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Fetch TV Mighty

Fetch TV Mighty

2.6 from 234 reviews

An excellent device for recording or watching TV

On Wednesday 6th December 2017 I recontracted my Internet/Phone/Yes TV by Fetch Mighty with the Local/National Calls from Optus for $85 a month. My previous contract was including a premium channel pack bundled with the Entertainment Bundle for $95 a month.

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Build Quality
Value for Money
Recording Quality

Very unreliable product

Had this for over 6 months. It freezes constantly, sometime just won’t wake up, fails to connect often, it seems to update itself a lot but to no perceptible gain in performance. Very disappointed . I bought a Telstra TV instead And it’s proving very reliable and easy to use. I have a friend in town who is now on his 3rd fetch tv box (replacement) and he still has the same lack of reliability I have.

Purchased at Harvey Norman for $449.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money


I’ve had multiple tuners and recorders and this box is by far the most reliable. I also like how I can watch movies free or I can rent them, I also like popular apps such as Netflix and Stan. Being able to record multiple channels is also useful.

Purchased for $400.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Recording Quality

Awesome replacement for Foxtel IQ

Very happy with whole box and remote. More than two months and not a single issue. Quality of recording is great and the way the recordings are stored by file group is cool. Hard wired into my NBN and no issues streaming the Apps but initially used WiFi with no probs. Remote is good and the ability to set up to use TV settings is smart - only one remote needed. I would like few more streaming Apps like Kayo Sports and also the ability to have Internet Browsing but with the YouTube App it will do for now. Great deal in store from JB HiFi.

Purchased at JB Hi-Fi Retail Stores for $420.00.

Recording Quality

Typical no after sales assistance or help

I bought one, had faulty digital audio out, returned to HN for exchange, they say, they have to wait for fetch tv to approve return (taken 2 days so far) very poor, I should not have to wait when I returned it the same day. Alos the one I have already had a forced software update that had a bug in it, now I cannot play any of my home movies or digital movies from my media server. Fetch TV's solution plug in an external drive. This is not good enough still waiting for a promised software fix for this issue 12 weeks later.

My tip now would be to avoid these boxes, poor quality build, poor service when things go wrong, delays in providing assistance.

Purchased at Harvey Norman Electronics Physical Store for $420.00.

Recording Quality

I loathe my Fetch TV mighty.

One of the greatest frustrations of my life despite the fact that it looks great and has a fun and well designed remote. This is my 2nd box after the 1st was eventually replaced by iinet, my provider. It worked seamlessly for a few weeks then as before, went to sleep and couldn’t be woken by ‘pressing any key’; often picture without sound; a green screen; soft and hard resets did not solve problems and can only be performed when machine is responsive; often told there is no signal which is clearly rubbish. Unplugging the unit does not necessarily fix the problem 1st time. This is really substandard and I object to the fact that the onus is on me to prove that the unit is not fit for purpose.
I’ve just installed a firmware upgrade so fingers crossed ?

Purchased .

Extremely Unreliable

Original unit from Optus had constant problems. Recently I got so frustrated with it, that I contacted Optus and they sent me the newer units. The unit was faulty, so Optus sent me yet another new unit. Having exactly the same issues with this unit. They include the following:
1. Hangs at least once a week requiring power cycle.
2. Loses internet connection for no apparent reason. At the time all my other devices have internet connection, and my internet speed is over 90 Mb/s.
3. Recordings are always screwed up (i.e they seem to start about 10 min early and miss the last 10 min or so), so the show is totally ruined.
4. Constant issues when I use the "Watch from Start" feature.
a) Here, I constantly get a Streaming Error, requiring me to go through the TV Guide and try again.
b) Sometimes after the streaming error, it can't recover and resume my show.
c) At times it terminates the current show and jumps to the next show.
d) Fast forward and rewind don't work properly in this mode.
5. It won't allow me to record some channels.
6. Not much variety in channels. I used to watch shows like Hawai Five o, CSI, etc on TV Hits. This is no longer available, but their help states I can search for them and record them. This is actually false.
7. I regularly get error messages pop up in the top right corner of the screen. It is very frustrating.
8. I have poor TV reception in my area, so I can't get free to air channels here. It would be nice if Fetch transmitted these channels on the internet, as does Foxtel.
9. Menu system could be a lot better. I really miss TiVo.

Picture quality is great, when the box works. The box needs a huge software overhaul. The programmers really need to get their act together and fix these software issues with the box.

