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Fetch Mighty

Fetch Mighty

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FETCH MIGHTY - great to say the least

Left Telstra after 20 years and the stupid T Box which only had a 260 g recording capacity. Telstra were very poor customer support in the last five years so gave them the flick.
Went to Optus and the best thing we have ever done with the FETCH MIGHTY. Wanted the Fetch or get off the NBN. Have had it over 2 years, with no trouble at all. Heavy duty piece of recording equip. 1 Tb recording capacity. Did not take much getting used to, except unlike the T BOX, it does not break down. Can record 3 as I watch another. Download movies are so easy and quick on 50 mpbs. Pay currently $90 including Fetch Mighty(forget the mini) all calls including mobile, modems (very average from Optus) and we get 30 average to good movies free a month. Get Optus sport and one channel pack for free. Price has gone up to $100, but Otpus agreed to continue us with the options at still $90 and but $10 per month off for 6 months to keep us.
All other providers are quite a bit dearer with the Mighty. We have found Optus very good except the average modem re coverage. Very very happy with a quality product and Optus

Purchased in August 2017.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Recording Quality

Fetch TV box

We love our Fetch box! It is capable of recording free to air channels and also able to use the Catch Up feature so you can watch your favourite Pay TV shows. The remote is super easy to use and can be used as a dual remote with the TV so you only ever need one remote. You can pause live channels and replay shows that have already started. We have had the box for 2 years now and never had a fault with it.

Love it!

Fetch TV is incredibly easy to use. The menus are simple, and there is more than one way to do several of the simple functions.
It series links with a touch of a button, and can record multiple channels at once.
The recorded section is easy to navigate and find what I previously recorded.
It has never missed a recording, and is incredibly reliable.
It’s convenient to keep everything (free to air, catch up, Netflix, Stan etc) all in one place.
Occasionally I find that the pay channels are unlocked (free) for a month or so, which is a bonus!
Very highly recommend!

Purchased in April 2017 at JB Hi-Fi Online Store for $299.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Recording Quality

good hardware horrible software

I bought it as a Tivo replacement.. Tivo didnt offer VOD, youtube, so fetch TV is definitely a great solution, but it's unreliable software is very annoying and I cannot recommend as PVR or media player.

Pros :
#Dual channel recorder
#decent HDD space
#Youtube, iview, SBS, Netflix, Stan, ready to watch.
#good pre-programmed remote that can control several well known TVs and FetchTV together (I have Sony TV)

#Application does not close properly or fail to render/refresh the screen correctly. If you're lucky screen will refresh the full screen, or unlucky whole screen will show you nothing but blank screen.
Often someone was watching Netflix and pause and walk away after turning TV off. After returning to the TV and turning on, you may be greeted with a blank screen.
Unfortunately, only way to recover is to power cycle the box. I am getting sick of restarting it almost daily. sometimes two three times a day.

#fail to recover when lose wifi signal.
Not sure what kind of OS it is running, but trying to re-connect to a wifi will results in system freeze or endless spinning wheel. Dont bother, just power cycle it. (I have bad WIFI AP with weak signal, so it requires restart, which is a story/review of it's own, but FetchTV just fails to reconnect)

#remote play doesnt work.
This prob is more like undocumented feature, but you can watch some recorded shows from a PC on the same network. Again it's hit and miss, some video plays and some doesnt, and some will force you to start copy to your machine and fails at the end. Im assuming it is due to some copy protection, however I never bothered to check further.

Purchased in February 2017 at Harvey Norman for $299.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money

Fetch box & Customer service tell you what you want to hear

I purchased a Fetch mighty box when I joined IInett, we paid top $ and I was under the impression it was ours, like when you purchase it from a retailer like Harvey Noman or JB HI FI for a similar price. When we had the NBN connected and changed providers I tried to re connect the Fetch box but they lock it permanently. Very annoying

Poor tuners

Unless you have a TV antennae with excellent reception this unit is not be able to tune in the Free to Air (FTA) channels. My current PVR is a Humax. The Humax, as well the Panasonic TV are both able to tune into all the Sydney FTA. And, I did check if my unit had the latest firmware and it had.
Trying to return the Fetch was another world of pain - initially the staff would not accept it as the box had been opened. How does one determine if the product is "fit for purpose" unless one tries it? After much delay and my insistence that a store manager be called, they reluctantly processed the refund.
Scouring the internet it become obvious that the units have low quality TV tuners, going back years ago; you would have thought that this defect would have been rectified by now.

Purchased in June 2019 at Bing Lee Online store for $349.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money

Poor quality electronics. Very frustrating, locks up, takes several minutes to change a channel.

