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Hi, I have a loan outside a bank of arounf 20k loaned from a friend. Can Foxsymes help me with debt outside a bank institution?
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Hi I dont know but i think no because Fox Symes dont pay the debt out they arrange more affordable payments. Hope this helped

Hello. I've never used a service like Fox Symes before and I'm not even sure if it would be the right step for me as I'm terrified of having my credit ruined but will likely end up doing that to myself if I don't start catching up on my debt. I have a 50k loan that I am paying back but I'm finding it to be a bit of a struggle as I have massively overcommitted myself. I work full time and my pay isn't terrible but with all other living costs and membership contracts I'm in, I'm falling a little short each month. It's manageable to a degree but I'm finding I have no quality of life from these stupid mistakes. Is fox symes something I should consider?
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Noooo stay away from them seek other institutions that are not under a debt agreement, they are there online.Don't do it. A debt agreement is effectively an act of bankruptcy.

Hi has any one refinanced a home loan and consolidation of debt using equity through them? Will this make you classify as bankrupt?
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Hi, so I consolidated my debt with Fox Symes in Feb 2016. I paid it out 3 years earlier then the 5 year agreement and I am now in desperate need of a new car... I have tried to get a bank loan through my bank but I’ve been rejected because I’m still locked in to the agreement with Fox Symes. I have been offered a car loan through Fox Symes but my question is, if I sign up for a car loan with them, will I have to wait another 5 years before I can apply for a house loan or anything like that through the bank? Or will it be wiped clear from the original end date which is Feb 2021?? Please help!!
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Hi there. I'm not too sure really, you best ask Foxsymes. I was wanting to get a car loan from them too last year but decided not to cos their rate is wayyy high but if you're desperate then give it a go. But ask Foxsymes too about your questions. Mine will end end of Jan next year so 3 payments to go woo-hoo it's been a long time living on a budget. I too have to wait for another year to clear the agreement to get a car loan. Good luck darl.

My husband recently signed with Fox and Symes. Don't know if all parties have agreed to it as one company is still taking funds out of our account and Fox and Symes have also started taking out their fees. Any ideas?
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If have have started your application and it is 50/50 and you choose to pull out of it are you charged any fees? It was going to cost me $3000 for a 10,000 loan over 4 years at a 16% interest rate and $15 a month account keeping fee. Can i back out?
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How long does it take to receive money from Fox symes once approved?
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If I have a debt consolidation am I able to get a small personal loan?
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Hey Guys, I have $10,000 left to pay over the next 2 years... I have budgeted to have this paid by Nvoember this year (14months eariler than signed). My question is as soon as I have paid what I owe will my credit file be clean or would I have to wait untilthe actual end of agreement? Im wanting to ugarde my car at the end of the year - Fox symes said they can give me 30k now at 16% p.a (Way steep) so hoping I can get a normal low rate loan at the end of the year....
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You have to wait till your debt agreement finishes even tho you pay it out earlier

Just wondering if anyone else has been in the same situation. Entered my part 9 with foxsymes 6-12 months ago and since then I have incurred some debts unintentionally since then. I know I can’t add them to my debt as they were incurred after the debt agreement date but does anyone know if there’s a way I can get them there? Can I cancel my current debt agreement and update with a new one?
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Hi Chloe how are you finding it with Fox Symes and do you mind me asking how much debt you consolidated with them? I’ve just had a consult with them today and still trying to decide

has anyone been declined first go for a debt agreement then second time been approved thanks debt of 110000?
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I had my initial attempt declined, but Fox Symes knew which way to go and I was approved second go. Good luick with it ;)

If somebody sign for debt relief for 5 years with your company. What will happen within 5 years something happen . Where no find coming in to pay your company, what will happen.
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Has anybody got a car loan through Fox Symes? I keep getting turned down and I'm getting desperate, but I want to make sure it's not dodgy.
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I've currently got a car loan out with Fox Symes (I also previously had a Debt Agreement with them that I paid out two years early). The amount available to me was $16k, it has a 22% interest rate p.a. and my repayments are $320 per month. I've had no issues with Fox Symes, i was approved pretty quickly and managed to find a car within a week. It's definitely not dodgy but I'm not sure if there may be cheaper alternatives for the interested rate or repayment amounts, like MyBudget or something.Do they deposit the money into your current bank? or Do you find the car and they pay for it? how does it work thanks

Myself and my husband have just asked Fox Symes for help and are doing a debt agreement as we are struggling with our bills and would like to know has anyone done this and have you kept your house and cars while paying back your debts off?
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Don't do, worst than bankruptancy.Just finished 5 years and have been told by a credit coy that FS remains for 1 more year on my file - don`t do it, go bankrupt!!!I have entered a Part 9 and yes, you keep your car and home. Part 9 is only for unsecured debt, not secured like cars or home loans. It stays on your file for 5 years then is removed. Whoever says it stays longer, is misinformed. And don't go bankrupt like someone suggested. Bad advice. A part 9 is for 5 years then your credit file will be clear again. Good luck.

