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Exelpet ENZ Stain and Odour

Exelpet ENZ Stain and Odour

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Well worth the money!

This is the best odor eliminator I have tried. I have allergic reactions to the perfumes in all the other brands I have tried. I have been using this product for 20 years on smelly shoes, toilet odor, visiting/ stray cats and dogs marking their territory in my yard/and house, vomit, garbage bin odors and urine on mattresses. It doesn't always remove stains completely but it always kills the odor. The most amazing experience was when an ex friend tipped a bucket of rotten fish on the carpet in my brand new car and left it in the sun for a week with all the doors and windows shut, without telling me.
The smell was nauseating..so much that I was told that the carpet and upholstery would need to be stripped. Fortunately I took a gamble........ I used 2 full bottles (250 ml each) of the product, sprayed every surface,and soaked the carpet. 2 days later the smell was completely gone and did not return.....even when it rained.... I strongly recommend it to anyone ...especially people with allergies and perfume sensitivities.
Will completely remove any natural odour.
More expensive than other brands, only comes in small bottles, Very hard to source.

No more smelly

I love dogs and I have 3 of them, a belgian, a labrador and a japanese spitz. But sometimes I can't stop complaining on their smelly urine and feces in the house so I went to a store and found Exelpet ENZ Stain and Odour. It has no harsh or strong smelling chemicals. It eliminates odour that attract pets back to its previously soiled locations. I don't have to worry anymore.
removes odour and stain on urine and feces

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This is absolutely brilliant. I have not found any other product that so totally destroys the smell! i would thoroughly recommend it!

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