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Bogus Scam .. Negative Stars if I could

Nothing but an elaborate scam. Read the reviews here then go elsewhere or you WILL regret it. Customer service is a joke. Fees are astronomical. Don't get conned by their high pressure sales people (who cold call me five times a day!) Cannot believe that these con merchants survive in 2019....run as fast as you can!


Poor customer service. Do not use this company

I have only been with this fuel card company since 28th March 2019, 4 cards in total, and in that time there was a number of stuff ups, even during the set up of the account a number things went wrong. Simple things like getting the name wrong on the fuel card.

Now because it was the 28th March I requested them to carry over the account to the following month as I didn't want to pay account fees just on 2 days. They agreed.

My major issue happened yesterday, 1/5/2019, when I filled my work ute with fuel.

The card was declined so I tried to call customer service to find out why. The number was continually engaged. Four phone calls later and a total of over 1 hour 20 minutes of waiting for some one to answer, I finally get through.

They state I was declined because I had not paid my account but at that time I had not received an account.
I was told by them the account was only generated the day before, 30/4/2019, which I still hadn't received an account.

1/5/2019 - A supervisor told me he would send the account out immediately after our phone call via email.
As of 2/5/2019 I still had not received an account. The supervisor also stated that the accounts department would contact me within the next 3-business days. I explained that 3 business days without fuel cards was ridiculous, how can a business take 3 days to fix an issue that is so simple.

I rang again this morning and spoke with customer service. After much discussion they sent my account to my email only to find a $65.00 late payment fee on the account. They told me they would waive this fee but could not supply me with an updated invoice to pay the correct amount.

I explained that I wasn't about to pay an invoice with the wrong amount on it. They said they couldn't change the invoice. They would have to refer it to accounts who would get back to me in 3 days.
So I can't use the cards because I haven't paid the account, I can't pay the account because it has the wrong amount on it. I have now requested for the cards to be cancelled and that is going to take up to 3-days but can't be cancelled until the account is settled.

I am sure that many business owner would agree that if you ran your business with such poor customer service you would end up out of business.


Bad customer service and rip off

Pls do not sign up with this company. Their customer service is bad and they have many hidden charges and their vendors are also rip offs. Their associates are also in collusion with them if you repair your vehicle you will not be given an estimate or quote. then they give you an invoice with no value on it and then you get stuck with an invoice from Fleetcard for an amount you didn't expect!

I ring the number on the invoice and it goes to Fleetcard and the rude staff tells me oh this isn't our number. I don't know why you came to us. Very very bad.
Pls stay away from them. You will have nothing but hassle dealing with these thieves!


Terrible! Do not sign up

Fees hidden within bill, fees of up to $100 a card per month, fees overcharged and not refunded, no communication
Card itself is good but the company is extorting customers, scammers!

Not the best.

Very high fees for being late with the bills. I couldn't believe it. Got $70 fee the first month. Card itself is all right. We have a dozen of them and the overall rebate is decent. Easy expenditure management and somewhat helpful customer service, but watch out for those bills.

What a rip off ..........totally scam

Charge us $119 when we didn't even use the card. Charged us Nearly $70 for late fee the month before, if you are one day late, extra charges for transactions and other stuff which wasn't even mentioned when we sign up.

Scam - Paid $100 payment 1 day late and hit with $70 fee

We barely even used the card once and missed the payment by a day. Look at the attached image of my invoice. There is no way the positive reviews on this site are real. Even cancelling the card requires a call back from them. Don't do it!!!!
BTW Im not exaggerating the delayed payment. It was 1 day. Even Amex gives you 3 days leeway.

Terrible Customer Service going back to Motorpass

Customer service is appalling. Customer service phone line is a message service.

Fleetcard incorrectly charged me $1,000 in July 18. Upon discovering the issue in Jan 18, I emailed Fleetcard to which they responded admitting they made the mistake. I have chased up 8 times (phone calls and emails) with one call back from [name removed] the head of credit. [name removed] confirmed refund will be sorted in two business days and i'll call you tomorrow to confirm. It's been two weeks since that call, no call back or refund. Calling the customer service line they just take a message and no call backs.

Absolute shambles and only had issues with the cards. Motorpass is much better!

High fees so better monitor your bills

Their late fees are very high but the service is good. The coverage is excellent, although I only operate in VIC. First couple of months we got late fees as high as $80. Problem is that they don't notify you about late bills so you have to keep track yourself. Other than that everything is pretty good.

Reliable service with a solid customer support

I've been using Fleetcard for approximately two years and so far it's going strong. The customer support is friendly and always willing to help when there's an issue. What I like the most is that they solve any sudden problems rather quickly, so my drivers don't have to wait and waste precious time. Their rep regularly phones in if there are any specials and other discounts.

Beware of Fleetcard - they are a con company and full of lies on their fees & charges

I have done up a table of fuel purchases under fleet card for everyone to look at the fees based on the fuel purchases. You can review whether this is value for money. I have concluded that this company is a rort. They are liars and deceiving. The promotion does not marry up with invoices and charges once you get this card. Please look at the table and see the exorbitant transaction fees and zero rebates of 4c per litre off fuel. Im pursuing this through the tribunal to recover excessive fees. Please, do not go with this company. We need to shut this company down.

This company is terrible!

