Hypervibe G10 Mini

Hypervibe G10 Mini

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The best WBV machine on the market

I bought this machine after spending a lot of time researching the benefits of WBV and what you need to know when considering buying one. I can honestly say Hypervibe is one of the best WBV machines giving you the G force required to really get results! This company provides workouts, programs and support all of which are FREE and comes with the purchase. I have had excellent customer support and know that this Australian company really want to make a difference. Brie has been so helpful. I love the product and how it has helped me so far and its only been 5 weeks!

I love the Hypervibe!

I love the Hypervibe. It helps me loosen up and get going in the mornings and I feel very energized after using it It is also helpful to massage my legs when they get achy.

Soooo Excited for the future !!

Easy setup, and great customer support. After the third day my unit would not come on (due to someone turning off the switch in the back of the machine) Customer support immediately started to send a tech to solve my problem. I opted to troubleshoot first and discovered the issue. I got some pain relief from my neuropathy after the first use!!! Excited to see what happens on my new journey with Hypervibe!

Don't agree with the bad review above..

I would have to disagree with that this company is no care.
I have had nothing but help from these people, they are rushed off their feet yet still try to do their best to help.. Brie has spent ages on the phone helping me to get the best that I can afford.. and then some, I did not get the G10 but I could not let this other review go without saying my bit.. I got the G 14 second hand and they were still prepared to help, now beat that eh...

Total Knee Replacments Hypervibe rehabilitation

A lifetime of maintaining a high fitness level as a 911 responder took its toll on my knees requiring TKR for both. My right knee was replaced 15/2016. The left was done July 20/2016. My knees were replaced with Stryker Scorpio NGR implants.
My primary goal was to be pain free during everyday activities. My secondary goal was to continue with a fitness program as well as mountain biking and ice hockey. I participated in these activities right up to a week before the surgery relying on prescription level anti- inflammatories to do so.
My expectations for the TKR were very high. My attitude was that I was not going through all this to become a spectator. To that end I utilized the following thought process and rehabilitation. I went into the surgeries as fit as possible. I got moving the day after surgery following the doctors rehabilitation protocols. The first month was working on range of motion exercises which were painfull but very necessary. I quickly progressed to a daily workout routine of walking short distances and riding a stationary bike along with body weight exercises focusing on my legs.
The final factor that I implemented into my "fast track"rehab program was vibration therapy. I utilized a Hypervibe G-10 at the five week mark. The result of pushing the rehabilitation as hard as I was were extremely sore leg muscles. My "new" knees felt fine, it was everything else around1 them that hurt. I would use the Hypervibe for 10 minutes pre-workout in a massage capacity on my quadriceps, calf and hamstring muscles. This had the immediate result of loosening everything up allowing for a much more productive rehab session. Throughout the day I would do short non weight bearing sessions on the Hypervibe to minimize the leg muscle soreness. At eight weeks I integrated going up and down stairs into the workouts and commenced full strength building and balance programs on the Hypervibe.
I am now five monts post opp and am full blown back to my sports. Mountain biking for 20 km sessions and playing hockey three times a week. Yes there was a substational "relearning" curve and by the end of the day my leg muscles are not happy. I still have a long way to go however am well ahead of expectations continuing to progress on a steady basis.
I attribute much of my progress to the vibration therapy which I continue to do twice a day, EVERY day. It relaxes my leg muscles, gets the blood flowing and energizes me whch enhances my mobility.
The Hypervibe has been very reliable to this point despite being used as much as I have been. The key to being healthy is to keep moving. For me vibration therapy provides a means to that end.

Hi Brian, thanks so much for a great and detailed review here, amazing comeback. I'd be curious to learn both your knees and your vibration training is going almost a couple of years later?Yes, June / July will mark two years since my TKR. The Hypervibe continues to be part of my daily routine. The following is a brief recap of the timelines to my recovery so others can gage their expectations. My initial review was around six months post opp which covers what was a rapid recovery to that point. Throughout the winter of 2016 I countinued with my sports activities noting slow progressive gains in leg strength and function. From there forward I measure recovery in one month increments as opposed to weekly. Last summer was a year post opp which had me experiencing good range of motion and was relatively pain free during every day activities. I found and continue to experience the results of sports activities are cumulative in relation to how my legs feel. When I over do it, which is quite often (actually all the time), it results in my legs being tight and tired. I attribute that to my age (63ish) and of course working through total knee replacements. I look at it as similar to putting new pistons in an old engine, it runs much better but you do not want to rev it too high too often... :) Up to until January of this year (2018) I continued to improve every so slightly in my leg function. The best measurement for me was my mountain biking and ice hockey performance. The group I participate with are wonderful people but they do not want to hear any excuses which suits me just fine. Since January I have been able to grab another gear so to speak. Much of the remaining tightness and pain I was experiencing during sports activities has diminished. Note the word “diminished” which does not mean 100% better. They will never be as good as having your own healthy knees, nor would I expect them to be. The reality is although I was back to doing everything I did prior to my my knee replacements there are limits. Even near to two years later I move forward with the expectation of further improvements. Every day without exception I do my “rehab”. This starts with a twenty minute Hypervibe session. The Hypervibe loosens everything up, gets the circulation going and prepares my body for a short strength and flexibility session. Keep in mind that the Hypervibe portion of my rehab is the easy part. Further to that and very importantly vibration training builds overall bone density. This is imperative for everyone as they age, particularly for those like me participating in activities were you will, and should expect to “crash” which I manage to do on a regular basis. The bottom line is as stated in my original post “ The key to being healthy is to keep moving. For me vibration therapy provides a means to that end.“ As a final thought and in relation to the the original question of product duribility and customer service. As previously stated my Hypervibe runs every day, often twice (morning and evening) without fail. It has proved to be very reliable. As such I have not had to utilize customer service so cannot comment of that topic. In terms of effectiveness for its intended purpose I continue to rate the Hypervibe as a five star product. Keep moving folks, after TKR your rehabilitation is not for a month or a year, it is for your lifetime.

This company is all care and no responsibility. Customer Service is very poor.

This company basically takes your money and runs. I bought the Hypervibe G10 mini (which is NOT portable and weighs a hefty 24kg, the 'mini' in the title is very misleading).
Hypervibe sent me a defective machine. There was no display panel, it only vibrated at the one speed on which it was impossible to even stand on. It shook my furniture and floors, it was dangerous. I have been chasing my $995 since it was delivered on the 24th of December 2015, and have spent a lot of my time calling and emailing back and forth. Customer Service is extremely bad. Hypervibe delivered a faulty product, by consumer law I am entitled to a full refund. My bank details were given a week ago and the $995 has not been refunded. Hypervibe keeps stalling and 'intending' to pay. I have no choice but to involve my solicitor. Do yourself a favour and don't waste your time or money dealing with this dodgy company.

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