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Garmin Nuvi 1390 / 1390T

Garmin Nuvi 1390 / 1390T

1390 and 1390T
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It great, reliable but map updates could be up to $100

It great sat nav, very reliable , easy to read, great functions, i have it for the past 5 years and it's great :0 but the one thing that I don't like is map updating every other year costs me around the price of a brand new satellite navigator.


I returned my useless Navman My55T and had JB Hifi replace it with the Garman 1390T. It was like getting out of a Lada Niva, and jumping into a Landrover Discovery. Poles apart in design, features and function. After using this unit I can't believe how bad the Navman is, in every way, and how great the Garmin is. I sent a query to the website about how to get the lifetime map promo registered and they sent details within 24 hours. These guys know the GPS industry, stand behind their products and provide excellent quality products that do the job. I've just bought a Garmin 310XT for fitness, based on my excellent experience with their products so far. Go Garmin!
Fantastic unit. Does everything it says, and is a pleasure to use. Traffic is a great addition, as I'm a sales rep and am frequently on the road, so being routed around accidents and delays is a great feature. Easy to program a new route. Once you have set the Country/State, you just choos the town/city or suburb, and then once you start to type the street name it pops up after a few characters with suggestions. You then put in the street number and off you go... Satellite pickup is quick and you are on the road in a minute or two. Nice rubberised style case is good to hold. Easily portable, I took this to Qld for use in a hire car for a week in Noosa, was awesome. Got the lifetime map upgrade for free as part of a promo till Sept 30 2010. Great support via e-mail.
Bit slow to boot up initially from power on. Traffic receiver is in the power cable and needs to be plugged in to the unit for traffic to work. Would have been nicer to have this receiver built into the base unit, even if that made it bigger.

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I bought ours before we went to NZ for a driving holiday. Great....brought it home and used it infrequently,...let's face it, who needs a navigator to get to the shops or work. 13 months after purchase ( 1 month past warranty) it goes into cycle loop, where it never gets past the first screen. Hadn't switched it on for over a month, so the problem could have been there prior to the warranty ending. Garmin are after $140 to repair it. Not happy Jan. Ditched my 2 year old Navman50t for the same reason, (I thought it was crap!)....at least it lasted 2 years, and was used more often!


I chose this garmin as I trust the brand. I along with my colleges have used Garmin navigation systems in Australia and around the world. So when it came time to get an in car system I would not purchase anything else.
I do not have the voice talking to me so rely on acurate lane description and maps. I have not had a problem with it at all. I have actually just purchased a newer version for another vehicle.
I would recomend this simple to use feature packed Garmin to anybody. Although I do not use the features it has more than enough. After all it is a gps and does this job great.
Looks good. Does a good job. Easy to use.
Can loose satalites whilst in the city. As it looses and picks up it can tell you that you are on the wrong road to which you are actually traveling.
Sometimes start up can take five plus minutes. Other times a couple of seconds.


After a fair bit of research, I chose this as my first GPS in December 2009. It was a close call between this and a TomTom unit. I liked the relatively slim and pocketable size of the unit and the fact that you can load third party maps.I also liked the lane guidance and the traffic receiver. What I didn't like was when the speaker stopped working within a couple of days of warranty expiry when we were travelling interstate. Took about 3 or 4 weeks to get a replacement under warranty which, fingers crossed, will last longer. To be fair, I did leave the original unit attached to the windscreen during summer days. Maybe the heat was to blame. The route choices made by this unit seem pretty good. I'm impressed by the timing and detail of the voice directions.I wish that there was an audible overspeed warning in addition to the subtle visual change of the digits indicating speed going from black to red.
Voice directions are like having a good passenger/navigator. 'British Daniel'. Size of unit.
Should have an audible overspeed warning. The fact that the Lifetime Maps are specific to the particular unit (not transferrable to other Garmin units). Sometimes takes a couple of minutes to come online from start up. The Australian voices sound a bit like bogans.

GPS that is so easy to use

I have used this GPS all over australia, and with the life time updates that I received it has never led me astray.
I am also able to load waypoints easily for Geocaching use.
Easy to use, life time Map updates


I paid premium for this product. Although well built and solid unit still feels like not getting the money's worth. Screen is too insensitive and sometimes it takes too long to get a GPS signal. Once working, does work seemlessly and has easy and user friendly interface that enables locating things around town easy. However, I would definitely recommed potential customers to read reviews of other products as I am convinced this is not a great unit. I have another car with inbuilt GPS system and it works far quicker and smoother than this unit although doesn't have as many user-friendly functions as this unit does. I would seriously recommend shopping and researching for other units before deciding to go for this product. May not be the best bargain around as price is not that cheap anyway.
Numerous features that makes searching for places easy like looking for nearby cafes or patrol stations or major sites such as hospitals etc. Light, portable and easily mounts onto the window.
Really slow to pick up GPS signal. Sometimes struggle to pick up signal unless you place it higher up in the window. I haven't dropped it or anything like that but already sounds are coming out of speaker broken. Still within warranty period so I guess just matter of returning it to have it fixed. The blue-tooth works poorly. Touch screen is not very sensitive and unless you press it hard, very difficult to type especially while driving.

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