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Gabbie E

Gabbie ESouth East Queensland, QLD

Poor app


Poorly developed app. Constantly failing and logging out. Not compatible with numerous platforms. Still charges you when I typically have to go elsewhere to stream shows avaliable on the app.


MaryFar North Queensland, QLD



This new version is rubbish! Have never had so many issues!! Looking for another site to watch reality shows!! It takes so long for a show to start and then it keeps stopping every few minutes.

  • Verified customer

Don’t waste your money


I can’t list all of the problems here but this week nobody can play EPISODES of anything... the one thing you pay them to do. Check out the Hayuhelps replies on twitter - you’ll see all the problems there and realise it happens to everyone. The copy and paste you ‘solutions’ that don’t work and give no explanation. Their site has been buggy ever since they put it up.

Time consuming !!!!


Takes forever to load anything . Slow. Not easy to navigate. When switching between apple and hayu , you have to re Enter your details. Don’t like it at all. Rather have all on my appletv or Netflix

The worse APP and false advertising re the first month free


several years of subscription_Bad




their app just got upgraded, it’s still bad. They release shows way too late. If I can watch it on pay tv before this, why am I paying for this program?

  • Verified customer

Over it.


My account said “unsubscribed” even though I payed it for the next 2 months. 48 hours and NO customer service later, it let me log in... Only to find that the videos won’t even open. It just says “now playing”. Also, there is nowhere to check where it could be playing because they’ve removed the streaming button. No logging in, no customer help, no videos? What am I paying for? I wanted an answer a week ago, now I just want a REFUND!

If only you could give 0 stars...


Absolutely shocking service. Tv show after tv show having a playback error, and not ever being able to watch those shows.
There seems to have been an upgrade over the last week, and the streaming has been the worst it’s ever been.
It’s also not a user friendly layout.
Don’t waste your money

Alisha M.

Alisha M.South East Queensland, QLD

the video does not play despite refreshing like a million times


the video does not play despite refreshing like a million times. I only got it to wat KUWK but it literally does not allow me to press the video open and i dont know what other sites offer this show in Australia cause if they do im switching

Eden S

Eden SGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Worst Streaming Experience


Lauren O.

Lauren O.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Horrible experience


Did a 1 month free trial with Hayu, thought I had unsubscribed as I could no longer get into my account but then they charged me $6.99 even though I had not watched anything since way before my free trial ended. They are scammers and their lack of help is unacceptable. Will not recommend their service to anyone.


NJGSouth West, WA

Too hard to get support when you require help


Hopeless at solving issues, locked out of my account and trying to get a temporary password to get back in is like pulling teeth! So hard to get a hold of no email address or phone number on their website, have to log in to send them a message which can’t be done if you are locked out! Useless customer support. Twitter says 24/7 support but that is proving to be incorrect. I don’t trust companies that don’t have a simple way to get in touch when you require help.


NattySydney, NSW

Shockingly awful


Ive actually enjoyed HAYU in my time using the streaming service - recently not so much ... clearly a system upgrade that has gone pear shape!!! No more said, it’s crap and I’m onto another streaming service


SteveJGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 2 reviews

Glitchy - Hope you’re not in a rush to watch your show..


The idea of Hayu is great. The price is good. However, the app on Apple TV is shocking... Why do you have to log in every single time you open it? It’s also so glitchy, no easy way just to pick up where you left off from your last viewing, also shows won’t load a lot of the time and you get logged out. Sometimes I have to keeping going out of the app and back into it just to get the shows to work. It’s nothing at all like Netflix/Stan which are high quality apps! Once I finally get through the series I’m watching, I will not be renewing my subscription. Unlike Netflix/Stan which I’ve had for years.

Toni G.

Toni G.Richmond-Tweed, NSW

  • 2 reviews

so glitchy and bad


I'm sick of paying when it takes me sooooo long to log in, that is IF i can actually log in. constantly having problems with their playback error and even just plain logging in is a huge challenge


CharkiegIllawarra, NSW

  • 2 reviews
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Seriously bad...


I really enjoy some of the shows offered on Hayu. I also have other paid subscription services. Hayu however, is woeful. From the outset, the website interface is seriously wanting. It is poorly designed and executed, it is also the least intuitive service I've used. Highlighters and TV guide put this website to shame.

That in itself is really annoying. However I may have overlooked it if the picture quality was phenomenal, or even acceptable. It's not. It's as if the whole thing I wanted to watch was bootlegged with a handheld camera by a kid with a strict bedtime curfew trying to catch a glimpse of some TV. Not good. No stars.

Silvia S.

Silvia S.Sydney, NSW

So slow


How long does the sign in take on a Smart TV, mine times out, what's the point of a membership? I don't recommend at all, if this is how it will be all the time. I'm on a 1 month free trial.

Stay away!!!


Money stolen from me twice. I was told there was an issue with my first account so I made a second (3 months in between. Same issues No access to the app and no refund.


SheridanPerth, WA

Bad User interface and slow release dates


The maker of this clearly don't spend any time using the app. The interface is terribly slow, basic and not user friendly.
if you don't know exactly the show you want to search for - its super tough to just browse all they have.
frequently will skip your episode (halfway watched) back to the start so i have to scroll through to see where i was up to. It's hard to spend any longer on the platform than i absolutely need - not what you want from an entertainment platform.

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How do i get my hayu to play the next episode without me having to manually play it?

No answers



Why can i not reset my password?
I have been paying for this app and am unable to use it because i can log on to do anything.
If i want to email you guys i have to log in.... way to go.
I used to love thos service / app but now as everything is changing and im not happy at all.
I have had an enail sent to my account 50 times to reset my password and it hasnt showed up.... there is no number to call so looms like i have to keep paying untill i go into the bank and block hayu for good!!+

No answers



If I sign out before I finish the 30 day trial wil I get charged?

1 answer
Ian C
Ian C


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