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Everyday Gift Cards

Everyday Gift Cards

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Do not ever buy one of these eGift cards on line. My daughter's purchased one from Freedom for Mother's Day. It has been a complete fiasco. Nobody at either the number at the bottom of the email page (Woolworths eGift cards) or Woolworths support knows ANYTHING on how it operates. I have just spent over 3 hours trying to sort it out to finally end up with a piece of paper that I had to print out and carry around for up to three years(expiry) to be able to use it and make sure to keep the email incase the printed page is queried by Freedom. Save yourself the time, energy and angst.

Terrible! Do not purchase unless you want to be embarrassed

Bought a friend one of these cards. They tried to use it and were told it didn't work = embarrassing. I called up woolies and was told it's a known issue, the cashier should have picked up it didn't activate. Their suggested solution was to ask for the card back from my friend and for me to go and try to activate again. How utterly embarrassing and such a poor customer service response for what is a known issue.

Sold dodgy gift card

Daughter brought gift card for Christmas for brother. Brother tried to use card told it was declined. Checked card at service desk at Bathurst store on 2/2/2109 and told card was used.
I said 'how can it be used?' Staff member reply was 'go on the website'. Staff member demonstrated no customer service. I showed them the receipt when the card was brought from the Bathurst store and again the reply was 'go to website'. Checked card on website result said card was expired.
I believe card was swapped for used card when given to daughter when purchasing it.
The card number in question is [removed], and was meant to have $50 on it.

5 days and 2 phone calls later - e-giftcard still hasnt turned up!

I ordered a giftcard for my granddaughter’s birthday. 5 days later (3 days after her birthday), I still havent received it. Still - no-one at Woolworths end seems to be able to fix the problem!

Declined at checkout

Given card as a gift. No purchase or expiry dates shown ? Card declined at checkout Woolworths. Contacted online chat and advised still valid !! Waiting on call back but advised we have to call them !! Poor customer service and no prompt resolution. Follow up call received next day saying card valid and advised to go back to Woolworths and try again !! Appears no direct link between card issuer's and Woolworths store.

Money stolen off Woolworths eCard

Frigging terrible people to deal with, been buying Woolworths eCard for years had money stolen off the card when we still have the card get no response about having a look at CCTV footage to see who stole it, will not replace the Money never give them my money again Buyer Beware they like to make things difficult when its there fault.
In hands of Police will be speaking to the Ombudsman, Choice.com, and the papers.

Wake up Woolies, Reading Cinemas & Bunnings, cudos for NON-EXPIRY GIFT CARDS

Have checked expiry date on a "WISH gift card" only to realise it expired 3 days ago !!!

For such a large company I find it difficult to accept they are not able to have an unlimited expiry date. If other companies are able to extend this service to customers, come on Woolies get with the program.

be careful with the expiry date

Cards should not expire after 1 year - this is a rip off and not acceptable. Fine if you have plenty of time to manage these cards, otherwise don't use.

Unhelpful staff, will not send within timeframe they set

Ordered being told it would be issued within 24 hours; this time came and went, so I called to be told they would send an urgent request to verifications, later in the day they sent a tax invoice but no ecard, so called again just to have to wait and wait to be told it will be sent at some point today. Just not good enough, why give a timeframe if you will not stick to it, had I have known it would take days I would have made other arrangements, the reason for electronic cards is to save time. Also finding a phone number to contact was not easy and my first attempts at calling resulted in being hung up on due to poor phone systems on their end. I might also mention they have had the money since I made the order, I paid with credit card and my bank is very quick at actually clearing the money - the batch every 30mins.

OK when you don't need to contact them

I purchased an egiftcard from everydaygiftcards (woolworths-cashrewards). I have done this many times and never had any issues - until today. First time to learn that there is no phone number on this website, so if there are any problems, you have to email them. I wanted to change my email address and could not do this via My details on the website (but I can change my name, home address, and phone number!). I had already purchased the giftcard with the wrong email account listed this morning. In desperation, I found a phone number for Woolworths Money and called. The first person told me I was unable to change the email because they are not linked to the giftcard site. They could not do anything about the giftcard. I called again and the second person said I could change the email address. He said that he would resend my giftcard to the new email address. After receiving nothing, the third person asked me for my new email address and tried to change it. This person said that the email was changed but the gift card has no numbers or pin. They said they would escalate the problem and email me with what the issue was. After receiving nothing, the forth person confirmed the email was changed and they will give me the details of the giftcard. After downloading it, this person informed me that there were no numbers and that this is a glitch in their system (he told me that it had nothing to do with me changing my email). After all the stuffing around I asked for a refund, which I was told they were unable to do that. In addition, I asked the third and fourth person to send me an email stating what the problem was and to confirm in writing that I will either get a gift card or a refund. Both promised to do this, however, I did not receive anything.

I will now have to go through the process of getting a charge-back on my credit card. Absolute poor customer service. For such a simple thing of changing an email address can cause such havoc! Don't risk purchasing gift cards online. Not worth it.

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How do I check the balance on my gift card?
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Can i use my wish card to buy petrol?
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Hi john Yes you can use your wish card to buy petrol

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