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Seller of "seconds".

I keep buying from this company as it is the only option in my rural area. I have to return items for warranty or refund. They have never actually honoured a warranty. Pathetic quality goods.

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Grateful to Great customer service

Bought a dishwasher and other appliances last year, I think it was May 2018, from Harvey Norman Preston. They still keep my dishwasher in their store, were kind enough and very much understanding of our unfortunate circumstances. As the renovation didn't go according to the plan, the self-proclaimed builder run away with our money ($66,000) and left us with nothing, I don't have enough words to describe how grateful I am to Harvey Norman for their professional behaviour. They allowed us to finish the house renovation with another builder and then to come and install the dishwasher. How many retailers would go the extra mile to serve their customers?

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Perfect example of how not to deal with customers.

Stuff is very friendly when you are trying to purchase a product. However when you have an issue with the product this is very different story. Staff was just unsupportive and in my opinion very poorly qualified to deal with customer issues. Management experience was even worse. Which explain why staff don’t care about customer satisfaction.

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Great customer service!

Just returned our 3rd faulty kettle to Harvey Norman Hobart.Although Megan offered to order another replacement kettle from Kitchen Aid she gave us the option of choosing another kettle.Very happy with our New colour range Breville kettle so far.

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Very poor customer service. Disgusting Treatment.

Port Kennedy computer department, who I thought were pretty good, are an absolute disgrace. My parents went along to the invited VIP night on Tuesday as they needed a new printer. We’re talked in to buying the Epson Eco Tank, wish they had read Product Review first, paying over $600. Set it up on Wednesday and will not pick up the paper to print, just makes shocking grinding noises. Mum called on Thursday and was told to bring it back. Thinking great they are going to replace it, which they should have, took it back last night only for the idiot sales person to tell them it was a great printer, he had 2 of them. Tried to get it to work and couldn’t, didn’t even know where the serial number was, Mum had to show him, then said he couldn’t replace it he had to lodge a fault with Epson first. If you haven’t heard from me by next Tuesday, call me he says to them. What a complete joke. Brand new out of the box, doesn’t work properly, less than 2 days since they bought it and they have no printer and have to wait until next week if he bothers to call. Shop with confidence they say, what a load of crap. Won’t ever be shopping there again, Consumer Affairs here we come. Disgusting.

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Product Care a rip off

Bought an Ariston Dish washer some two years back with an Extended Warranty for a further 2 years. As my appliance has passed the two years manufacturers warranty I contacted Product Care for a leaking problem I experience with the dish washer.
I experienced an extremely cool reception when I called up and finally with the help of the Harvey Norman staff got the company to email me. They promised to send someone to check the machine within 2 working days but. no one turned up.
It is pure frustration dealing with this Product Care extended warranty. Please guys save your money. This extended warranty is an absolute con job.!

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This is perfect just what I was looking for!

I just purchased a Westinghouse Slide out Range-hood in Stainless, so happy with our purchase, Customer Service was excellent so was our product. I would highly recommend shopping at Harvey Norman. I am a happy Shopper.

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Dont waste your time

Dont waste your time go straight to Bing Lee
Went to Wiley Park store today with my pensioner dad for a fridge that was on sale. Had no stock salesman (by the way that wasnt interested) said haven't had a delivery for ages.
Was told Campbelltown store had 4 of the make and model but it would not be worth it after courier costs. Looking at other stock delivery would be $66.
Took dad to Burwood Bing Lee same fridge was $10 cheaper and delivery free, installation free and they make sure everything works well and take the old fridge away!
So next time my family or myself need white goods or electronics straight to Bing Lee

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Castle Hill store - 1 hr Click & Collect for an instock item? Try 6 hours+

I ordered a few packs of instant film through HN as the website very clearly said it’d be 1 hour click and collect, and also said the items were in stock at the store.

I ordered at 10:44am yet it wasn’t ready for pickup for 6 hours - after 5pm. What happened to 1 hour? I would have happily settled for 2..but 6+ hours? Was a quiet mid-week day and I saw dozens of the item in the shelf, so clearly stock wasn’t an issue.

