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Exelpet EZY-DOSE Intestinal All-Wormer For Dogs

Exelpet EZY-DOSE Intestinal All-Wormer For Dogs

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Very sick older dog from Ezy-dose All Wormer Chews


Purchased at ALDI.

Puppy vomiting


I gave this all wormer last night to my 8 month old puppy and he has vomited twice since and been off his food. I am guessing it’s the all wormer as there has been no other change to his daily schedule/food.

Purchased in May 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $29.00.

Not Bad


I gave this to my puppy she started to throw up couple of times there were brownish vile and colour like red came out of her and butt maybe it was the colour of the product I got scared for her. In the next 24 hours she stopped vomiting I was OK and felt fine after that so I watched her slept.



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My dog has always been good with taking worm, flea and tick treatment but one bit of this stuff and she hated it took me forever to catch her do not use this stuff I would recommend "drontal" Wormer it works fine.



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Exelpet us so dangerous for your pets.stay away!


PLEASE do not give any animal Exelpet products especially the intestinal dog wormer. Almost killed my dog. Left her paralysed for weeks and lucky to recover. She now has several twitches. I've heard other horror stories of pets dying a painful death. The company takes no responsibility and yet their flea collars for cats killed a number of cats and were pulled from supermarket shelves. This company operates on a profit driven principle and has lost sight of the fact that lives are at stake. I can only hope someone with deep pockets puts them out of business once and for all.



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Made my puppy very sick.


On the two occasions I used these as recommended for my Doberman puppy's weight he got severe diarrhoea and vomiting both times within 24 hours of taking them. Second time I had to take him to the vet as it was even more severe. The only reason I used the second chew was because i thought the first episode may have been unrelated to the worming chew. When it happened a second time with the same symptoms in the same time frame this was more than a coincidence. Warning stay away from these.



Your product killed my puppy.


Two nights ago i dewormed my litter of 6 week old puppies. Each pup was weighed and an exact dosage according to your recommendations was given. The whole litter started vomiting and became lethargic and withdrawn. One pup commenced seizures and generally looked terribly ill. All within 2 hours of giving them your product. Vet bill cost nearly 300 plus the puppy who had seizures died i will NEVER EVER use one of your products again and i will be letting every person i know not to buy your products in any form. If i could have reviewed you with no stars i would have. Beyond terrible- terminal would be a better description

Puppy would not eat it


'Your dog will readily accept these', or so it says on the back of the packet. Maybe it's because my puppy is used to the flavour of good quality raw food, but he would NOT eat these and kept pawing at them. Had to cut the block up into tiny pieces and mix it in with his meal. Not looking forward to the next time I have to give this.

Very sick puppy


We gave our four month old moodle puppy one of the chews tonight and even broke it up in to smaller pieces so he could eat it but within 2 hours he was violently ill. He was lifeless and it was a very traumatic experience. We seeked advice from an emergency vet who said he had an allergic reaction. We obviously have a very sensitive little boy! I made sure I read all of the packaging and different options in Coles and it said it was safe for his age. I'm sure others don't have a problem with this product but we won't be using it again



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no problem


I have a very very fussy eater so I have to break the chews into pieces and wrap cheese around it and he wolfs it down. The price is excellent and not over priced like many pet products, I dont have to go into a pet shop or a vets to buy it and it does the job.
The price and value for money

Questions & Answers



When should I give heartwormer & intestinal allwormer to my pregnant dog? She is around 4-5 weeks pregnant. and I missed the last dosage for I didn't think it was wise at the time for she had recently mated.

1 answer

I'm not a vet and I recommend you contact a vet and once she has had the pups get her desexed unless you are a registered breeder.



What to do when a dog hsa ingested a double dose?

1 answer

call a vet to ask.



how often do you treat your dog with these chews?

1 answer
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Exelpet recommend every 3 months - more info here: http://www.exelpet.com.au/IntestinalWorming.aspx

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