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1.5 from 65 reviews

I cancelled the subscription. I requested the funds back and they kept saying no. Even after I cancelled on time

There a bunch of thief's that steal money from accounts even after you cancel your subscription. I'm a pensioner and they don't care about anything but there bottom dollar. Period

Sound issues!

Love the range of shows hayu offers but currently having an issue with the sound cutting out every few minutes. The app takes a while to load but works fine when it finally opens.
Will be cancelling the subscription if problem still occurs!

I must be the only one NOT having technical problems?

I'm shocked to read previous reviews regarding quality and technical issues. I have no issues using this app, quality is excellent and never buffers (ya'll should check your wifi connection before blaming hayu), I have no issues logging in and rarely experience any bugs. My only gripe with this app is that it hasn't added any new TV shows in forever, possibly even the past 6 months. New episodes sure, but new shows.. Nada. To be honest most reality TV like housewives gives me brain damage and I got it for the crime shows... I have thought about cancelling due to lack of new TV shows but for $5.99 a month Im happy to keep paying it knowing it's there whenever I want.

Love it!

So surprised to read some of the reviews. I absolutely love Hayu! If you’re into reality shows, it provides everything your heart desires. Love how I can watch season after season. I have the ability to watch on several devices. Do feel tho, that the app needs a overhaul by someone who knows what they are doing. Every time I click on the app, it wants me to sign in. If I then click cancel, I’m in! Very weird!


I bought hayu because I wanted to watch housewives, keeping up and dance moms. I watch them and more and I love the variety of reality they have on there but it is. so. damn. slow. My homemade IT server at school was faster than this. For this to be an international website. I would expect a lot more. I am going to look into finding a new reality hub to watch my programmes and cancel my subscription with hayu.

Charged after cancelling subscription

I followed the process and cancelled subscription but still got charged AGAIN. I do not recommend this service as you just don't know what you're going to get. Messaged support team and was told it is not in their "policy" to offer a refund. I didn't even use the service - pathetic. Don't be surprised by negative reviews when you don't care about your customers, I for sure will NEVER be returning.

Wont let you cancel subscription.

I received my Telstra TV and also got a free subscription to Hayu for 3 months. After that period Hayu bills you via your Telstra bill. I've tried to cancel via the website Hayu.com however when you click on "cancel subscription" an error message appears which effectively stops you from cancelling. I tried cancelling on 3 different web browsers and the error message still appears (very suspicious).
I emailed support@Hayu.com and they said it has nothing to do with them and I have to contact Telstra to cancel the subscription. Telstra was very helpful but were adamant that the cancellation must be affected from Hayu.
I re-contacted Hayu explaining the difficulties I'm having and what Telstra has said and now Hayu will not return any of my emails.
The customer service from Hayu is rubbish or non-existent, and the fact that they make it impossible for you to cancel your subscription, demonstrates that Hayu is a scam and I recommend you stay clear and don't fall for the free subscription period (because they will never let you cancel).
Utterly Disgusted!

its a no from me..

I've had it for 5 months to give it good shot, but im going to cancel my subscription it doesn't even load the list properly, or doesn't load at all until i give up and watch Netflix also it doesn't pick up from where you were last watching. don't waste your time or money.. your welcome

Not Impressed

Not a fan of the HayU site, it’s really slow, picture quality is really bad most of the time, just recently the video has started to stop and go back to the beginning. I have made contact with them about this but nothing ever gets resolved. I guess, like me, there are a large number of people who still pay their monthly subscriptions to keep this site going, but I’m out after this month, too frustrating to watch and their tech team clearly don’t know how to fix the issue. Oops forgot to mention that I have to keep extending the page after each episode which is annoying, plus the fact it doesn’t have the ability to follow on where you left off, you have to go in and search again, so annoying.


Hayu was only good for about a month and after that the service was terrible. The connection was poor and I could barely finish a show without an error occurring, also I cancelled my subscription to find that somehow it was automatically renewed and charged me after that. The customer service is terrible, you are talking to a bot that copies and pastes the messages.

