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Exelpet Capstar For Cats and Dogs

Exelpet Capstar For Cats and Dogs

For Cats and Small Dogs and For Medium and Large Dogs
2.8 from 55 reviews

Worked very fast and brutal to fleas

I gave my 5-year-old cat a tablet and decided after 10 min just to check on internet the signs to look for that it was working. After reading a few very negative reviews my cat started to display the same negative sympyoms. Like a switch he began running and jumping over everything and meowing. I tried to calm him down, i noticed a strong smell on his breath and he was panting, eyes became dull and fleas all over him coming up to the service
I picked him up and out side i brushed him, though he was not happy my brushing him, he normally loves it, his behaviour started to calm down after a hour and he was back to normal 2 hours after pill and flea freee

Warning - do mot use this product

WARNING - I have tried this product twice one year apart. Each time, my cat started crying, running around and panting. The first time I thought it was the fleas biting her as they were dying. Tonight I caught her whilst she was panting and running around and IMG her heart was beating So heavily I am now worried she is going to have a heart attack. I have settled her down and her heart seems to have settled only a little. I believe this product is dangerous to animals. How they can say it’s ok for kittens when my cat is five and reacting like this is ridiculous. I am throwing my unused tablets out and will never purchase this item again. I am hoping my cat will be ok tonight. I think she was happier with her fleas.

The worst I've ever used.

Does not work at all my cat has more fleas then it ever has didn't even kill any, will never use again. I promote advocate flea and worm control works amazing only brought this one to give it a try and was extremely disappointing. Trying to get my money back but no such luck.

Gets the job done

After using this product on my cat which was a simple process she seemed to have improved.
I did not notice any side effects aside from using it on her.


How is this stuff still on the shelf its needs ro be taken down so many pets are dying, does this not concern the makers ? Something needs to be done about this and stores need to stop selling this, i gave this to my 4 year old cat and is noe dead because it caused him to get sick and weak. Not happy at all.!!! DO NOT GIVE THIS TO YOUR PETS !!!

Nearly killed my cat

I bought this for my cat. She’s around 12 years old. I gave her one tablet, she stopped eating and drink, a few hours later threw up three times. She frothed at the mouth. She had a seizure. Started walking strangely and started crying out in fear and pain. The vet did not pick up on the poisoning at first so she endured another day’s worth of poisoning from that same dose that I did not repeat after the initial one where the impact on her mobility and her pupils were very dilated and the seizures continued.

She has survived but may have brain damage. I will get it pulled from the shelves. I went through an absolute nightmare seeing her close to death. She still can’t walk properly

It's not a flea preventative people

It does the job it kills fleas doesn't prevent them some people seem to be confused by that
It's not going to prevent fleas it kills the current fleas until you can get proper flea prevention tablet
My cats used it they were fine the fleas died it did the job till I could get my revolution

Beware! Adverse reaction.

I bought this for my 9 year old cat, who's just about 6.5 kg. Shortly after giving him the pill, he became very agitated and kept scratching his skin for hours. The next day, he was acting extremely weird - hiding in unusual places, poor coordination, extremely lethargic and would meow terribly like he was in pain. I had to take him to the vet and they took a blood test which will be analysed for toxins and diseases! It's past midnight now, and he's still lethargic and meows like he's in agony from time to time. I'm extremely worried as he's not acting like himself at all. It seems this is a fairly common issue, judging from the other reviews on this product. For the safery of your pet, please don't buy this dangerous product!

Working long tern

This product is only effective for a few hours after your pet takes the tablet. You must give another tablet no more than two weeks after the previous tablet for it to be effective in the long term.

Brilliant product for cats and dogs!

Starts working within 5 - 10 minutes.
I've used it for MANY years now (17 or 18?) on cats AND dogs!
FAST knockdown - yes, the animal WILL go crazy itchy, for a short time, but this is as fleas are biting as they are dying (I believe); must use another topical treatment though for CONTINUAL flea control. - This is JUSt designed to kill the ones that are ONBOARD! Vets use it prior to operations.

