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Homemaker Pie Maker

Homemaker Pie Maker

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Be warned

Purchased this morning, followed all First Time Use instructions, lovely apple pies cooked to perfection BUT sides of white lid discoloured as if singed. Just posting this review to warn others and perhaps get a suggestion as to why this happened. As stated above, it cooked the pies very well.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Cheap but works a treat!

Easy to use, simple and clear instructions and works well. The outcome (the pies) are close to perfect - for first timer like I am. Red to indicate it's heating up and green means good to go! Green will come and go while the pie maker maintains the heating cycle.
I bought this by using my flybuy dollars so it's all worth it. One round of four pies is good enough to feed a small family.

Date PurchasedJun 2018


I love a good steak and kidney pie but very few bakers bake them these days.
I have been making my own in pie dishes and cooking them in the oven.
Cooking time is 45 minutes.
So I decided to buy a pie maker from Kmart as it cooked 4 pies and only cost $29.00 to buy.
Same as any pie making, first you must prepare and cook your filling and use a quality pastry. I use Pampas.
So far I have made..
Steak and kidney, shortcrust on the bottom and puff for the top....7 minutes...result....perfect pies.
Apple and rhubarb, shortcrust on the bottom and puff for the top...perfect pies again in 7 minutes.
Apple and rhubarb, shortcrust for the base and I just piled up crumble mixture on top. Perfect apple crumble pies.
This Kmart pie maker does exactly what it is supposed to do.
It heats up quickly, it cooks evenly and produces a perfect pie in minutes and wipes clean so easily.
Thank you Kmart for another great appliance, it is as good as my 4 litre digital deep fryer.
I going to buy a Kmart bread maker next.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Tradie lunches for $1.00

Having perfected this artform- put flour on outside of pastry and cook base 5 mins first,then filling,and floured pastry lid.Esp good cheese and spinach,egg and bacon.Using leftovers,even spaghetti and chopped pasta.A endless variety for $1.00 or less a pie.Brilliant

Questions & Answers

What size pies do these make please? I dont have a kmart near me to check and it dosent say on website Thanks
2 answers
Base 55mm dia. Crust 90mm dia. With slight heaping pies contain about 1/3 cup. Two pies each with a decent filling like steak and kidney or egg and bacon and some spuds or chips is plenty for each of us. One each filled with rhubarb and apple with a crumble top instead of pastry makes a superb desert (with icecream)Thankyou so much for the info

can you give the dimensions of the pie - base diameter, crust diameter and filling volume? Thanks
No answers

Does the pie maker come with pastry cutter if not what do you use?
2 answers
Yep, it sure does. Large side for bases and small side for tops.FANTASTIC

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