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Ikea Pax Wardrobe with Sliding Doors

Ikea Pax Wardrobe with Sliding Doors Questions & Answers

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Rjch L

Rjch Lasked

I have done 2 double sliding door wardrobes but the last door makes a lot of noise when opening and shutting its the only one

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Phaedra M.

Phaedra M.asked

Hello, I hope you can help! I've put the entire wardrobe together, followed every single direction correctly, watched many many videos for tips, but when I put the inner door on, it simply does not slide behind the front door. The space is too tight. I've quadruple checked, everything is correct and the wheels and hinges are in the right rails. It's like the rail is not wide enough for these doors. Have you ever run into this problem? Ikea is closed and I'm desperate to complete this project. Thank you for responding.


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Do I have to remove the sliding doors to replace the panels?

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My mirror doors do not sit flush at the bottom left but is flush top left. Please help?

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Adelle B.
Adelle B.

Hi, gee it's been awhile, but I do remember this bit being tricky. Make sure you go back and check the instructions. It sounds like you might have skipped the step regarding the locking mechanism on the top of the door, we did this too. I believe you need to unlock it first.

There is also a specific order to how you hang them as well, but generally go back a few steps and carefully follow the instructions, it will go together perfectly in the end.



PAX 150 sliding wardrobes - I have 2 wardrobes (4 doors) put together the the middle 2 doors are not aligning I.e. they are together at the top when closed but there is a gap at the bottom. Does the adjustment that is shown on page 31 of the instructions fix this? It is not really clear what it is for.

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J Ried

J Riedasked

Have a double sliding mirror door system. Doors do not have enough clearance when opened fully to pull out drawers or pant rack. How do we fix this? Contractor assembled according to ikea instructions

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C James
C James

Install the side rails as close as possible to the ends of the top rail. Once this is completed, remove the stopper that is the plastic u-shaped bit attached to the front of the rail on the each end. This will allow the door to slide further to the right and left. The side rails are what will act as a stopper and prevent the doors front sliding off the rail. Hope that helps

J Ried
J Ried

Thanks. Thats what we ended up doing and works great now

Doug J.

Doug J.asked

Why is the door not opening wide enough to pull out the drawers its about 1/8 - 1/16 inch out passed the Pax sliding door?

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I have an IKEA pax wardrobe that slides off the track when opening to right. Stopper is their but goes past stopper. Any ideas?

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Our inner pax sliding wardrobe door scrapes on opening and closing. The outer door is fine - any suggestions? The grey caps are on the guide below. The door does not glide smoothly. Thanks

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Can a one metre wide pax wardrobe have sliding doors

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Marica S.

Marica S.asked

I have 2 door PAX ikea Sliding door water one and doors got stuck to each other. Anyone can help?

I can not find solution how to unlcok the door

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Eden W.

Eden W.asked

I am so disappointed, for the last 3 weeks I have been going back and forth to find out if I can install a cabinet with drawers in my bathroom to replace the shower i removed from my Master. Each time I went I had a salesperson recommending the PAX Wardrobe 40"X23/5"X90.5" that I personally fell in love with but today as I came to buy the cabinets I was told that this is the worst mistake I will ever make if I do so because the material is going to break within weeks from the humidity inside the master bath.

Can anyone please tell me if they have ever installed the Pax System in the shower or in the W.I.C by the shower?

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Doug K.

Doug K.asked

I cannot get my 2 sliding doors on the pax system to seperate. They both slide the full length of the track with no issues, but when I try and pull the inner door it is getting caught in something and I cannot see what it is. There are no obstructions stopping the door from opening but I can only move the inner door an inch or two before it hits something. I have no clue what to think about this. Please help !

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Marica S.
Marica S.

Hello! I have same problem. Dis you find solution how to unlcok the door?

Alon w.
Alon w.

same problem, nightmare

Phaedra M.
Phaedra M.

For me it's like the rail is not wide enough to let both doors slide freely. Everything is installed correctly but inner door doesn't fit to slide behind front door. Is this the same issue you have?

Neville C.

Neville C.asked

Hi I’m wondering what to do ? I have a broken plastic clip on top of pax wardrobe door track holder??? Thanks Neville

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I’m in the USA, but am in need of the measurement from floor to bottom interior as I need to know how much space there is for baseboards and if I can get away without raising off foor or if I do how high I need to raise it. If any one can provide this to me would greatly appreciate. I can always converse cm to inches so no worries there!

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Erika K.

Erika K.asked

Soft close installed in pax wardrobe with sliding door but stops doors sliding all way open and I can't open the internal drawers. What's wrong?

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Hi! I have an Ikea floor to sealing wardrobe with two sliding doors. The doors were sliding fine until recently the somehow overlapped and won’t go back. There’s still movement but they won’t close all the way. Any ideas of how to put them in their original position?

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Andy C

Andy Casked

I have installed my Pax wardrobe system with sliding doors. There is a shoe rack inside that can not slide outvoted because the sliding doors do not open wide enough. There just be a soiution, does anyone know?

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Marilyn M

Marilyn Masked

How do you install the soft closing to the sliding glass doors?

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Hi i have put up pac sliding doors but the door in top is not flushed with the cupboard as its fine from top but coming towards the bottom its getting a gap as the the door is not flushed with the side of wardrobes.help plsssss

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