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Frontline Plus for Cats

Frontline Plus for Cats

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Did absolutely nothing for the fleas.

I have 3 indoor cats, and noticed that they were scratching and licking excessively. I checked their skin, and found that they were loaded with fleas, which within just 3 days, started affecting the house, so I went out and bought some bombs, and Frontline, since you should always treat your cat/s before bombing your house. I bought the pack of six, and promptly administered the product. Well. While the bombs took care of the fleas in our house, our cats still have their fleas, and it's been 3 days. They're still scratching and licking like nothing's changed, and I can still see the blighters running around on them without a care in the world. It's ridiculous. I paid 66 bucks (it was on special at petstock). I looked the product up, and apparently it normally sells for 80 odd. There's no way I'd ever pay that much for this product. It doesn't even work! I think I'm gonna go back to Advantage. Yes, that's a little more expensive, but it works an absolute treat. Sorry Frontline, you lost a potential customer.

Purchased in February 2019 at PetStock for $66.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects None
Pet TypeCat

Waste of money

Just do not waste your money. It says dose your cat every 6 weeks. After 2 weeks with no change to the number of fleas, I dosed her again, thinking this will surely do it. Nope. One evening casually stroking her fur I saw TWELVE happy little fleas scurrying around. Very difficult to catch, not even slowed down by the drug in the slightest. Customer service tried to claim those are just NEW fleas jumping on my cat, and they'll die in a couple of days. Hmmmm, so how come I switched to Bravecto and within TWO DAYS there were no fleas at all on either of my cats. Two weeks in, I check their fur daily, and the only fleas I have found have been dead ones. Case closed. Frontline fails.

Purchased in January 2019 for $48.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects None
Pet TypeCat

Frontline was killing our cat!

This product should be banned and the manufacturer made responsible for vet bills. Our Vet bill now stands at approximately $2,000. We have a Maine Coon cat which was healthy until we started applying Frontline Gold which was recommended by our Vet once a month. After several applications, he started having seizures. He has had 4 seizures that occurred every 3 months. Other adverse reactions include: tremendous amounts of hair loss which occurred twice, continuous scratching/licking due to his hair becoming detached from his skin, and a bald spot on his skin where Frontline was applied...the bald spot now has a red dot on it. The last application of Frontline was 9-1-18. The last seizure was 9-27-18. We stopped the Frontline and have now passed that proverbial 3 month mark for seizures....keeping our fingers crossed! We have NO way of knowing if he will have long-term affects from this horrible product; but, it has been 3(+) months and hair regrowth is NOT occurring. This product was killing our pet.

Wish I’d read the reviews before I bought it!

My cat still has fleas after treatment, what a waste of money !
I have boomed the house & my cat never leaves the house.

Pathetic Product

I have been using new Front line plus since March 2018. Within a month, my cat was losing fur, in spots where the product has been applied. After hefty vet bills for skin tests, allergies, anti-biotics, and low grade steroids, the spots are still there, and last month, one of the blots had red dots and scabbed dots. He is always licking the areas, and rubbing them on the rug (ie. scratching). He doesn't like me touching them, either. NO MORE FL Plus for him.

Terrible I used Frontline plus on my cats necks and had to use 2 each and still didnt work

Terrible I used Frontline plus on my cats necks and had to use 2 each and still didn't work. I couldn't be more disappointed as i am a single mum on limited money and wasted it on this product.


My cat had turned into a fleabag. I first tried the Frontline Plus Spray, and found that it did not work *at all* even after soaking her in the stuff.

Many vets give a warning that only the spray works for paralysis ticks, which is why I tried the spray first.

Upon switching to a single dose of this topical Frontline Plus, her flees disappeared. I apply more Frontline Plus topical every couple months and we have had no further flee problems. Some vets and pet stores have said the topical does work for paralysis ticks as it is made out of the same chemicals. My last vet said the topical frontline may kill paralysis ticks, but will not stop them from attaching.

Regardless, this is the only product we use now, and I am thrilled with it.


I have been using this and I am still finding fleas on the cat, even my vet doesn’t recommend it.