Hi I just finished my debt agreement a few months ago with Fox Symmes.I have a very good credit rating with all major credit reporting agencies across Australia.I have asked for copies of my credit report and its all very good rating ( Experian, Equifax, Dun Bradstreet, creditnSavy & Credit simple). Do you think it's a good idea to apply for credit card?
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It's tempting but I'd avoid getting credit for as long as you can. If you are like me you will probably end up in the same position as before crying out for help.Hi , If you have finished your debt agreement , obviously you will be having good credit rating. Just make sure to check with Fox Symes/correct agency that your name is removed from National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII) (provided if it can be removed) . Then I guess you can apply without any issues. But, I am not sure of you commitment, try the level best refrain from credit cards, so that you don't fall into the debt trap.I wouldn't apply for a credit card ever again. Save the money and put it into a bank account that has a debit card facility. Whatever you purchase, pay it off in the same way that you would a credit card but instead of owing money to the bank, you will be using your own funds. That way you will never fall into the same credit trap again and will continue a healthy financial life - pretty sure you would think twice about spending your own cash.....do I really need that????

Hi. I got a loan from a bank cost 20k dollars paid over 7 yrs. I think because of this i got a 560 credit points which is not even enough to apply for a phone plan. If i borrow from you guys would i be able to pay my loan and get good credit points in short time?
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NO! Read these reviews. NOT The 5 star ones, the 1 & 2 stars. These people will SEND YOU BANKRUPT and CHARGE $7,500 for the privilege. Use your old phone and get a prepaid. If you pay your bills on time your credit rating will increase.They don't pay out your debts, they just pop you onto an agreement to help you pay them. This is part 9 of the bankruptcy act though, so unless you're thinking of going bankrupt just continue paying your Loan. Your credit file could be because of late paid billsNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they are vultures ,debt agreement makes you bankrupt anyway,and they slug you $7500 in fees they are liars don't ever use Fox symes ever!!!!!!! they ruined me

My partner is considering debt consolidation as he is really financially struggling. He has a good job but the debt is getting out of control. He has a car loan at the moment that he is paying off but my question is can we keep the car if he registers to consolidate his other debts?
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Call fox Symes to discuss. It depends on the loan being fixed etc. Making the call will only clarify what you need to do nextHe probably CAN keep the car but he won't be able to buy a house in the future - 5 years or more. Call someone like CAPS who won't charge $7,500 in fees and won't register you as bankrupt.

I have a current debt relief mortgage upon making the agreement approx 5yrs ago l was told l would be able to later change to a mainstream mortgage, when is this able? I owe $122.000 and have roughly the same in equity. Thanks Christine Have asked before but didnt receive an answer.
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You seem to be getting no relief from Fox Symes regarding your question. Start with getting a copy of your credit report from Veda Advantage to see what you look like on paper. If you are not listed as bankrupt then just apply to other lenders independently or use a broker.

Can anybody explain how they get you out of debt?
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Read the 1&2 and even 3 star reviews. The 5 star ones seem too repetitive and generous. They make you sign a debt agreement which renders you bankrupt. Included is a $7,500 fee for them. PLUS there may be up to 30% on top of that. Call all your creditors and discuss your debt. Make arrangements that you CAN afford and stick to that.It's part 9 of the bankruptcy act. Basically they negotiate with your creditors to have you enter an agreement for 5 years. Usually only paying around 50% of what you owe and no interest. The have administration fees obviously as they do technically work for you for the full 5 years. You are defaulted, but that only last the 5 year period of the debt agreement.

what does service cost?
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Based on my exposure as a creditor you might be looking at $2k for a debt agreement plus they may take 30% of payments you make to creditors plus you get a five year bankruptcy record. Much better to go to a credit counsellor. If they can do the job you require there will be no costs and no bankruptcy record.

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