I don't use fleet cards, I never asked to be contacted by them yet I have been constantly called by their auto dialler for over 3 months. I get called (every week day), when I answer the auto dialler hangs up. When I call back it's always through to Fleetcards call centre. I've complained to their management, I've lodged complaints with APRA and I'm still getting called - what sort of operation are they running there?

i wish i could give them zero stars

the company hide behind the line " sorry i can't help you, i am in NZ". they take money out of your bank account without approval, double charge then refuse to return the money.

January 7th 2019 Update: they are disgraceful

double charged twice now. when you call them they say they will call you back but never do!
and the fees you get charged are unlawful


signed up for 4c per litre discount on shell sites and 2c per litre elsewhere plus card charge of $1.99 per month per card which is fine but Only problem is Ampol starshops charge you % extra if you are using their card so i try not to use them BUT NOW after 3 months fuel discount cut in half PLUS transaction fee at coles sites of $1 ,NON coles site $3.29 per transaction PLUS card fee now per month now $4.99
just done a comparison on last months bill to what new charges would have cost me and i would have been out of pocket over $100
sign you up for a fair deal but then just stick it to you after a couple months
nowhere was it mentioned to me about an introductory offer surely ACCC should be having a look at this mob

Please do not use Fleet Card

We swapped over from Motorpass to Fleet Card, we had been using Motorpass for a number of years however the rep from Fleet Card stated that we would save money by swapping to Fleet Card.
I deeply regret changing to Fleet Card. We had been using their cards with out issue and all of a sudden the cards stopped working, rang to ask why and they said because of nil payment. I asked for a invoice and they said it would be emailed out. We started receiving invoices for another business not our invoices. They have astronomic late fees $60 and 8% of the balance each month. When we called them they just say nothing they can do and if you don't pay it we will place the credit company after you. Having to pay $733.37 for $561 of fuel used
Please please please avoid this company.

Absolute scam

Fees fees fees there no such discount.. do not sign up with these crooks you will be robbed STAY AWAY

Watch out for fees - They will slug you!

We forgot to set up our direct deposit and were late with payment - yes I know - our BAD! BUT - Fleetcard charged $80 per month in 'credit service fees' on a $200 overdue payment. I mean really?

Watch out!


I received a phone call from their sales dept asking me to sign up to a fleetcard and get 4c a litre discount. When I informed them I was already a customer they started to backpedal. I asked where my discount was and was told only for new customers. Well people dont be fooled by these shylocks. They have the fuel card market cornered with fleetcard, motorpass, and motorcharge, all operating charging exorbitant fees and offering ordinary service. The guy Im speaking to says I should log in to my account and check my discount? So I do. And there are no discounts.. But there are a whole new bunch of transaction fees? So I say 'what are these'? And he says I need to phone customer service and sort it out.

I find that I was getting charged 'transaction fees' of $3.95 each time I used my card last month. When I quizzed them they told me if I didnt buy from shell or coles they would charge me $3.95 per transaction? I said that was never the case when I signed up to the card a few years ago? They said it was a new thing! I asked them when they sent me a letter informing me of that? They said it was probably on a statement somewhere. I said no its not. You're forcing me to buy expensive fuel with no discount. I signed up for a fleetcard so I could use any provider I liked?

At this point the girl gets a bit narky and tells me I can cancel my card if I dont like it. I say why would I do that when I have evidence of deceptive behavior and third line forcing? I asked to speak to a manager and was refused. She then says if she cant help, me will that be all? And hangs up?

I have made a report to the ACCC on this behaviour. If you are going to be charged fees they have to be clearly articulated in your terms and on your website. No where on their FAQs do they state that they charge you fees for not using shell or coles. They have a statement which says shell and coles are preferred suppliers as well as every other major retailer. But there is no mention of fees associated with NOT using coles or shell.

If you are smart dont waste your time with this bunch of robbers. Real crooks would have the courtesy to point a gun at you before they robbed you.

Appalling Customer Service

Our company joined fleetcard 4 months ago. Every month we have received over the limit fee notices that are auto triggered by their system. As customers, there is no way to avoid these unless you log into their portal daily/hourly and monitor the spend of your employees...and who has time for that? It seems that they are quick to auto-fine you and cut off your credit but they don't want to employ the same technology to warn you when you are within 15% of your limit preferring instead to fine you around $100 for each breach.

I have asked their credit department on multiple occasions to increase my limit but despite never missing a payment and paying well before due date they refuse to do so on the basis that we need to be with them 6 months before they will even look at a credit increase.

To add insult to injury they have announced today that there will be an additional service fee of $3.29 +GST for every transaction that is not Shell or Coles Express. Obviously time to look for another provider!!

Exorbitant Late fees charged before the due date

5 statements received & each one has a late fee of around $80 added, under the guise of "Miscellaneous fee" before the statement is even due.
Any attempts to resolve the issue are being ignored, countless emails & phone calls & nobody is returning my call.

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I have noticed on my current bill that we have been charged $5.49 card fee for each card as well as $14.16 transaction fee for each card. Previous statements had card fees of $2.19 each only, not impressed at all. I will call them and see if there is some explanation before I take this further.
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They will typically say the previous month was honey moon period or something similar and now your on normal period. They will also say your were communicated by way of invoice. So check back at the last invoice where it was $2.19. Regardless, you need to dispute this as you did not give permission for the doubling of charges. I would suggest you cancel this card.Thank you Ben, yes we have been with Fleetcard for a while now and were not notified about these new charges. I will speak to them tomorrow. We have three cards on our account and $19.65 fee on each card is a joke.

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