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Hypervibe G14 Home

Hypervibe G14 Home

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Hypervibe keeping me healthy!

I have now been using the Hypervibe (almost daily) since the end of April when I received it, and I have made some great progress with respect to strengthening my core. I bought the G-14 with the tower as I was concerned with balance, given my disability to my left lower leg and foot, which resulted in the diagnosis of CRPS (which is progressive). I now can do almost all of the exercises without having to hold on to the handles on the tower. Along with some slight modificaitons with my eating habits (I've always eaten healthily), I have lost approx. 13 lbs., lost inches, and am getting rid of belly fat. I feel blessed as I had not been able to do any floor exercises or run since my work injury in 2011. I attribute my ability to do the same exercises as I did before my accident, with the same results, but doing each exercise for a shorter period of time, yet with the same or more positive results. Thank you Hypervibe. Alma

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Hypervibe G14 Home

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