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Build Quality
Value for Money
Recording Quality

Remote control not sensitive enough

The unit itself is ok enough but the remote is awful. It’s not sensitive enough. It has to be pointed directly at the unit and you need to be quite close. The remote that I had with my TiVo, which the Fetch box replaced, was fabulous. You could be on the other side of the room and it worked.
I’ve used the app controller that works much better but it’s not quite as convenient as just grabbing a remote.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Fetch Mighty Box

Fetch Gen2 Box failed and was replaced by Optus with the Fetch Mighty Box which did not work. Optus sent a second Mighty to replace the faulty one. So far this box has worked but is not without its faults. We leave the Mighty on standby and without fail every 3 days it seems to disconnect from the internet and it is necessary to turn it off and on again. The remote has a very short range and must be aimed directly at the box to work. Sometimes I have noticed that the picture is a little out of focus but seems ok when we change channel. The box is part of our phone and internet package with Optus who have been good in replacing the faulty equipment without charge and in a timely manner but I would not recommend buying one.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Works well until it breaks

This is our second Fetch Mighty Box. The first one was the first generation and always reset itself and updated software. We were lucky to get it replaced under warranty but had to wait a few months for the second generation. It had a 2 year warranty and now is 6 months out of warranty and after the software update it just did it fails to restart. Even a factory reset (where we lose all our recorded content) does not work and it just hangs forever. The box gets hot even when it is not turned on. The BlueTooth function to connect to headphones does not work, when the headphones work with other devices. The help from Fetch is useless and all they can tell you is to do a factory reset. We also have a Fetch Mini that links well by Wifi to the Mighty but now the mini is useless as far as streaming content from the Mighty is concerned as the Mighty does not work. The content on the Mighty can't be backed up on an external hard drive. Next time I will just get an Apple TV or streaming device so I can stream Catch Up TV from my phone to the TV, and get a simple PVR to record shows.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Fetch Mighty is not so mighty

Changed to a Fetch Mighty when our wonderful TIVO could no longer be used in Australia. I loved the TIVO and it had such an easy remote to use. The Fetch often stops working and has to be reset. The box gets too hot at times and has to be turned off to cool down. The worst thing though is the remote. From day one the small buttons have been hard to use. They require alot of pressure to make them work and its so very frustrating. We also have a Fetch Mini and the remote is just as bad. The people who design these remotes obviously don't have to use them.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Very good unit, just the media player wont play mp4 files.?

I purchased one of these after my Tbox died and the 2nd new unit wont show a guide unless registered with Telstra, but telstra shutdown that part. so frustrating.
The Fetch Mighty so far has been great, The TV channels and movie streaming is good.
The media player is disappointing, I converted my DVD collection to MP4 being the most common format in Phones and home recordings, but the Fetch Mighty wont play any.? It plays some AVI and MKV. It's a strange thing and I hope they can add support soon.!

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Oh, I contacted fetch and asked about mp4 files, they replied and said they were working on the issue and that they will play from USB but not over the network, hopefully it is fixed soon..!

Poor quality Fetch receiver always having to turn off to stop double vision remote must be cl

Poor quality Fetch receiver always having to turn off to stop double vision remote must be close and pointed exactly to work COMPOUND BY programming for being repeated week after week month after month and this Greedy company that exploits the channels for profit deny any responsibility APPALLING AND IRRESPONSIBLE

Date PurchasedApr 2016

The concept is good but the remote is useless.

The Fetch replaced the TIVO which was fantastic but due to some business deal it was withdrawn from Australia and we got a so call great deal with a Fetch Mighty. I have had nothing but trouble with this useless remotes.
For a starter they are too small for my fingers, you press some buttons and and the stick or don't respond and it just keeps Fast Forwarding. While replaying a show recorded on live TV and Fast/F the adds and when it gets to the point you want to continue watching you press play and it goes almost back to the start of the recording.
It seems to only do it when its on 32 speed not 16 for some strange reason.
Well, I contacted Fetch and they sent me another remote and didn't want the old one back to check it out so I presume they already knew there was a problem.
The same thing started to happen with the new remote so I complained again, and they sent me another remote.
Yesterday I became soooo frustrated with the useless device that in rage I snapped the remote completely in half.
Would I buy another on......Definitely NO NO NO.
I'm now looking at reviews of other PVR/DVR for my replacement.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Bring back TIVO

We used Tivo for years until it was no longer serviced in Australia, at which point we had to move to Fetch. What a massive disappointment! The damn thing drops out all the time - even though everything else in the house has full signal. It's a complete pain in the behind. I can't understand why Tivo wasn't maintained in this country - I loved it and it actually did the job it was supposed to do. Don't waste your money on a Fetch - it sucks.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Excellence in value for money

The best money I spent on home entertainment in a long time.

