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Euca Laundry Powder

Latest review: Just bought a Euca laundry powder from local hardware shop as couldn't wait for order to come lol. Must say I am very impressed. Clean fresh laundry over a wide range of fabrics and colours. Rinses

Bosisto's Sensitive Laundry Powder

Latest review: Love this product. Love the fact that is it Australian made, it is light with no big granules and it works so well. Never have any residue left in my machine. Highly recommend

Earth Choice Woolwash

Latest review: How good is this product, made right here in Australia, and one cap full, job done! I've used this product now for a few years in my front loader and in the hand wash bucket for delicate lace

Sard Wonder Laundry Soap

Latest review: It is good for clean heavy dirty spots before you use washing machine. Or you can wash your delicate clothes with it. I don’t use often for normal clothes. But I often use for my cleaning goods makes

Bosisto's Euco Fresh Pre-Wash Stain Remover

Latest review: Excellent pre-wash stain remover - works well on old stains as well as newer. The best way to recommend it is to say I tossed out every other stain remover in the

Planet Ark Aware Eco Choice Sensitive Washing Powder

Latest review: I use this powder to wash everything; clothes, swimmers, towels, sheets. I usually just tip the powder straight into my front loader but would recommend dissolving first when washing bulky items

Omo Ultimate

Latest review: For a general wash of any and all items, this gives the absolute best clean. Smells great and clothes come out sparkling and stain free. Love this, prepared to pay

Lux Pure Soap Flakes

Latest review: I have used these soap flakes on all of our wasn't but in particular baby clothes and bedding. It cleans the clothes very well and leaves them smelling nice and fresh. I have allergies to alternate

Coles Smart Buy Laundry Powder & Liquid

Latest review: Really cant believe that this liquid is only 1.50$!!!!!!its amazing at removing dirts and stains and smells so so good ,also the cloths came out smelling and looking fresh!!and the price is only

Pental Softly

Latest review: Spent over $7 on this at coles thinking more money equals more results. Washed 3 scarves according to directions. Scarves came out only half clean (half of the scarf smelt like it hadn't been

EcoStore Laundry Powder

Latest review: We have used the Ecostore dishwasher tablets for about three months and have found no problems until the last box we purchased. We did a normal wash and six new glasses came out absolutely ruined.

Earth Choice Laundry Liquid

Latest review: Great product, all we use now as a family of 6. Kids muddy/painted clothes, dads underground clothes. Like any other detergent we occasionally use sard or the yellow soap on

Radiant Black Wash

Latest review: I, too, have been buying this product for years for $5. I REFUSE to pay double the price if I'm not getting double the product! Surely the manufacturers carried out market research before trying to

Omo Sensitive

Latest review: Have been using OMO sensitive for some time but in the past 12 months I have been terrorised by itching. Could not figure out what was causing it, but it tended to be where clothes touched closely


Latest review: As I have sensitive skin and sinus allergies, products like this are ideal for me. I also add vinegar and bicarbonate soda to my washing, both natural products. For those of you worried about the

Almat (Aldi) Powder Concentrate

Latest review: Seems to clean really well but it’s made my family and I very itchy. We’ve recently swapped from another brand that we’ve used for years. We don’t have allergies normall

White King Oxy-Lift Fabric Stain Remover

Latest review: I had been using this soaker and wash booster for a while, it's very effective both in product quality, performance, and price. It is also made in Australia as labelled, by an Australian owned

Omo Powder / Liquid

Latest review: Have used a couple of brand and found the omo liquid cleans cloths very well and leave fresh smell on cloths!also my sons dirty cloths and my towels never been this much clean when i used to use

Almat (Aldi) Laundry Liquid

Latest review: I have been using Almat laundry liquid concentrate Spice temptations mostly because I liked the smell. I still have the container from last year with some liquid. I bought a new one this year, when I

Bosisto's Sensitive Laundry Liquid

Latest review: Whilst this is OK for regular clothes, when I tried to wash sheets and pillow cases it caused waaay too much foam. Overflowed the machine. I had already reduced the amount to half the recommended

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