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Homebrand Soaker Nappy Treatment Plus

Homebrand Soaker Nappy Treatment Plus

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It's what inside that makes the difference

The key ingredient here is Sodium Percarbonate. Check the label. When I worked in a tannery we used commercial quantities of this chemical to remove skin discolorations from animal hides. It's the real deal, the best there is. These days, this is the only washing powder I use. Removes grey tones and gets whites really clean. By the way, it's excellent when added to your toilet bowl to remove stains there too.

Ultimate love it!

This product is excellent to say the least. Comparing it to the known brand and no joke it blasts it when it comes to whitening white. It has a higher content of the active ingredient that is designed to lift stains and brighten whites to an all new white. Cheaper in this case does not mean worse! Not always the case of "you get what you pay for "! Less product usage and compared to the popular brand and more whitening power!

portable toilet solution

Use this as a portable toilet chemical. Its heaps cheaper and does the job. Excuse the pun! You can add scent if you want. Cheaper than $45 for 15 cubes of professional cleaner for camping.

Why Pay More

I have been using Homebrand Soaker Nappy Trearment for many years and always found I got fantastic results. It gets the stains out of school shirts and cleans (brightens) the babies clothes. I was recently given a bag of clothes from a friend for my baby and after soaking them they came up as good as new to the point the person who gave them to me didn' t recognise them, and had assumed I purchased new. I also like the fact that it sanitises the clothes as the baby gets all types of stains on the clothes !!!!
Cheeper than the name brans stuff and more concentrated.
I have not found any.


I have 2 boys & a husband that cycles/mountain bikes.
Prior to my youngest son I had always used Napisan as a soaker/wash additive. I saw this was much cheaper (possibly 1/3 of the price) AND the active ingredient ratio is higher so thought I would give it a go.
I cannot sing its praises highly enough & tell everyone with kids about it!
I use it just as I did with the Napisan powder. I think the amount it says to use is also less than that quoted on Napisan, so it lasts longer as well as being cheaper.
As I said, I use it as a laundry additive for large or heavily soiled clothes (e.g. cycle gear), and I use it to soak clothes with soiling that has a possibility of staining (e.g. baby shirts/bibs etc).
I have had one or two mishaps with colours running into others when soaking - BUT this can only be attributed to me not thinking about what I was soaking together. As with any soaker, you need to only soak similar colours together - no reds or dark colours with whites or light colours.
I do not work for Homebrand or anything, I just think the product is really good. And whilst I still do think Napisan is a great product also, why spend 3 times as much for the same result? (I actually think the Homebrand product makes whites even slightly brighter than the other brand).
Inexpensive. Great for marked baby/toddler clothers etc.
Only problems when the user doesn't follow instructions.

Questions & Answers

Can you still get Homebrand Soaker Nappy Treatment Plus
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Can you still buy this and if so where?
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Not sure. You could ring Woolworths and ask for a store that may stock it. Otherwise, don't be fazed. Any of the soakers that have Sodium Percarbonate on the label will work for you.

i could find nappy treatment in Woolworth, and no staff can help me
1 answer
We travel for about 6 months of the year & it is not uncommon for Woolworths staff, if you can find one, being unable to help.

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