Ps. If you get over-charged they won't give your money back. Stick to Netflix

Hayu app is terrible

The app is extremely slow and often doesnt load at all and has to be restarted. The episodes dont play in the correct order and they stop loading throughout (not an internet problem as there are no issues with netflix). Not even worth the $6.99 a month.

Doesnt work?

I signed up for the free trial and it didnt let me watch anything. I better not get charged anything as I cancelled after 1 hour. Waste of time

Legit a pack of idiots running it

So many connection issues. The interface on all devices is so bad and not optimised or thought about. Run by a pack of idiots. I hope they fail miserably

Good shows.... terrible app

The shows are good and are on time from the US, however the Hayu app is appalling. I have to reset it multiple times throughout viewing. It needs a huge amount of work.

Cancelled my subscription after 2 days and was still charged the following month.....

I subscribed to Hayu on Nov 8th, only because I could get cash back on Caddle anyway for signing up. I cancelled my subscription 2 days later. After my 30 day free trial(which I never watched a millisecond of any of their shows), I was charged a monthly fee which they refused to re-imburse me...

Don't!! Their customer service is the WORST.. EVER!!!

Tried to give it the benefit of the doubt... Don't bother.

I have had Hayu for about 9 months because I was trying to give it the benefit of the doubt but wish I never signed up in the first place.
I even read reviews about it before I got it and it's very hard to find even an 'alright one' anyways I still fell into the trap of a cheap $5.99 p/m form of entertainment where is would always lose my place in my shows, take forever to load and the last straw was went I realised it has been double charging me this whole time so not so cheap anymore. I had only ever got the one email per month from my iTunes about the first charge then in the next two weeks another charge would be made.
It's very disappointing that they are still up and running and I hope that people read my review and really listen to NOT fall for the trap of this 'cheap' subscription!!

Website is a joke, constant lag

So every few months the connection to my fetch account/device gets dropped and I have to go to the website to re-associate it. The problem is the website is constantly near collapse, can take minutes to get the login screen and hours of (re)trying to log in to associate a new device (the same device again).

So it is fine while it works but drives you nuts when it regularly falls apart. They always blame your connection or browser, but I have tried multiple browsers on multiple machines, through home NBN, mobile phone and my work connection, all have the same problem when their site goes down but they REFUSE to admit they are having issues..

Had enough and want to disconnect, good luck to me getting on to do that though.

FRAUD - Hayu double bills you every month.

Hayu costs the double of what they advertise about.
They don’t pay you back, they don’t call you, all you get is automatic email answers which are useless.

Terrible app!
It is practically impossible to shut down app payments.

Please don’t endure the same stress as I have been through after buying this fraud app.

Poor customer support

I have had Hayu for almost 5 months no issues. 2 days ago for no reason I got an error and had to sign back in. When I tried to sign in kept saying I need to subscribe. I emailed Hayu support, they responded that I have a different email and in order to help need to send screenshot of my bill for Hayu charges and provide my details and registration number. I have done this and 2 days later no response. I have sent and resent the email but no one is getting back to me to try and resolve the issue.
The customer service is poor and no option to make phone contact.


So i decided to take advantage of the "30 day free trial", only to find out that my account was being charged from day 1.
And although, i did enjoy some of the content, (once i got it to work properly), after receiving NO response from my multiple emails regarding the "payment" issue, i decided to cancel my subscription.
Its not an expensive stream by any means, but i DO NOT appreciate being ripped off.

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How do i get my hayu to play the next episode without me having to manually play it?
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Why can i not reset my password? I have been paying for this app and am unable to use it because i can log on to do anything. If i want to email you guys i have to log in.... way to go. I used to love thos service / app but now as everything is changing and im not happy at all. I have had an enail sent to my account 50 times to reset my password and it hasnt showed up.... there is no number to call so looms like i have to keep paying untill i go into the bank and block hayu for good!!+
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If I sign out before I finish the 30 day trial wil I get charged?
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