When I did arrive there was an extended wait at the photo counter to pick up the item despite 4 other staff members wandering around with no other customers to serve.

Once I finally got served I was denied the item because I had my daughter listed as the person picking up, despite the HN computer terminal clearly listing me as the purchaser/orderer with my full details. I listed my daughter on the order expecting the item to be ready by midday at the latest - HN staff failed to see the logic that the 6 hr delay in processing could have on a customer and sought to deny me the order although they had confirmation on the computer that I was the one who placed the order and paid for the item.

It wasn’t until the staff member called over the manager that I was finally provided with the item, by this point I had waited ten minutes in the store - on top of the 6 hours.

Would encourage others not to use 1hr Click & Collect unless you’re intending on coming into store many days later.

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dodgy laptops

brought a lenovo yoga 500 in 2016 spent 1740 dollars thats with extra 1 year warranty .took it back next day so can get my money back the box the lap top was in had a repair sticker on box has being repaired before ,they wouldn't give me my money back, with a week the lap top had problems, got it back 4 weeks later was never a good laptop always problems very slow fell apart wasn't never dropped.paid for a new lap top which was repaired before ,the reason I am complaining now is i found receipts for the lap top and get me so upset had to get new laptop for my other daughter today which i bought else were never never again will i buying a lenovo laptop or from harvey norman ever again rip offs .

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Very Happy with my service.

I was very worried after buying a Steamer for my tiles that I would be taken for a ride when it turned out it wasn't what I was looking for. But I was completely wrong! The Bondi Junction staff were nothing but nice and helped me get a full refund right away! It's a shame the product wasn't right but the service was a delight! :)

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Ripped off and disappointed unprofessional and bad service

Purchased hybrid flooring Auburn store
Quote was organised
We Reviewed quote and I was told there was going to be an extra $800 charge for skirting boards.
I spoke
To the manager who told Me over the phone if I purchased the skirting boards myself they would lay them for free.
I understood installation would be one day.
Roughly 7:30-3:30.
I changed the laying dates to get “ their best installer”!
Installer turn up around 9am didn’t speak much English and told me extra $450
For skirting boards and another $400
For Floor Preparation.
I called the store and spoke to salesman who said that’s normal.
When I asked the installer for clarification of what the $400 charge on top of the $1800 installation fee plus additional $450 skirting board installation was for his response was “I don’t know”.
I asked him to mark and specify what needs to be done to the floor as $400 is a day rate for a traddie and our concrete floor was smooth, in great condition and I couldn’t see $400 worth of work.
They downed tools and ceased working were ready to walk off the job.
I couldn’t get another installer quickly, had moved all our furniture out on to our balconies and the weather was predicted to storm Later that day!

After hours of phone calls to no avail we had no choice but to accept the extra charges without any clarification of what we were getting for our money.
Unknown to installer I sat outside the apartment and timed “the floor
Preparation sanding” no more than 2 hrs!
I wish I got paid $200 an hr for sanding!

Basically If you didn’t know it Harvey Norman contracts all the installation out to independent contractors! You are left at the mercy of the contractors!
Like us if you don’t agree then you have to move all you stuff again and put up with waiting for another installer who will most likely do the same!!
They worked until 7:30 that night and didn’t even finish one room (which I asked them to do from the start so we could
My my daughters stuff back in tonset uonher room.) my three year old got to bed at 10:30 pm after we cleaned up, and moved furniture enough to sleep. Thankfully it didn’t storm otherwise our stuff would have been wrecked!
The next day one guy turned up at 7:30 the other at 9:30 who stayed a bit whilst talking on his phone and then said he had to go and get more flooring.
I asked how much flooring - how many boxes he brought his response was “I don’t know”. I was ropeable!
I couldn’t count the boxes as they didn’t arrive and unload everything and check it.
They kept the material in their vans and only unloaded as required.
Empty boxes were reloaded into the van.
I wasn’t in the position the check everything.
The installer then said if we needed more flooring we would have to pay more!
I told him that is it I’m not paying anything more they did the quote and measure if they got it wrong that is harvey normans problem.