My first box replaced my TiVo box. When I first got the Fetch box, it worked well. A few days later, when you went to change the channel, it literally took 3 to 4 minutes for the box to respond. A huge lag in time after a channel change. The box would lock up. I returned it to Harvey Norman. It was replaced with a second box. About 4 weeks later, it does the same thing, only now it comes up with random menu items on the screen that are un-commanded. Right now, there is a red sign up on the top of the screen saying 'No Internet Connection' yet, it says the internet connection is good on another screen and says it is connected. Having said that, again, when you try and change the channel, it takes literally 3 to 4 minutes before the box catches up and changes the channel. Today, it did a firmware update, and the whole thing is stuffed. Hate it. Don't mind paying good money for something that works and is reliable, but HATE paying money out for cheap crap/rubbish that doesn't work as it should. Wanted to watch the news at 6pm. Go to change the channel. The box changes the channel 4 minutes later. Sick of paying good money for unreliable and inferior crap. When it is working, it does a great job of recording and is awesome at playback, picture quality etc. There are shortcuts that have been taken to clearly maximise profits. I hope you see this as a balanced review. I am now going to try and return this second box and go for a third that I REALLY hope works as advertised. Great when it is working. Terrible when it runs in to obvious software problems that you have no control over.

Purchased in January 2019 at Harvey Norman Appliances Physical Store for $345.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money

Great replacement for my Topfield

The old Topfield masterpiece wouldn't accept a remote signal so it was time to reluctantly replace it. So glad we did. The Fetch has a much better picture either because of the supplied HDMI cable or higher spec output.

Series recording off the excellent EPG is fabulous. You can select how much padding before start and after end for each program; plus you can select to only record the current series or one that hasn't been recorded before; plus multiple recordings of the same program go into their own separate folder so they're easier to find. I haven't yet found out how to do the ad skipping yet but the fast forward/rewind buttons work very well for doing that.

The Choice article (https://www.choice.com.au/products/electronics-and-technology/home-entertainment/dvd-blu-ray-players-and-pvrs/fetch-tv-mighty-m616t#product-reviews) states that media can't be copied but the unit has USB sockets. With the Topfield I used to copy unwatched programs onto a USB drive but with 1TB of storage it shouldn't be too much of a problem if I can't do that.
I receive excellent signals from Shepparton and very good signals from Bendigo. It was a little irritating that I couldn't delete the Bendigo ones. I had to go through one menu to test the signal strength from each station, write down which was best, then go through another menu to select whether they would be displayed on the EPG or not. I didn't see anywhere where I could actually delete them.

I'm very impressed by the remote. It has very few keys but when you press the numbers button, on top left, lights come on inside the keys showing the numbers etc they represent. Pleasantly surprising.

Setting up was horrendous though. I plugged everything in and turned it on, expecting to do a channel scan immediately. Not so. First I had to connect the unit to the internet via cable or wireless. I didn't see any option of bypassing this step. Once this was done I had to enter the activation key. Back to the computer to go to the Fetch site, go through all the hoops, pay the $1 (you can pay more for packages but I didn't) and write down the key. It's also sent to your mobile but I didn't know that. Go back to the PVR and enter the activation key. Then it checks the internet connection again and checks for updates. It downloaded an update which took a minute or two but then took over an hour to apply the update. After that was done and the internet connection was tested again it started scanning channels. Altogether, this took about 2 hours in total but it it does work very quickly now which makes the horrendous installation bearable.

Purchased in June 2019 at JB Hi-Fi Retail Stores for $449.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Recording Quality

Fetch Mighty - My experience

Purchased the Fetch Mighty, put it in the lounge room and have been using it via my wifi since October last year.

Fetch have released a number of models. Mine includes a hard disk to record (Latest Model M616T)
Don’t get confused with the older one (Model M605T) with different remote listed separately on this website.
You need to signup and receive a code via email to activate the Fetch service.

What I have learned about the Mighty:-
1. Need a tv antenna connection to just watch normal FTA tv.
2. Need good internet for everything else (I use wireless). I had problems which eventually required me reconfiguring my home network.
3. It is designed with hard drive so can record and store shows.
4. I pay $1 per month to watch 30 ‘Fetch selected’ movies which change daily. (some are 10+ years old!)
5. I purchased outright so I can change ISP but my ISP will not assist me with Fetch issues. If I purchased via my ISP it is then locked to that ISP and the ISP will help with Fetch issues.
6. Fetch does not have phone support or a store front. I have had to work, via emails, with Fetch to address issues.
7. I can subscribe and pay for various extra channels (or channel packs) similar to Foxtel (eg Nickelodeon, ESPN etc) and Optus Sport but not yet tested.
8. I have successfully purchased, rented and watched various late release movies, similar to Foxtel.
9. I found Google searches an excellent help tool.

