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Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym

Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym

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Bad. Weld broke plate almost fell on my son

Facts- I've been a 15 year client of Powertec. Fact- the weld broke on my bench which made a 45lb plate slam to the ground right next to my 13 year old son. Fact - I called powertec and paid shipping for a new leverage arm. Fact- They sent me a new arm that was bent as well as the wrong size connecting arms and no hardware. Fact- I called and again spoke with [name removed] product support. Fact- He told me my 15 year old son and I must have bent it and was very insistent. Fact- we never touched the bar because they didn't send any hardware. Fact- you cannot bend these bars even if you were Jay Cutler. Fact- They sent another bar again with no hardware and the grip was torn. Fact- I called [name removed] again and he once again was rude and took zero blame for the products. I've never considered using any other equipment and because of the way I was treated and the way the product has become thin and unsafe I will be looking for another leverage system from a different company. Be careful folks this is a dangerous company and dangerous equipment.

9 year old powertec workbench multi system

I am based in Northern Ireland and purchased my system as well as their power rack from Fitness Superstore. This system will let you train without the use of spotters and I use it three times a week and love it. Where it fails is the Service department for spares. My leg extension has been out of operation for over a year now as one side of the seat has broken. Powertec have been faffing about despite sending three lots of photographs of the broken seat. I am sorry that I did not go for the Body solid version. Hope you find this helpful.


Powertec Multi Bench (not the Workbench)- First off, this baby is orange and not the yellow shown; but regardless of colour, it still looks like commercial equipment. I picked up mine from Sam’s Fitness, who shipped it to WA as it is not sold here. The shipping cost $$$ and was money that could have been used to cover the cost of buying weight plates, but Sam’s did a deal so that lessened the pain. I also scoured the local rags and was able to pick up used plates for a good price. In the end, I spend just under $3K on this and 320Kg of plates for the unit. Anyway, it’s a 5 hour setup time from start to finish for one person to put this together and despite the ‘brief’ instructions it is not actually that difficult. The unit is surprisingly sturdy as I get no movement even when each station is fully loaded with plates. Overall, I have no complaints with the quality (yet). Workout wise, the unit is a leverage gym, so it does what it says on the tin and facilitates lifting in predetermined planes. This obviously limits the number of exercises that can be done, unlike free weights or a cable gym, but you can exercise to fail in safety, focus better, work on exercise form, and push your boundaries in a way that you just can’t with free weights, but I would accept that a good cable gym would top this if you can’t lift over say 90Kg, don’t really plan to. That said, when you start using the Powertec unit, it is surprising how quickly you can build up the weight, but do remember that as it is a leverage gym, you do lose some of that weight in ‘translation’ depending on the exercise. On the issue of ‘limitations’ I’d suggest getting a couple of barbells as these will allows you to work other muscle groups and fills the gap. All up, it was a great buy and I would not swap it for a ‘home gym’ and for those of you that are not in QLD or NSW, Sam’s Fitness had my unit at my door in about 10 days from order, no hassles.
Good Quality, flexibility of adding substantial weight. Price is not too bad either
Big footprint, not a fully body workout and had to ship it from NSW to WA.


I have been lifting for over 10 years now and was tired of paying huge gym fees. This gym paid for itself in just over 2 years!!I would highly recommend it for people serious about bodybuilding, but not wishing to have a gym membership. The gym is very sturdy with heavy weights and is able to perform many more exercises than just those listed on the brochure. It is certainly engineered very well and is designed to cater for bodybuilders, not core strength athletes who may prefer a variety of cable exercises. This gym will build mass, as you are able to train to failure on all exercises safely. The squat feature is excellent, which also allows you to train the calves. You could not possible outgrow this gym, because as you become stronger you can always buy additional plates to add. Highly recommended!!
Great quality, able to handle heavy weights and still be stable, able to complete multiple exercises for an entire body workout to build mass
The optional preacher accessory should be included in the package as it definitely completes the unit.


If you have a bigger budget I would buy something a bit better in quality. Although if your budget is lower then a bench and some dumbbells will do the job.
Good selection of workouts, basic idea and concept is good and fun for the family.
Quality was very average, also range of movement was limited to a predetermined plane, although it is free-weights.

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