Once the guy finally returned he spent most of the time on his phone hardly working. I told them that the storm due the day before is coming and they needed to finish ASAP!!!
I spoke to the Harvey Norman salesman who assured me they would be finished early to mid afternoon.
At 3:30 with work prgressing slowly but not much left to finish I asked the installer to stop taking phone calls and
Complete the job as we could move our stuff in.
When he persisted taking calls I really started to loose it!
It would have / should have been a one day job if both workers turned up and worked from 7;30-3:30 together instead of one guy talking on the phone all the time for both days.

Yes a one day simple job turned into a nightmare two long days of lack of communication, lack of service, disrespect of my property and privacy and blow out of $850 for what a job we had a quote for!

My rating no stars they don’t deserve anything!
If this is the best Harvey Norman Auburn has to offer I will leave it next time!

What made this far worse it that i had just had a rental property floor laid with similar product by Carpet court and they did a fantastic job much more complicated with lots of stairs in at 7:30 out by 3 no extra costs, great service And communication!
I thought Harvey Norman would be better!

By the way they took all the extra material, flooring with them. Nothing left in case a repair needs to be made!
Never in my experience have I had that happen. I paid for 60m2 flooring there should have been at least 1 box extra in case a repair needs to be made!
If they discontinue the colour we are stuffed!!! Thanks again!!!

I was way wrong!!!!
Take it from me order carpet court the installers work for them they pay them after your happy with the job, no hidden extras and no headaches!!!

Rip off

Phoned store-Harvey Norman Thomastown Vic,to see if they had the camera I wanted in stock.They did.I asked about price and was told-come in and we can work out a good deal.The advertisements on tv were raving about -huge clearance,prices slashed,blah blah.I drove the 75km to the store.Not one cent would they take off the price,totally refused.Gave me some bull about being already at cost price.Yeah right.I could have bought this online $40 cheaper,but they won't match online prices.I needed this camera for an event,and had already wasted time and fuel,so was forced to take it at that.But never again.Harvey Norman,you are LIARS.

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Dodgy Laptops

Stay away from this place because in July 2013 I went to the Harvey Norman in Chirnside Park and they sold me 3 Toshiba Satellite L50DT Touch Notebook that didn't even work so I was furious.

Also on Friday morning they sold me a Toshiba Satellite P840/00S Touch Notebook, which had scratches on the HDD/Memory cover and on the bottom cover and the refused to refund me for that one as well so I was very angry because I had to pay for the parts to be replaced.

3 Laptops didn't work and the 4th one was scratched. The staff were rude to me and the service was shocking.

Product Quality
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Don't expect to be treated like a human