Works brilliantly. Technically well designed and well integrated with other platforms such as free to air and catch up tv.

Tge channel packs and movie box are wirth subscribing to and I like the way it enumerates the free to air shows all in one place too.

I just wish they supported amazon prime.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Poor Customer relationship experiences

The hardware appears to work well. Fetch however have little focus on their customers and appear to have no ability to address failures in their software in under a quarter of a year. Recently Fetch broke mkv streaming capabilty via a software update. Their answer to the problem is for the customer to go and purchase additional USB drives to copy files on to and then insert them into the box to playback. So rather than address their software issue, the answer is for the customer to spend more $$ to ensure that their internal processes are not interupted.Engagement with Fetch was that they had no ability to roll back the box to the previous version and no ability to fix what they had broke until the end of the next quarter. Additionaly, they rudely stated that they will not do anything else to address or resolve the issues that they caused, and that further communications is a waste of time.

Overall, between the customer service and the price of the box, I'd say Fetch TV is over priced. Look for some thing else with a company that has better capabilities and is more customer centric.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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I note the reply by Fetch to the customer complaints about the issues shows they have little concern for customer features that are advertised as a sales point for purchasing the box. Telling customers to simply live with the broken capability until they are wanting to fix it a quarter of a year later. There is probably better alternatives out there with companies who actually want customers. Fetch TV response - "Fetch We know you are not happy, but we have apologised and provided you with the only information we are able to on this situation. The fix will be in the next release scheduled to start rolling out at the end of Jan You are welcome to keep ranting if you choose to, but we will not be responding to any more of your posts on this matter. It's a waste or your time and ours, as it will not change the outcome."

Not Happy

I used a TIVO in the UK for 8 years with no problem. Then I purchased two TIVO’s here in AUS. Very sad when support was withdrawn, had to resort to Fetch which is nowhere as intuitive, and now it keeps having connection problems, I am not a happy bunny.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Don’t waste your money

Terrible reception cuts in and out jibberish is all you get free to air with HD recording box much better you can watch tv and movies uninterrupted but fetch no way jubberish crap pitcher flickers and breakes up sick of it only had this crap for two mths waste of money CRAP FETCH.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

I dont know how to rate my fetch box .

If my fetch set box had ever worked maybe i could have rated it better. I've had the thing for 2 weeks now and not a zac from it. Optus tells me they are working on it and it will be fixed within 24 to 48 hours....they have said this for 2 weeks now....i dont think they know what the problem is. I've had enough they can come and fetch their stupid box...

Date PurchasedOct 2018

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Questions & Answers

I have just bought a Fetch TV box and was going through the Fetch catch up channels and when I selected a show in one of the subscribe channels it started to play but have not subscribed to any extra channels. Why do I have access to subscribe channels in catch up TV? Thanks, Ken
2 answers
Hi Ken, Only the "free to air" channels are should be available in the catch up for "free". Any of the others like Nat Geo or BBC etc are part of the add-on subscription packages and only once subscribed for the monthly fee paid can you then use the "catch-up" on these. Best check you are not paying for something you don't want.... Other than that - just enjoy the freebees :-)Thanks, that's what I thought. The kids watched one of the episodes and I have not been charged. There only seems to be a few show I have access to, not an entire channel. Maybe they are start-up freebies to entice me to buy the other channels.

I have a fetch box already but with the NBN coming soon to my area, I'll be looking at iiNet and included another fetch box for our front room. Question : Are they on separate accounts or what I set to record on one will also record on another?
1 answer
Hi Carol, I am with iiNet and I looked at the plans and saw the Fetch Box included is only the basic box NOT the Fetch Mighty. You can upgrade to it but for a once off $340. My understanding is the basic box can only view but NOT record as it has no hard drive storage. I would say that if you have 2 Fetch Mighty boxes then they can be linked by the one iiNet NBN IP address in set up so only one NBN account is needed BUT they will not share recordings. If you record on one unit you will not be able to watch the recording via the second unit as they have separate hard drives. I bought a Mighty box separate to my iiNet package (old package deal) and it is working wonderfully :-)

I have a fetch mini that I was using through my iinet account, I have cancelled my iinet, can I still use the fetch box as a set top box to watch free to air tv?
3 answers
I don't know Matt. I presume it will. Ask Fetch. contactus@fetchtv.com.audont mean to be rude but if you dont know then why on earth would you reply? I have contacted fetch they haven't respondedYes, they’re not limited to a provider...


Fetch TV Mighty
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Internal Storage1TB

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