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Exelpet SPOT-ON Flea Control for Cats and Kittens

Exelpet SPOT-ON Flea Control for Cats and Kittens

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I applied the treatment exactly as directed. Our cat ended up with burns and loss of fur within hours. Washed off any product immediately.
Have always used Vet treatments but was short of time and noticed cats had fleas so I figured I would just get some Exelpet from the local Woolworths.
I agree with other reviews, this product should be immediately taken off the market as it seems that it is a common problem. It’s nasty and I feel so bad about using it and causing our fur baby harm.
Obviously we will never use this product ever again. Definitely worth sticking to vet products.

Purchased in September 2019 at Woolworths for $16.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects Short-term illness
Pet TypeCat

Terrible product

I put this on my cat this morning. She immediately started foaming at the mouth. She was extremely unhappy and running around the house shaking her head with foam flinging everywhere. I called Exelpet and they told me to wash it off, waste of money. I’ll stick with Revolution.

Purchased in August 2019 at Woolworths.

Side Effects Short-term illness
Pet TypeCat

Worrying wait

I applied then I Googled these reviews. I worried all night, monitored every body movement of my 14 year old 4.7 kg female Tonkinese. She went quiet, displayed the tongue and lip action that usually precedes vomiting but none occurred. Some normal behaviors but certainly off her usual spark and sass for over 24 hours. Spotted a live flea in the precise treatment area 12 hours after application.

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths Physical store.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects Personality change
Pet TypeCat

Nothing inside!!

This is the third packet of Exelpet Spot-on for Flea Control that I have bought from Coles and there is nothing inside! The first time the packets were empty and the latest has no pipette in the plastic container inside. At $16 this is a rip-off!

Purchased in May 2019 at Coles.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects None
Pet TypeCat

Does NOT work and upset my cats

I strongly recommend this product be taken off the shelves. My cats (we have 4) are acting rather strangely after application. The fleas seem to have gotten worse and the cats are upset. Fortunately they do not seem ill, thank god for that but i will never use this product again. After reading many of the other reviews, i am shocked that it is still available in our 2 big supermarket chains. I will be visiting Petstock in a few weeks, because i can't put more poison in my pets right now. That could be really harmful. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT

Purchased in April 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.

Side Effects Personality change
Pet TypeCat

Burns around neck

I wish I had of read the reviews on this product before using it. I feel so bad I went the cheaper option and bought this from the supermarket. My poor cat has burns completely around her neck and lost all the fur in that area. I didn’t even notice her unusual vomiting was probably from this a couple of days later. Never again!

Did not kill the fleas expensive and useless

I would never use this again poor dogs still have fleas wth it cost $133 and did nothing very upset and disappointed with product

Fleas are worse than before!

Luckily my cats didn't get ill lots a lot of other people who have posted here, however the reason I googled it, is because one of our cats especially has more fleas than ever before.. and it was put on 6th Nov.. (11th Dec now) so that is enough time to take effect. So doesn't do squat to eliminate fleas... what a waste of money. Thank God they didn't get really ill like many other poor people cats did though.. poor puds puds..

Left Chemical Burns on our cat!!!

do not use this product our poor cat was itchy from fleas so we thought we'd help by putting this on her and it left a huge septic wound on her back and all her fur fell out there!!! shes all healed now and fur is finally growing back in but never again would we buy this. absolutely disgusting product that should be ripped from shelves.

Complete waste of money fleas worse cat poorly

Didn’t make any difference to flea population & made cat sick. Will take her to the vet. Wish I never bought it. It shoukd be taken off the shelves. I want my money back & poor cat’s vet bill refunded. Don’t buy it. Disasterous.

Excellent product.

Have been using this on our 2 cats for about a decade with no issues at all. My only gripe is that the manufacturers no longer put the little reminder stickers in the box now which are use useful to put on the calendar. I use this product every 3 months on the cats without fail and have never had a flea problem with them once. Note: They are both indoor (night) and outdoor cats (day).

Do not under any circumstances give this or any other Exelpet flea treatment to your pet.

We have 2 adult cats and both are sick from this treatment. Both of them resisted getting it and with good cause. It smelt vile and took overnight to dry on their fur AND the fleas are alive and well. One cat was up all night with the distress it was in.They are miserable and sick and we are regretful and sleep deprived.
Both cats are ill and I am expecting trip to the vet in my futute for both cats. I am absolutely discused that something so obviously toxic is still being sold in our supermarkets.
I think we have to contact the supermarkets direct to get these products banned. Australia doesn't seem to have any legislation that prevents this happening to our much loved pets.
Get the word out that this product is dangerous and has the abiliity to kill your pet not the fleas on them.

December 12th 2018 Update: Follow up on my previous review Excelpet Cat flee treatment

Had a vet visit and got treatment vet said that cats coming in with poisoning from these products is quite common. This is totally unexceptable for pets and owners to be put through such a horrible experiences.Trial and error should not be how we discover how bad these products are. I bought this product in an Australian supermarket not off a dodgy site.
On doing some research I discovered that these common responses to these products this often whitewashed over by saying it is a sensitivity or overdosing issue on this product and rarely happens. The more I looked into this the more I found this not to be the case. There is a lot of bad reactions on the net. How many more are there that are not recorded?
Personally, both our cats reacted badly and we followed te directions to the letter, with the specifically labeled cat product. ( the dog product has a lot more of the active ingredients and is even more dangerous to use on cats )
Apparently the Australian Government needs direct contact of these poisonings as they cannot act from what is said on sites like Product Review. Please consider reporting any bad experiences with these types of product to
The Australian Pestisides & Vetinary Medicines Authority. enquiries@apvma.gov.au
It is the only way we can prevent these traumatic experiences continuing.
The company that sell these products will not take action to prevent this cruelty to our pets unless they are forced to change.