Replaces my PVR and has more features.
Replaces my Google Chromecast.
Easy remote.
Can fast forward/rewind up to 32x or 5 minutes.
I have successfully watched Catch-Up tv, Netflix and Stan (via accounts) and YouTube.

The Mighty depends on good internet in my home. Poor signals mean problems.
Not truely ‘series link’ like Foxtel. Just records same time rather than actual time. Eg if show starts later..bad luck.
Does not ad skip.
The unit does get warm/hot, so keep well ventilated.
Experienced reliability concerns as I have had to restart the Mighty many times. Based on web searches this seem to be a known issue.

I also purchased the cheaper and smaller Fetch Mini and put it in the bedroom. It has the same features as the Mighty but no hard drive so can’t record. But any shows that are recorded on the Mighty can be watched on the Mini via my home internet.

Purchased in October 2018 at Bing Lee Physical store for $381.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Recording Quality

Moved from TiVo, wish fetch was like TiVo

We have been using fetch for a 3-4 years when it first came out. We had to move away from TiVo as the service was being stopped. In some ways we wish the bosses of fetch would take on the aspects of TiVo. It learnt what you liked and didn’t like by letting TiVo know.
Fetch is heavily dependent on the internet all channels except free to air will use your data, if forget and leave your fetch box on a data use channel it be using data even though your not watching the tv.
If your like us and loose internet a fair bit, it takes fetch forever receive the changes/input from the remote. If the internet is working fetch runs smoothly, you can control fetch with google home mini, and remotely from your phone using the app. Great if you forget to record something or you wanted to make changes.
It can record 6 channels at once while watching already recorded shows. It has a 1tb hard drive. Enough storage for heaps of shows and movies.
As TiVo users we wish it was more like TiVo but it’s the closest thing to TiVo on the market. We just wish it wasn’t so dependent on the internet to run especially when internet is down. It doesn’t work as good.

Purchased in February 2012 at Harvey Norman for $500.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Recording Quality

Best PVR

Love this machine. Much more stable than the Altech we had and it has so many great features too. Easy to use and set up. If you still want a PVR, as I do (I don't always find what I want on Catchup) and want to record and keep shows or movies for later or to rewarch, this is the intelligent machine for you.

Date PurchasedMar 2018


A fantastic Internet Smart PVR which can record several channels whilst watching another channel. There's a wide-range of features to satisfy most people.

Two ways to get it:
1 buy it from your favourite store ($399 ?); or
2 as part of your Internet plan ($20 per month fir two years ?).
(As a 2018 self-birthday present - with my wife's permission, of course - I bought a Fetch Mighty Smart PVR, TCL Smart TV & Laser DVD player. All easily installed & working).

Fetch TV very good

I have Fetch TV and have had no problems with it brought in mid 2016 but nothing beats Tivo and disappointed that TiVo closed there services in Australia. Would like to find a Dvr that works as the same as Tivo for Australia and Fetch TV does it all for recording catch up TV Netflix and Stan and you tube

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Loved my TIVO, but the Fetch mighty does a fair job

Fetch mighty. Yes. Just buy it. It's pretty good.
I've had it for 5 months now, with no problem.
I had a TIVO for years. I loved it. It was reliable, easy to navigate and only when the power went off did it take a while to power up. But since it is now defunct, I had to go and buy a fetch mighty to replace it.
It's better than I expected, but still not quite as good as a TiVo.
It has buckets of space to record Programs.
You can record 4 Program at the same time (provided they are not all on the same family of channels)
To record you can hit the red R button and it records straight away. BUT, it does NOT record what you have already watched up to that point, or record the previous 30 mins like TiVo did. This is very disappointing. :(
But no worse than a PVR.
It takes you easily to Netflix's and catch up TV ( SBS on demand and ABC view etc)
But it is very geared to try to sell you movies or rent them.
I tend to watch free to air and the things I record off it.
It's fairly intuitive although I still haven't figured out a few buttons/ features yet.
The 32 x speed through is good, but you can't jump thru or to the end like the TiVo in hops. But it's pretty fast in 32x
I do like that it puts a tick beside the program you have already watched
All in all I'd buy it outright again ($399 wasn't such a bad price for what it does)
I didn't give my TIVO away though in the " buy back" at Harvey's. I thought my previous Programs are worth more to me than $100 plus it's still useful as a back up PVR.
(Just can't do pre records with out the TV guide)

Date PurchasedOct 2017

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Is there backup contact te any problems? Are there any ongoing running costs?
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Yes and depends


Fetch Mighty
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