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Garmin GPSMap 62s

Garmin GPSMap 62s

2.0 from 5 reviews

How do you create a route? Terrible!

read the instructions and thoroughly disappointed! You can not enter Latitude or Longitude!
Nasty to enter any details.
Can't even enter a track and get it to work.
This is the worst I've ever seen, frankly it is unbelievably bad.
Maybe it's good for the city but for what else I can't see it being of any use.
Garmin, you're a shocker!
Edit a way point doesn't seem to work either, perhaps you can only use tis unit with a computer input? oh well back to the instructions that don't even correctly tell you how to enter a way point.
wasted 2 hours so far, I would give up but 'm trying to help a friend who gave up after he did a long expensive trip only to find this unit useless. Couldn't enter a track either.
I have a diploma of electrical engineering and am computer literate, (you thought I was an idiot, didn't you ha ha.)

Garmin 62sc

I have the 62sc GPS. I bought it on the strength of its rep., a very bad mistake. The back is not even shower proof, as there are no seals and the batteries must be taken out for recharge, this design is twenty years out of date. The twist lock for the back will quickly wear, I believe. Also, the screen is also very small. So much for reputation. A big expensive mistake! See and try before you buy! Oh yes, there is absolutely no screen protection at all, youll need to make something up. It should have a soft rubber coller, but doesn`t, rubbish!


I have used my new 62s for 6 months now and i find it the most inaccurate gps i have ever used ,and would sugest any one looking at one of these to have a good look else where i believe garmin are bringing out a new small handheld it may be worthwhile waiting .
not mutch
strayes every direction not at the ground zero

Pretty GPS but not for mappers and GIS users

I make maps and put data into GISes. I bought a Garmin62s 7 weeks ago and found it of no use to me.

So my new Garmin GPSmap60csx arrived yesterday to replace the 62s and I have just put it through its paces with my 3 freeware programmes for downloading waypoints and tracks.

Garfile is sweet, creates a .mif filefor all waypoints and tracks in the GPS that with the flick of a finger one imports to Mapinfo and then opens as a .tab file in Mapinfo.

DNR Garmin is just as sweet and saves the .gpx files as a single .dbf file which requires one to use Table and Create points when opening it in MI.

GPSU will likewise create a single .dbf files amongst many others.

DNR Garmin and GPSU both create .shp files which I think are what are needed for Arcview/ESRI.

The newer model GPSmap62s did none of these things and I had to go a very roundabout route saving each single .gpx waypoint file as an .xml file in separate pages of Excel, cutting and pasting each separate .xml file into one page of Excel, saving the .xml files as .xls and then opening .xls in Mapinfo before opening Table and Create points.

The moral is buy the GPSmap60s series (the csx has all the bells and whistles, and the sx means that it good for rainforest and tight gullies as the aerial is Extra Sensitive) and download the freeware Garfile. Couldn't be more easy. The GPSmap60csx can be had through ebay,, new, for $298 BuyItNow price plus postage. Other ebay dealers may be around $305-325 using ByItNow.

The proof is definitely in the pudding-if ou make maps and create GISes with the mapped data, don't touch the GPSmap62s even if it is the latest, with slightly nicer page displays and buttons and an equally good aerial.

Good quality HHGPS

We use two 62s at work which we have used for about 12 months. These units were selected as they hold 2,000 waypoints and have acceptable accuracy for the work we do. The Garmin MapSource software is ok to use and the device interface is acceptable. When creating large CSV files for upload into the 62s I have found it best to use another program (G7towin etc) to open the CSV file then save it as a "gdb" file etc for upload. My personal GPS is a Vista HCx and I can transfer files between them in need (via G7towin). The menu system is easy to use.
Controls, Menu system, Accuracy

Questions & Answers

Please clarify a point that I have read - that the app - Google maps, (used on an iPhone) is far superior to most GPS units? So what is the advantage to have a GPS unit? I want a unit that I can use on horseback while searching for cattle in bush country in the mountains.
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My GPS is for hunting, licenced and run by DPI- Game Licencing, with an overlay map, or tile as they are called now. The base map that comes with the Garmin 62`s is beyond woeful. Anything will be a big, big improvement. They would like us to use smart phones; we can be tracked from a desk, that in principle gives me the squits. So I`ll stay with a GPS. However! on the Garmin 62sc, the overlay map resolution, (that comes from Forestry), is I think poor. With the scale at 200mtr/1cm (aprox) it`s ok. Enlarge to 120mtr/1cm to get an accurate plot, it`s breaking up and very poor. However! smart phones being normally larger, might improve that basic problem. They are obviously more fragile, look at the number of screens you see damaged, they don`t flex too well. But, I see myself turning to a smart phone, eventually. I can only honestly, so of the short comings I `ve found. I don`t think I`ve helped much.Can't help. For maps, I use ones made of paper, generally 1:50000 or 1:25000 scale. I use a GPS to get my coordinates and to use as a compass for direction.

Why was it discontinued? What was the problem with it when I have heard such good reports about it.
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I`m afraid I have no idea why they`ve stopped the 62 run. I don`t know but I`ld like to think they were addressing the shortcomings, such as ; lack of 12v charger for the outback; screen protection lips; decent seal to the back and allow it to run from a USB, mine won`t. And it`s a new exchange. I suggest you look at GPSaustralia.net site. They do mention the change from 62 to 64. The site looks good, but not being used to such I just can`t get into it. I don`t know what the competition is like, but I have three Garmins and when they are gone, so is Garmin!I wasn't aware that it had been discontued. I didn't like it.

I bought the Garmin 62s model GPS as well. Can anyone please guide with how to upload waypoints on this GPS from the computer?
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Sorry. I gave up using my 62s after one week's use. I bought a 60csx to replace it.


GPSMap 62s
Battery TypeExternal
Screen Size2.6inches
Release dateMar 2011

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