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Exelpet Intestinal All-Wormer For Dogs

Exelpet Intestinal All-Wormer For Dogs

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KarenNorth Western Region, NSW

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Can't get it.


I used to purchase this product very easily at Woolworths and now can't get it anywhere. It's also annoying how the price increased so much. I thought it worked well for my dogs.

Purchased at Woolworths Physical store for $9.00.

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This product is disgusting, after my mums dog had this worming tablet he started being really weak and would go all stiff and couldn’t move , unfortunately he died a few days later . He was happy and healthy before having this tablet . it shut his body down

Dangerous Product!! Exelpet Dog Wormer Chews


Dangerous Product...
I gave my healthy male Staffy Exelpet 2 dog wormer chews the end of July 2017. This is the first time I have ever used this product.
Within minutes of giving him the chews he started trying to throw the chews up with our success.
He was sick all night. The next day and subsequent days He had severe diarreah, was throwing up and He would not eat or drink, he was severely unwell. He lost 10 kg the in a week.
I had to rush him to the Vet for emergency care as he was so unwell.
After several blood test etc at huge expense... My dogs pancreas had shut down !!
He is now a diabetic since taken your dog wormer chews.
Thanks for nothing Exelpet!!

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Exelpet the likely culprit to an horrendous episode that has almost killed my dog


Orange/pink poop


Within less than 12 hours of giving my two dogs these "pink" tablets both had mucous type poops which were a bright orangy/pinky colour, and quite runny. It was a bit scary seeing this at first, because I wasn't sure what was going on, until I remembered giving my dogs the tablets in the morning. I was certain that these tablets were the cause, being the only thing "out of the ordinary" that the dogs had ingested during the day. My dogs are mostly indoor dogs and only go outside when I am with them so I ensure they don't eat anything nasty.



Questionably - waiting for a reply


My dog is 22kg I gave him 2 and 1/4 of the pink tablets. The next day in his poo, I can see a pink colour. I am guessing the tablets went through his system and his body has rejected it therefore it is in his poo. Maybe it is only the colouring of the tablets that has been rejected by his body. I have written to exelpet and am waiting for their feedback. He is acting normal.
It's cheap from Coles.
It may not work since there is a pink colour through his poo

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Made my dog very sick


I have my miniature poodle the recommend dose and in the last four hours he has vomit 3 times and is really lethargic. If he's not better by the morning I will take him to the vet. I do not recommend ! He won't eat anything or drink, he just sits and sways and looks horrible!

Made my dog very sick!

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Jane M.

Jane M.asked

Holy hell! I’ve just fed my beautiful English springer spaniel half the dose of this product. I thought she only needed one, and there was only one left In the packet. I went to the pets hop to buy some more and they told me how dangerous this product is! Thank goodness I only gave her half of the required dose. Why is this still being sold!!!!!

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Why do you insist on selling this very dangerous product? It is far too strong for the pet's neurological system and paralizes the dog instead of the worm! You are a company without conscious and the bottom line is your only interest. Pull the product if you have even a modicum of conscious about you. Evil!

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Ellie D.
Ellie D.

I'm so glad for these reviews. I won't use flea or heart worm treatments as they are pure poison and have killed many dogs. Now I suspect my dog has worms and product reviews are saying the same thing about worm treatments.
Why are these products on shelves?


Glad you won't give your dog this disgusting product. Look for natural alternatives. If they eat good clean food they won't need worming



Yes i brought excelpet intestinal worming for my rottweiler 30kg how many chews do i give him box has been thrown out?

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Please, please, please...if you love your dog, THROW that poison away. It nearly killed my dog and the company has had to withdraw product from the shelves as it killed cats. It is highly toxic. See if you can go natural. My vet said that if they have a well balanced diet then they don't really need to be wormed. Do your own research but DO NOT use this poison.

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