* Hint; cost wise; I buy large dog size and cut into 1/4 for our cats - theoretically a slightly higher dose if you are exact, but never any side effects.


Does exactly what it is supposed to do when used correctly. It is not designed to kill larvae or eggs nor does it prevent reinfestation. It simply kills all the adult fleas currently on the animal and it starts to work within 30 minutes. It induces hyperactivity in the fleas causing the animal to scratch and/or lick but this settles down within an hour or so as the fleas start to die and drop off.

Good Job!

Wow!. Worked very well…the dogs got a little itchy and began to run around. I just brushed their coats and dead and dying fleas began to fall off. Good Job.

Waste Of Money!!!

What an absolute waste of my money. Not impressed at all. DOESN'T WORK!!! Please don't waste your money on buying this product!!! I will not be recommending it.

Worked Quickly

This product worked super fast. Within 20 minutes the two cats had fleas coming to the surface of their fur and dying. Yes, they did get really itchy at the same time but that is a side effect. Two hours later they have settled down, stopped scratching and they do not have one flea left.

waste of money

Bought the flea tablet for small dogs and cats. Dog still scratching think it has actually helped fleas hatch. Worse than before treatment covered in tiny fleas. Not impressed will never use or recommend exelpet for any of my 9 pets.

Great as long as you flea bomb the environment the dog lives in as well.

This isn't too bad a product cost wise and it does work however it only worked in conjunction with flea bombing the whole house and gave a second dose within a couple of weeks. it does seem to kill the fleas though just not for long.

Capstar does work if you know how to use it

Those people who have given Capstar a bad review have no idea about flea ecology—that doesn't mean that this product doesn't work, but people thinking it will stop fleas re-infesting the pets are simply ignorant.
Capstar is not a residual (long-action) treatment. It a knockdown treatment that works only for about 48 hours - and it does work, fast (about 30 minutes starts killing fleas) and completely. But put those pets back in the same environment and the fleas will just jump on them again after 2 days the capstar won't be working anymore (unless you give it evey day and it's too expensive to use in that manner).
For ongoing control - use one of the many products that give a month long control, and keep using them for at least 6-9 months. Then, if fleas can't come in from roaming or visiting animals or on your pets if you take them somewhere else, you can stop using them.
I have no fleas on my property due to using the monthly products for 9 months to eradicate fleas (cats must be treated too, though we have the occasional feral but doesn't seem to cause a problem). However, I have new dogs or visitors' dogs coming in occasionally and sometimes my dogs go somewhere where they might pick up fleas.
CAPSTAR is the ideal product for an introduction/quarantine treatment.
Ideally I give the dog a tablet at least a few hours before getting to my place - all fleas on the dog will be dead before arriving (alternatively treat on arrival and chain/pen up someplace away from your yard for a few hours (e.g. at a neighbours who has no pets, or out under a tree somewhere away from your yard). Then if it's a dog I really know has fleas it will also ideally get a bath if it's not cold weather (just soap and water) and get a flea powder treatment on arrival in case there are flea eggs on the coat. Then I give one more Capstar 24 hours after the first one just to be sure. That's it. I have over 20 dogs and despite incoming dogs I have had no fleas here since I eradicated them 13 years ago when moved to this property. I am also a registered vet (but don't work in vet practice). I also successfully did same on 2 other properties I previously lived on that had fleas there from previous owners dogs when we arrived.

This product dose NOT WORK

This product dosnt work at all I have two cats and they both still have fleas didn't do a thing I'm descusted I spent the last of my pay on this and it hasn't worked I have to wait a week to get something else exelpet you should be ashamed of your selfs


never buy this product it dose not work at all my poor dog still has fleas waste of good money want my money back

Fantastic results for last 3 years.

I have 3 boarder collies all long hair have been using capstar tablets for 3 years mainly for fleas. Seams to also help with ticks. Must admit we do give the tablets every fortnight.

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