(A bit long, but factual)
I purchased a Sharp 1200W inverter microwave on 25/02/2019 from Harvey Norman Whyalla, unpacked and used it that evening, only to find that its performance seemed sub-par. We continued to use the microwave the next day; cooking, warming and defrosting various items, to find that we were convinced that the performance was not as it should be and the outer shell of the unit was getting unexpectedly hot (placed on flat, open counter). This decision was reached by comparing cook times with our 20yr old 1000W microwave and an identical, albeit slightly older, Sharp 1200W inverter microwave which I have at the workplace (the reason for choosing that model in the first place).
Being a shift worker, I started day shift (12hrs) on Wed 26/02/2019 and was unable to return to Harvey Norman Whyalla until today Fri 01/03/2019. We voiced our concerns with the sales bloke, who referred us to the area manager. This is a brief description of how the conversation went:
• M(Me): I am not happy with the product for reasons as above.
• H(Harvey Norman): Well this will happen the same as any other unit here.
• M: But this unit does not do the work as well as a unit I have at work. Here is photo that I took at work, it’s the same specs.
• H: Oh but that is an older model “Older technology”
• M: “???????”
• M: But this unit gets hot on the OUTSIDE and doesn’t perform like my 20yr old uni……
• H: (Interrupts) But that is older technology.
• M: Yeah but isn’t newer tech…..
• H: (Interrupts; speaks to sales guy) Ok, give them a refund (storms off).
• M: “WOW!” “That’s a bit rude” “Is that it?”
• H: ……..(nothing)
With humility, my wife and I are educated people, who make calculated decisions, and believed we had a valid reason for returning this item. We were not offered any options, our concerns were not tested, there was no attempt to consider our concerns, and instead we walked out of the store with the feeling like we were slapped in the face for no reason whatsoever.
I would have accepted a replacement or an alternative unit, even with a cost top-up; but this was not even considered. We were treated like a hindrance, an inconvenience, a waste of time and a piece of rubbish.
We’re always told to buy local, support the Australian economy and keep the money in the country; but at what cost? To be treated like a piece of dirt? I don’t think so.
If we want our economy to improve, the point of difference has to be exceptional customer service. If this does not improve, then surely people will be more attracted to a faceless online environment, without the possibility of being treated so badly that “violated” almost completes the description of the experience.

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very disappointing

Moore Park Staff were very rude ( including management ) , on two separate occasions ; will not back the warranty, give the Moore Park store a miss. Extended warranty , ( product care ) is a jock,,, and advised by their own tech guy , that we just go " round in circles " when claiming on warranty issues.

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Avoid Harvey Norman Noarlunga, SA - Bedding department

We put a deposit for bed, mattress and pillows. We were moving interstate and had to cancel our order because it would cost too much via removalists. The bedding manager refused to give us the pillows which was part of our order (which was reasonable, at the very least). He said he checked with the "owner" who I assume is the franchisee not Mr Harvey himself. We asked for a store credit which was also declined. We lost ALL of our deposit, with no empathy or consideration. Very unfair business practices, unreasonable and un-Australian at Harvey Norman. Buyers beware and avoid.

Dont Shop There

I took delivery of an unboxed fridge which I had bought over the phone from HN Hobart. Unwrapping the bubble wrap revealed gouges, multiple scratches and yellow paint on the Ss surface. When they offered only a 10% discount (yeah really) I decided to buy a more expensive fridge to be delivered when they picked up the “bashed crab” fridge they had sent.
Six weeks later the replacement fridge was still “in transit” so I have cancelled it. The original “bashed crab” fridge will stand with a sticker saying “Exactly as delivered by Harvey Norman” Which in an air bnb will receive some more publicity.

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Absolutely No Help at All

Purchased a monitor and it packed up 3 months later. Took it back to Harvey Norman and they were no help at all, I would strongly recommend going somewhere else. Take your hard earned money and spend with a company that honours client loyalty. After 20 years and more than $20,000 spent goodbye Harvey Norman.

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Totally satisfied with the service

I came 10 min before closing, being prepared for a disgruntled service (It was late and everyone might be tired).
But I went through different departments and I was greeted with a smile, passionate talks about the gear I needed. I was advised for the best but not the most expensive.

I write this review because people usually pay attention (and comment) to the bad things and completely devalue everything that was fine.

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My partner purchased a bedroom suite (tallboy/sidetables etc) two years ago and it still smells awful. He thought the smell would go away but it hasnt. His clothes smell. The room even smells if the balcony door needs to be closed due to bad weather or we go away. we’ve tried everything from scented liners, furniture wax, airing them outside for a week. Nothing has worked. Has anyone else experienced this?
No answers

Can an item bought at one Harvey Norman store (Dandenong - not yet delivered) be delivered to another (Swan Hill)? My circumstances have changed since purchasing the item (fridge).Thanks
1 answer
you'll need to contact the store where you purchased your fridge and explain your new circumstances..

Do you do pick up now pay later for tv's for how long?
1 answer
This is not the HN website. Suggest you contact them directly.

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