This is the first time I bought this product, was previously using some local product. Seems it worked and can't find Cathy reacted negatively to the application. Wish to continue seeing the results.

Purchased in March 2019.

Value for Money
Ease of Use

Don't waste your money on this.

I've been applying this every 2 weeks. It says apply once a month for flea control. I got the 40-60kg stuff for my Labrador, and the 0-10kg stuff for my Jack Russell. It is totally useless. Both dogs still have fleas. Don't waste your money on this.

Purchased in December 2018 for $90.00.

Side Effects None
Pet TypeDog

This Dog Poison should be taken off the Market

The day after applying this to my dog, she has become very lethargic, she's not eating and barely drinking, she's very shaky on her legs when she does move and I'm terrified, it's now 5.48am I haven't slept and am waiting for the vet to open at 8am so I can get her in there as quickly as possible.
She was perfectly healthy until I applied this product, I have searched her systems online and found that this product is known to cause this symptoms, it's a disgrace.

This dog poison should be taken off the market

Purchased in February 2019 for $50.00.

Side Effects Short-term illness
Pet TypeDog

Terrible product doesn't work at all

2 days after using the product and the dog still had fleas, tried using every 2 weeks for 3 months and still no improvement and lots of adult fleas. Don't waste your money on this!

Purchased in October 2018.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects None
Pet TypeDog


This is a great product that was recommended to us. It works perfectly, our dog has never had a flea or a tick. Ever. You have to put it in a place the dog can't reach, like the back of his head and part the fur so that it is on his skin. Then keep dog dry for 24 hours. I will only use this after having adverse reactions to a few alternatives, one being Bravecto.

Works really well for my dogs

I have been using this product on my three Long Coat Chihuahua since it came out. Dogs now 18yrs, 16yrs, 14yrs old. Have lived in Para tick Zones and never had fleas, ticks or problems. Too afraid to use anything stronger on them at their ripe old ages.

Beware this is a rip off

I brought frontline plus for my dog. 8-17-18. He goes to pet smart every 3 weeks for a bath and the girl called and said he have fleas bad. I said no he uses frontline plus. She told me its not working. Got him home a couple of days later I saw fleas like crazy! Upset at this point I spent 47.00 for this mess and it don't work. I want a refund and he is due for another dose on 9-17-18. I have to now have my yard and house treated. I truly got it because dogs were coming in my yard and he is a house dog. I would not recommend this product to anyone. A total rip off!

Get rid of this product. Useless!

I treated my medium size dog with this product 4 days ago.. today i found on him 6 large adult ticks and small ones.. whàt is this? Water? Please get rid of your product from the shelf! I've been using this brand and its USELESS! What a shame... and its too expensive! 6 vials for $66.00.

Waste of Money

2nd year running i have used this product..have spent around 4 to $500 on this product over the flea seasons..its usless may as well just put water on their backs..My dogs are scratching and im still finding fleas 3 days after treatment..treat again but still with the same result..i have 2 small dogs but product only has 3 applications so i need to buy 2 to cover for 2 months thats a total of $105 extremley disappointed innthis product and shouldnt even be on shelves anymore

This is basically water

I have used this product TWICE (second application was done 2 days after initial treatment as I did not notice any difference). No effect on minimising/getting rid of the fleas for my small dog. I now have to consider other treatment. What a waste of MONEY!! I wished I have read all of the reviews before buying this useless product!

Waste of money

This has had no effect on getting rid of fleas on my dog what so ever. It was easy to apply & didn't bother my dog but would have been good if it worked. Total waste of money. Will never buy this again, so not only am I out of pocket for buying it I've now got to find another product that hopefully does what it says it will do.

Not the Product it Was

This product no longer provides the protection it promised. I have a lap dog who is inspected constantly and despite meticulous application and observing the doseage directions, she has fleas. Consequently, I am in the process of looking for an alternative treatment.


What an absolute fraudulent product $97 i paid and no reduction at all. Firstly i applied as per the instructions with no results i then took my dog to the vet to have them apply the treatment to which it didnt work. I dont no how u are getting away with selling this product in Australia but i hope there is a class action against the frontline corporation because i will be the first to jump on board. If i was to sell a product over facebook with exaggerated claims i would be thrown in gaol. Frontline is worser then the fleas attacking my dogs loins. If anyone organizes class action you can reach me at patrick007hana@gmail.com. I would be more than keen to jump on board.

Complete rip-off

I treated my dog 3 days ago with Frontline Plus. Fast acting it says. I have seen ZERO difference since being treated. Fleas still there. Can’t get hold of anyone in the “service department” and the pet store I bought the product from won’t accept returns/refunds.

Is the a joke !

Does NOT do what it claims - actually it seems to attract fleas and mites.
How was this product even allowed to be sold in Australia.

Do NOT buy!!

Trading standard and watch dog needed "Does not work"

My jack russet had a little itch I found a few fleas on him I've been using front line for months pets at home said you need frontline plus you can join our club pay a pound less and have it delivered to your door every month!! Ok i said now three months later more fleas this product does not work in any way!!! matt alright is getting a call.

Rip Off! Can't Even Contact The Sharks!!

Cats rip off! £45 for 2 months treatment and I'm having to purchase another brand. I can't even get in contact with this company to request a refund! I have had cats for years and always keep on top of treatments, thought I try Frontline and now I've got a nightmare on my hands with 6 cats that now have fleas!!!

No good for ticks

My BC's have been covered in ticks this year...Frontline Plus is no good to treat these....do not waste your money

Used to be good

We have used Frontline Plus for many years and had always found it to be good.... however.... in recent times the product doesn't work! No idea why. Where our dogs were flea free for years, all of a sudden they have them all the time (even there a couple of days after they are done!). Will be changing products and are now considering Nexgard Spectra. The money we pay for these products they need to work!

Not good !

To be told by a vet that they don't sell frontline products " anymore" as they don't work - was a kick in the guts financialy having used this product for my two dogs & two cats for long time it's only been this year that I have had a problem with fleas. I will make sure that I only buy any flea or worm products from a vet not a pet shop from now on!

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Questions & Answers

I have a visiting dog from out of the area and is larger than mine can I use 2 5kg spotons for him
1 answer
I am not sure what size your dog or the visiting dog is? You don't say.

What is the best flea and tick control medicine for dogs?
1 answer
Frontline Plus worked great for about 5 years with both of our dogs..... but something happened.... maybe the fleas became immune to it? Excellent product to start with.

Why would it be my dogs still have fleas after using frontline plus?
1 answer
Fleas have become immune to the main ingredient in frontline plus recently, so they can still live even though they're exposed to it

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