to have instructions to teach people that the only way to unscrew the top is to hold it between your knees.

2) Then I had lots of trouble getting it working. Tested battery its fine, bulb not blown. Swapping parts between 2 of these same models swapping out bulbs, switch clip, housing, tried every combination but something was not right. Again it's probably something simple that could be mentioned on the label, or even better fix the design.

I used to think the dolphin was a great Aussie thing, but now I'm joining the ranks of sailors who have given up on them. Its a reliability issue therefore a safety issue.

Tough, waterproof & awesome battery life.

Long, wide beam, led globes, tough as & is made to last longer than other torches. Perfect for the boat, camping, blackouts & spotting nocturnal wildlife. Reasonably priced too with battery included & the simple button is super easy to use.

Bring back the old design with the big on/off button

Not only is it hard to take the cover off they have now made it harder to turn the torch on and off. The button is now a lot smaller and stiff. If you have big thumbs or a female with long nails it's nearly impossible!

Waste of time and money

Pathetic design flaws that making removing the lens housing near impossible for anyone other than the incredible. Hulk. Electrical connection between the battery interface/switch assemble to the LED housing requires constant fiddling. After all the decades, how could they mess their design up so badly?

I bought this this morning.

I got this torch home. First thing I tried to do was open it to put in the battery. Impossible, tried numerous times and numerous ways. Went knocking on the neighbours door. She had a good go and could not do it either. Read many reports by google and found that many people had this problem. I was all set to take it back to where We had bought it but needed a rest first. A bit more googling. Some one said about putting it between your knees and using both hands. I sat down with it and the sugg stuons worked like a charm, using both hands and turning anti clock wise. It ended up being so easy.

Ridiculous model

It's ridiculous it has a square front I can't get off to put the battery in it doesn't twist off at all does anyone have any idea how to do this because the instructions don't work

Yes, it is hard to open, but not impossible!

Well, could not open it with knees and hands as per diagram, so put the main body in a vice (wrapped in old cloth), put on work gloves, and it opened! I am over 70 years of age, getting weaker but working smarter. The lamp gives a strong clear light, "floodlight", and being LED, the battery ought last a long time. Now, off to the NT to fish out from King Ash Bay on the McArthur River!


Torch started flickering during first use. Needed to whack it to keep it going in an actual real emergency. Took it apart and checked everything - could not see a problem. Battery was new Eveready. It died completely within a year.
These torches are a safety hazard as they cannot be relied upon, as well as sometimes being impossible to open.
Only bought it because I couldn't get a bulb for my 25 year old model!

Can't open cover

As I write this review I'm still trying to open the black cover surrounding the lens, its the new square shaped led type, we have exerted much effort and used slip jaw pliers. The website says hold between knees and twist anticlockwise but cannot hold it tight enough the torch casing is a bit slippery and the whole thing moves (might have to wack it in the vice). As for performance can't say till we actually get a battery in this thing, as a comparison my much older version is simple and easy to use with a long reach beam on it but its hard to find right size bulbs now.

Wish I'd read other reviews before I purchased.

Small print says "You may need to exert some strength to open" Um yeah...Impossible to open. Now I have a useless torch and an opened battery which I cannot return.

Stupid product

I can’t believe that a torch can be so difficult to use. I had to drive miles to buy the thing and when I got it home I couldn’t get the cover off to insert the battery. I tried for over an hour and exhausted myself in the process. This product should be recalled. It is only suitable for people with a lot of strength and a massive hand grip. 1 star is too generous for this rubbish.

Good everyday torch

It's not the best torch, but far from the worst.
I'm finding the LED Dolphin a good general-purpose torch, for regular and rough use. I have torches that cost 10x the price (literally) and they perform accordingly, but for chucking in the ute, roof inspections and a go-to torch, it presents good value.
And I won't worry if it's lost somewhere.
If you're not after a high-performance torch, but a reliable go-to, I'd be hard pressed to recommend another.

Difficulty with dolphin led torch

I urgently purchased one of the dolphin torches from supermarket due to blackout - it took 7 people to try and finally open the front of torch - could not remove sticker of the front glass lens and had try the only other one in shop - still took numerous tries by various adult trying to help. Then there were no instruction which whether the negative or positives need to be set with battery - extremely user UNFRIENDLY and will be looking for a different option net purchase - obviously not tested for easy use???


I have just purchased this torch and yes I found the sticker hard to get off as well. I also had trouble unscrewing the lens housing from the torch to fit a new battery. I feel that maybe it is stiff or had an air lock being new. Once the battery was fitted I found it easier to refit the lens housing. Will be used on my boat next time I go fishing as the boys let me off recently for not having a waterproof torch on board.


Cannot open to get the battery in. FAIL. Seeing you sell it without a battery you maybe should consider that somebody may have to insert a battery.
Cannot get the sticker off the front of the lense. FAIL. You have put an unremovable sticker on the lense.
WARNING If purchasing see if you can open and see if you can get the sticker off the lense.

Ruined a good product.

LED dolphan

I have to say since they gone from the globe to LED mine works good and still bright as the day i bought it and i have all the smaller ones they are you good to

this is the worst eveready product ever.. Can not even rate it one star.

A week ago I tested the switching mechanism on 40 Dolphin LED torches at Bunnings Midvale, WA. The location of the switch in relation to the now cramped handle necessitated using two hands on every unit... The actual mechanism worked on only ONE torch... the previously broad base for stability is gone.. I have purchased Eveready torches since I was a teen.. I am now 66 and this is no doubt the absolute worst ever.. Chucked it aside and bought a beautifully functional Arlec LED unit for 60% of Dolphin price...Lose the designer and the marketing agent or you will go broke...NO ONE will be a repeat sucker..

Unusable product - Total Fail

I thought the Dolphin torch was a quality product - not any more! Just purchased a new Dolphin Torch for $20.00, total waste of money, I could not get the torch to unscrew or release to insert the battery. I am a average sized bloke and it I could not get it to move a mm. Torch now in the bin, did not keep my receipt so no point returning to Coles where I purchased it from. I do not expect a lot for $20.00 but I do not think it is unreasonable to expect that I will be able to insert a battery and turn it on and get some light produced. Based on Fit for Purpose Test - FAIL!.

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Questions & Answers

Is this torch waterproof? If so how deep could it dive?
1 answer
You would need to read the manufacturer's specifications as to depth/pressure. I would suggest to you that they utilize a large "O" ring to prevent the ingress of water. That ring can make it incredibly difficult to remove the lens assembly unless it is constantly and liberally lubricated. I removed the O ring as water ingress is not a likely problem in my applications.

Type of batteries and battery cartridges?
1 answer
12v the big square ones. Insert battery into case of torch(if you can get the bloody thing open)

How do u open to insert battery?
1 answer
You have to use brute force. I had to stick mine in a big vice.

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