I have to agree with other reviewers on this one. The Mr's applied this poison to our burping and farting furball and within 2 hours, the poor thing was burping, farting and vomiting all over the place.
Probably made in China to actually eradicate the cat population !.

Dangerous poison

Do not use this on your cat. We've only used it once on our cat and, within 24 hours, she was vomiting, dry-retching, nervous and restless, and developed cystitis for the first time ever. We were careful to place it where she wouldn't ingest it while washing, but the effects were immediate and lasted for a few weeks. For the first few days, we thought we might lose her. If you poison your cat this way, lactose free milk might help with keeping them hydrated. Don't ever use this though. I totally recommend both Revolution and Advocate.

Made my cat sick

A few years ago I used this product on my cat before I became aware of the dangers of pyrethrin-based flea treatments. He was very sick and fatigued for weeks afterward. I felt so guilty. This should not be sold in supermarkets as it kills cats and especially kittens. If you care about the health and life of your pet please buy ADVOCATE or REVOLUTION instead as they contain safe active ingredients and no pyrethrins.

Doesn’t work!

Worked for 2 days but fleas are back & worse than before. Don’t waste your money!
Should have got Advocat or Advantage in the first place

Rubbish - doesn't do a thing.

This product didn't do a thing... we used it on our new kitten at 10 weeks when he was scratching quite often and again at 14 weeks once he had a full blown flea outbreak and then I went online to read the reviews on it and realised this is well known with this product - absolute garbage... I went and bought Advantage and the fleas were falling off within an hour... don't waste your money!

Exelpet Spot-On Flea Control for Cats and Kittens - one week later, my cat was dead.

Bought this product on two consecutive occasions to try a cheaper option to the Revolution I had been successfully using, and now my cat has paid the price. First application in September, with a follow up dose in December. She still had fleas, but became weak and listless just days after the second application. The vet said that pyrethrin products contribute to the severe anaemia she had, and that her fleas demonstrated that the product was not working to get rid of them. I bought this product in good faith, believing it's claims, but having read the other reviews here, I will never use ANY Exelpet products again.

Did not work, don't waste your money!!

Used this for my 2 cats, made NO difference to their fleas, but did turn their coats white. Buy something else, it doesn't work and a total waste of money.

Could not recommend product/nor use again/strong odour and residual lingering effect/wore off prior

We have 3 cats (all 3 years old) but only one of them is 5 kilos and the other two are just 4 kilos, and this was potentially a problem that I hadn't experienced with other flea treatments. The exelpet cat flea spot on product when administered, smelt very badly and poisonous and seemed to stay wetter/linger on the fur for more than just overnight (like with others), and on a larger surface area, and I was concerned I may have given them the dogs one or something by mistake. When I checked the packaging I realised it was for cats OVER 4kgs. Since 2 of my cats were only just 4kgs - I became extremely worried i.e. overdose?. The cats were OK (thank goodness) but both them and I found the lingering smell and residue excessive and unnecessary. I have now got Revolution which does the weight range of 2.6 - 7.5kgs and I found this product to not be so "wet" and poisonous scented. I find I have to mix the treatments around each time as they get immuned to them and they all seem to stop working at some point.
Note: The fleas did seem to dissipate within a few days, but returned after a few weeks instead of a month.
Also, you need to treat the environment i.e. wash everything, clean carpets etc, but I also used HOVEX flea and bed bug spray from Bunnings for $9.95 to spray all around the house. It wasn't too bad a smell (unlike toxic baygon etc) and it was easy peasy and not too harmful for the cats as it quickly dissipated and was no issue at all. Flea bombs are useless as they are harmful, painful, and don't get where you need to get the fleas i.e. under beds, in cupboards etc.
If nothing else works, get the pest control people out...seriously....fleas can drive you insane!!! Good luck everyone.

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My American staffy weighs 25kgs how many tablets do I give her?
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Can you use I think on mice?
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I used this product and it didn't work plus reviews scarrd me, so I flea washed my cat the next day. it's now bbeen about 1and half week could I use the proper frontline plus treatment? or is it too soon.
2 answers
Taylor I did this and my cat was pretty sick for a good few days, whilst the product toxicity was definitely there the product didn't work. I did write to excel but they didn't have the manners to reply. So if you have a young cat definitely don't use something else for at least a month, if you have a cat in good health you can try it but I think the best is to stick to a powder for a couple of weeks at least.It does NOT WORK it is CRAP & the company does NOT answer emails either WASTE OF MONEY....


Exelpet SPOT-ON Flea Control for Cats and Kittens
CategoryTick & Flea Control
Application TypeTopical
Pet TypeCat
Reapplication PeriodEvery 2-3 months
Minimum Pet Age3 weeks

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