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Panasonic DMR-BWT955GL

Latest review: This Unit has replaced an older TOPFIELD DVB and the Panasonic is equivalent in all aspects and can handle the New Formats of HD TV and the Differing Digital Sound Outputs of each Station, MPEG, AAC,

Panasonic DMR-HWT260GN

Latest review: Have been using it for a couple of years and have up to date been very happy. Easy controls and lovely picture on my old Sony TV. Recently though, it has started to freeze where I cant turn it off.

Fetch TV Mini

Latest review: Much better that the previous fetch boxes, now wireless which makes life that much easier. Live tv pause rewind, catch up tv, Netflix, free movies. No recording is only

Fetch TV Mighty

Latest review: Ok i admit i am an ex TIVO owner, it died 5 years a go and just loved the machine and it never missed a beat or recording until its demise. Then i thought a HUMAX 4Tune would take is place but fell

Easybox Arabic IPTV

Latest review: Picture on most channels freeze every minute although I have a rapid internet (20 MB/sec) .. not happy with this box!! Plenty of good channels but rarely you can watch a full movie or game because of

Laser STB-6000

Latest review: I have owned my STB-6000 and it has continually gone out of sync. Voice does not match the picture. Will lose the voice completely and you have to turn it off and restart which is a pain when you’ve

Telstra TV

Latest review: We have had our Telstra TV now for about six months. The good is that when it works you can easily access the available subscription services or Free to air content. The bad is that the unit is

Teac HDB850

Latest review: i notice a lot of people complaining about this unit - I bought mine second hand from a Trash n Treasure market for 15 bucks - set it up, scanned channels - perfect. I admit it's an entry-level unit

Worldmax TV

Latest review: All the movies and most channels are disappear from old World max and don't get update. They want you buy new. Waste of money. Rather buy other Android box or

Humax HDR-3000T

Latest review: This is a product from hell. Whoever wrote software was lazy, incompetent or both. It is a source of endless frustration. It does what it wants when it wants, not what you want. Regrettably seems

Foxtel iQ3

Latest review: The box keeps erasing recorded shows. A technician informed me many of the IQ3 boxes are faulty and need to be replaced with IQ4. Can only speak to an overseas call centre who always say they will

SiliconDust HDHomeRun Connect

Latest review: Great Product and is simple to setup and and use. Just remember it works over Wifi but cannot be used outside your home network. Quality of picture is great and works well on my wifes Surface and

Fetch Mighty

Latest review: We have been using fetch for a 3-4 years when it first came out. We had to move away from TiVo as the service was being stopped. In some ways we wish the bosses of fetch would take on the aspects of

Beyonwiz U4

Latest review: The Beyonwiz U4 is basically a slightly improved version of the T4, so a lot of features & opinions of the T4 will apply to the U4 as well. Physically it is a smaller device, which I see as a

Freeview T2100

Latest review: Interface is quite good, as intuitive as any that one may expect in the genre. Too early to evaluate storage space or recording quality. At the initial installation the Apps key on the remote would

Beyonwiz T2 Triple Tuner PVR Media Player

Latest review: Purchased mid December 2017, have used it every day since then for recording FTA and media streaming. Has lot of features that once you explore them it is amazing what you can do with the

Beam Arabia

Latest review: beam arabia is the best company i ever dealt with they are quick to respond with any questions you send to them aslong as this company is running i will stay as a customer until then good work beam


Latest review: This is a Vast certified satellite receiver and must be registered to use in terrestrial black spots or for travellers. Nice small footprint with a really decent ui and remote control. Works great

Strong SRT 5432

Latest review: It works ok but it has issues with the UI. It's hard to get an epg unless the time is set correctly. If you unplug it you lose the time and have to reset it again. Also the channels can't be set to

Strong SRT5434

Latest review: Had same problem so I emailed "orders@strong.com.au" they advised go to "Menu" select "preferences" and go to "Subtitle language" option and press the remote Vol- button about 5 times until OFF

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