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Hahn Premium Light

Hahn Premium Light

2.4 from 10 reviews



Just so light


Just drink about 6 bottles and feels like you I just had water not even 1% feeling of beers

Purchased in December 2019 at Supabarn for $14.50.

Lynda B.

Lynda B.Western Australia

Love this beer


I love the refreshing taste of an ict cold beer, on a hot Aussie day. But, I am always conscious of the effects of alcohol.
Hahn Ultra is the best thing to happen to beer in a very long time.
It tastes like real beer. Smooth and refreshing. And....I can drink as much as I want to, at 0.2 standard drinks per stubby.
Absolute heaven.

Why the change of recipe?


Ditto to these reviews, have been a Hahn light drinker for yonks, tastes terrible. I am looking elsewhere, Great Northern could be it. "If it ain't broke, why fix it?" What were you thinking Hahn?...When you loose a customer it's very hard to get them back.



Not happy with the change of recipe/formula


Was a di e-hard fan and wouldn't touch anything else but I'm convinced the change of can from green to silver has been accompanied by a change in recipe/formula. I believe it is much less creamy and after checking with the purchase of three cartons to be sure I wasn't dreaming I'll be swapping to Tooheys Gold from now on. Bye guys.



Very disappointed, Lost me!


The usual question needs to be asked, " why the change?". Was it a cost saving move, if it was I'm sure it backfired, every body that I know that was a buyer is now not. BAD MOVE! LOST ME AND MANY OTHERS

"New" Light fail.


The new brew has lost the flavor. Its bland and almost water like. Bummer as i have been a HL drinker for more than 7yrs. Im very happy to have moved on with Cascade premium light.


dougquorn SA

recipe change fail


youve gone from 5star to 2 with your recent change sorry but am not drinking it any more as sad day to see another Aussie icon go down the gurgler Doug Potts a twenty year customer



  • 31 reviews

Not great but not bad either


Very variable reviews here. My opinion: clean simple beer that is better than most light beers out there. Better than Cascade light which is saying something. However if you don't have it absolutely ice ice cold it goes flat and dead very very quickly. Which shows it doesn't have much substance. So a nice beer if it's cold not perfect but better than average for a light beer.

Dave F

Dave FSydney

  • 8 reviews

Spew in a bottle


Def the worst light beer on the market.
I've tested it a few times even though I know it's the worst. And each time it's also affected my stomach. Pretty badly. It's flavour is embarrassing. If you like this beer than you don't know what beer should taste like. Not like this.
I'd rather dig my eye balls out with cork scews...



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Great taste, guaranteed satisfaction


Since having to get off full strength beer and minimise my intake for health reasons, I have tried them all. But the most satisfying, refreshing taste I've found is Hahn Premium Light. Chilled, it is just plain smooth and goes down so well. Great for a cool evening or a hot summers day.
inexpensive, chilling, smooth and easy on the taste

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How much alcohol

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2.9% or 0.7 of a standard drink per 375ml

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