Only product I use

We have tried a few flea treatments for our cats and frontline seems to be the only one that keeps the fleas away for more than 3 months. We have only been able to find it in pet city as no one else sells it anymore. and am sick of paying huge $$'s for products that don't work or keep fleas away for maybe a month

Works eventually and didn't kill my cats

Used Frontline regularly and successfully on my cat for years until the vet stopped selling it due to bad reviews. I bought Revolution from my vet which killed my cat! I am so distressed that I didn't stay with Frontline and go elsewhere to buy it. I now have two more beautiful cats, who had fleas when I first brought them home and it is Frontline for them. No, it doesn't work as well as it use to for flea infestations. The first dose reduced the fleas but didn't kill them all. Most fleas were gone after the second dose. They were clear of fleas after the third dose. I would much rather wait longer for a product to work then have it kill my cats. I only use the product in the lead up to the summer months so that their body has a break from the product. After all, all of these products, no matter what brand are poisons!


I've paid 80$ for a product that is meant to be the absolute best on the market and it's utter crap! I am so mad!

Product didn't work

I thought I would give it a try, infortunately it didn't do much. It is easy to administer and I didn't notice any side effects. It just didn't kill or prevent fleas.I wont buy it again for sure.

Fleas are now resistant to this product

This should not be sold as a flea treatment. It used to be revolutionary but the fleas have developed a resistance to it now. To sell it as a flea treatment at such a high price is not ethical. My cat has a flea allergy and he continued to suffer greatly when I last used this. I also had fleas in the home that I could not get rid of. Comfortis saved the day in the end.

Big cost and not entirely effective

Tried this product to rid us of flea infestation to no avail. Still found large adult fleas after 2-3 days of using drops. Doesn't stop reinfestation from pet's environment. Flea collar by seresto was only product to work.

Very unhappy cat

Used frontline plus on my cat and within a day he was scratching more and has lost fur from around his neck where the pippette was applied and he is licking himself constantly and his tummy is going bald too. Off to the vets we go tomorrow and get another flea treatment. I won't be buying frontline plus again.

No effect on fleas

My poor cat suffered for weeks with a bad flea infestation which was getting worse by the day whilst using frontline. I actually dabbed some fleas which were running about in his tummy with the pipette and the product had no effect whatsoever. Bought advantage and cleared up the problem within a day. Will never buy frontline again!

Cat scratched, licked and pulled out hair

Purchased Frontline Plus for Cats. First treatment caused excessive licking, scratching and pulling out of hair. This was day one. This went on for hours at least. This was a semi feral cat so I couldn't readily bathe her without taking to the vet. I deliberately purchased Frontline because it was the first or one of the first products on the market decades ago for topical flea treatment and I thought it would be the safest and oldest formula to use. I was wrong. I didn't know that the company had changed hands to a German owned company. Their formula perhaps changed significantly as never in previous decades has this product cause this reaction in any of my animals. I will NOT be purchasing again, ever.


Applied Frontline and still fleas , bombed our home bathed the cat in flea shampoo, applied flea powder still fleas, bathed again using flea comb lots of dead fleas but still some are alive.....so frustrating applied second dose of Frontline the most expensive product bought so far to see if we have made even more progress....I must say after reading these reviews from the past few years I'm not feeling a little stress about results
I plan to report to my vet if no results no need to sale a poor product

Doesn't work at all

Doesn't work at all. I put it on my cat and it doesn't affect the fleas or ticks at all. Terrible product.

Totally useless

10 days ago I purchased 2x6pks of frontline plus for my cats. I wish I had checked here first because they don't work. My cats still have fleas and are suffering and my bank account is also suffering after having to buy more drops from another company. I would never recommend Frontline to anyone.

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I have just purchased frontline plus but hadn't read these reviews. I am now regretting having purchased this product. Has it improved at all and do I risk using it on my three cats? Is there a guarantee with this product? thanks Esther
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I would not use it. Our cat averaged seizures every 3 months, he had tremendous hair loss, and was not growing. It was killing our pet. Since we stopped using Frontline, he has finally improved and appears to be a normal healthy cat. It has been 8 months since the last application. There is no kind of guarantee with Frontline.


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